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Why Your Semi Cash Strapped Small Business Will Definitely Keep Losing Money!

   (If You Keep Doing Things Like This!)

So is there anything sadder in business, than observing, a semi cash strapped,small business owner/entrepreneur, flush a ton of money down, the outrageously expensive, traditional advertising and or promotional drain?

In fact, far too many aspiring startup entrepreneurs, desperately try, (initially) anyway, to advertise and or promote themselves,as if they have fortune 500 money and or resources.Which clearly they do not.

And within a very short period of time, they receive, a much needed reality check, do they not?  So even though their dismal results, (which are far too predictable).

They still really haven’t developed, any type of viable, potentially profitable marketing solutions.To implement instead.

But this too, is about to change. As you’re about to discover…

So Who Else Wants To Know Why Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Will Definitely Keep Losing A Ton Of Money! (As Long As You Keep Doing Things Like This!)

 Warning! Unless you (literally) have tons of discretionary income to throw down the drain, you would be extremely well advised, not to attempt, to advertise and or promote your business and or services, as if you’re a fortune 500 outfit.

Because this is definitely one of the fastest ways, to end up in the poor house.Unfortunately, most resourced challenged small business owners and or service providers, spend the vast majority of their advertising and or promotional budget, trying to attract, brand new, outrageously expensive first time customers and or clients.

And sadly, some of the more traditional means and mediums they use for dong so, cost an awful lot of money.

And the results, are not exactly worth writing home about.

Please Don’t Potentially Cripple Your Small Business Like This!

Case in point, have you ever been watching a boxing match, either by way of Pay Per View (PPV), and or by way of one of the major premium channels.

And one of the major hotel chains marketing big wigs, (for some odd reasons), thinks, paying a fighter, at least $250,000 dollars, to have the hotel chains name and or logo, (temporarily) stenciled, on the fighters back.

Granted, for at least one or two rounds (at best), before the fighter starts to sweat profusely,both the logo and name of the hotel chain remain readable.

However, within 15 minutes or less, the only thing which remains visible, is a blob of once recognizable text and or some type of un-recognizable logo. 😀

Meanwhile, the hotel chain has just (literally) blown a quarter of a million dollars, on a ton of completely wasted exposure.

And while the fighter definitely made out, by literally using their body as a type of advertising platform for the hotel chain, the hotel chain clearly did not. 😀

Invest Some Time And Resources Into Developing Your Entrepreneurial Ideas!

Try this train of marketing thought and or perspective instead.

Here are two separate -hypothetical- examples, which hopefully, demonstrate how and why, you definitely need (to not only) change your perspective, but immediately change your marketing approaches as well.

Suppose your company distributes (and or manufactures) high end, computer software which mid level to major corporations desperately need, in order to dramatically increase their efficiency rates and therefore, reduce their upfront costs.

And you approach an extremely marketing savvy CPA firm, and asks if they would introduce your software and ongoing services, to some of their best and most loyal, (long term) repeat customers.

And the CPA firm will gladly do so, as a way of saying “thank you” for your continued patronage, to their most loyal customers.

Developing Some Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Is Definitely A Form Of Extremely Valuable Currency!

And these customers, will be also receive a 30-45 day free trial period, plus ongoing, one on one support from the software developer company.

And at the end of the free trial period, they either decide to continue or cancel the service, if the increases in efficiency and long term profitability, haven’t justified themselves well enough.

But here’s the point, rather than the software manufacturer and or distributor, continuing buying, outrageously expensive, and dismally performing, billboards ads, at anywhere from $2,500 -$35,000 dollars a month, in certain key major markets.

Your Small Business And Or Service Has Far more Marketing Leverage And Potential Marketing Leverage Than You Currently Tap Into!

Allowing a reputable CPA or law firm, to introduce their products and or services, on the back end of the CPA’s sales funnel.

This approach, (over the long haul), will definitely yield far more first time customers, with a very high potential of becoming long term repeat customers, for virtually pennies on the dollar.

As opposed, to their constantly buying, outrageously expensive display ads in relevant industry magazines.Which truth told, is an awfully expensive route to take, in order to lead generate. Don’t you agree?

So please stop wasting your hard earned money and or resources, on traditional advertising methods.

Otherwise, you’ll keep losing a ton of money, and at the end of the day, have very little to show for it. Don’t you agree?

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