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How Your Severely Cash Strapped Small Business Can Stop Wasting 80% Of Your Ad Budget!

So do you currently have any realistic idea whatsoever, just much time, money and continuous effort, the average severely cash strapped, and or semi resource challenged small business owner and or service provider, dedicates to their monthly and or quarterly advertising budgets?

For sure it’s bad enough, they spend tons of their dwindling cash, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums.

You know, the usual suspects, like early morning- local cable TV ,and prime time listening radio, and or Sunday  morning newspaper ads,and even though these tried and true, traditional advertising mediums have massive paid circulation, and extremely wide readership going for them.

The truth told, they are just far too general in nature, for your (or my) particular specialty to ever gain any bankable traction. And as a net result, over and over again, at least 80% or more, of the advertisers dollars, are simply wasted.Ouch.

Nod your head cadets, because it’s true.So it definitely stands to reason, if you could invest far less money, yet consistently generate far more bankable results, you’d definitely like to know about it? Is that a resounding yes or yes!

So How Does Your Semi Cash Strapped Small Business And Or Service Stop Wasting A Staggering 80% Or More Of Your Current Advertising Budget?

(Yet Still Make A Bankable Splash With Chosen Target Market!)

First of all, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it may initially appear.Case in point. Let’s say you run a -local-,extremely popular jewelry store, which specially targets upscale, local women, who consistently high five and six figure a year incomes.

Which means, not only do they currently have an extremely nice collection of eye catching bling, but they’re constantly on the lookout, for where they can purchase even more! Especially when some of it, can be purchased at some jaw dropping discounts!

For an extremely limited time of course. That being the case. Here’s what the vast majority of your main, local competitors are constantly doing. Especially during the heated, annual year end holiday season frenzy!

They’re simply all over the most popular, local radio, TV and local newspapers. And you best believe, those 30-60 second, prime time early morning rush hour, and drive home slots, are anything but cheap.Right?

And here’s the unspoken, all too sad reality, for a staggering 80% or more of those ad spots!

Savvy Entrepreneurs Substitute Elbow Grease And Power Networking For Cash Whenever It Makes Sense To!

While your target audience, is either driving to or from work, and or busy commuting to their daily appointments,they often take a series of short phone calls, and or they’re busy texting, kids and or colleagues etc; while your outrageously expensive ad plays in the background on the radio.

Or while your outrageously expensive, prime time TV ad plays, you rush off to the kitchen, and or record your favorite TV shows, without commercial interruption of course.Or you simply by pass the madness altogether, by accessing the Internet.

Or your one or two day sales notice, in the local paper, simply goes unnoticed, because your target audience, simply didn’t have time, over the last 48 hours to check it out.But guest what, your money is still gone.Sound familiar?

Sadly, countless,local small business owners and or service providers, constantly find themselves in this exact situation.Over and over again.

The Better Your Develop Your Small business Marketing Skills The Less You’ll Have To Rely On Outrageously Expensive Traditional Advertising Mediums And Or Methods!

Now since it’s going to be extremely hard to convince you to drop your outrageously expensive, traditional adverting campaigns cold turkey. Instead, let’s gradually ease you into, some extremely viable, marketing alternatives.

And you can start strategically leveraging other local, non directly competing vendors, under used and or semi dead assets, to help you both generate more volume now.

Plus, help you create an ongoing pipeline of, semi qualified potential prospects, you can systematically follow up with, (using proven opt in email) and or mobile marketing strategies,for literally pennies on the dollar.Sound good?

All while relatively inexpensively getting your eye catching bling, directly and or indirectly in front of your target audience.

Which of course, is highly influential local women,(professional and or otherwise) who consistently earn high five,six and in some cases, seven figures a year! And of course by default, direct and indirect access to both their professional and personal inner circles as well!

Sometimes Being Semi Resource Challenged Helps Jump Start Your Untapped Entrepreneurial Skills!

So instead of committing to another six month (and or) annual contract, on outrageously expensive local billboards, which -truth told-, are doing nothing more than consistently separating you from, literally thousands of your extremely hard earned dollars. With virtually very little bankable results to show for it.

Rather than, (and or) before you commit to another round of annual billboards, for  cool $25,000 dollars.

Let’s strategically invest $10,000 dollars the following way, and carefully monitor, over the next 90-180 days, (3 to 6) months, which if either method, produces the best overall bag for your buck.

Go out and find, at least three to five of the top women commercial and or residential real estate agents and or brokers in your immediate area.

And allow them to purchase, one of your most popular, $1,500 dollar diamond studded necklaces, and $400 dollar pair or eye catching earrings.Provided, they join your VIP opt in email subscribers/mobile marketing list.

For your actual hard cost, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees.Next, find a few local, female college professors, who teach at -either- the local Jr, colleges and or the state levels.

You Get Better At Professional Lead Generation And Watch Your Long Term Profits Soar!

And finally, go personally visit a few local art galleries, and offer all the female employees, the exact same offer.

Now, you’ll initially, easily have 15-25 extremely high profile,influential local women, who are most certainly active to some degree or another, on social media, right?

And their jobs and or careers, constantly put them in front of other local influential women, in the exact same income brackets, with similar taste in extremely eye catching bling, right?

And of course, let’s not forget, and or neglect, their immediate neighbors, in-laws, sisters, Moms, daughters, grand daughters, closet girlfriends, co-workers, and other women they meet at local social events etc.

Your extremely eye catching advertising dollars, are now working overtime for you, are they not? And now instead of your advertising dollars falling on deaf ears.

And draining your already extremely limited, conventional advertising budget, the exact opposite is gradually and consistently taking place!

Most Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Are Trapped By Their Lack Of Professional Marketing Skills!

Your resourced challenged small business, has just strategically turned the tables, in a major way.Don’t you agree?

And the best part is, you’re not constantly feeding the outrageously expensive, money eating, resource draining advertising beast any longer. That’s how extremely savvy small business owners, (technically) no smarter than you!

Stop wasting a staggering 80% or more,of the traditionally advertising dollars! Now it’s you turn! P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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2 Responses to How Your Severely Cash Strapped Small Business Can Stop Wasting 80% Of Your Ad Budget!
  1. Great advice as always Mark. It is SO easy to get caught up in the rush of day-to-day activities and keep going back to the same old tactics because you don’t have time to “think” creatively let alone get out to look for the kinds of marketing opportunities you make sound so darn easy. 🙂 As always, you inspire me to get moving. Thanks!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..The Problem of Settling for “Good Enough”My Profile

    • You’re way too kind M!

      After reading your incredibly kind comments, my head always
      seem to swell just a bit!LOL!

      And you, lack for marketing creativity, now that’s freaking funny!LOL!

      And just so you know, I always leave your blog, far more enlightened and
      inspired, than when I came! So right back at cha!

      Thanks so much for always stopping by and lifting my spirits
      even higher!And helping me to continually stay after it!LOL!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!My Profile


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