The Secret Edge Savvy Entrepreneurs Use To Out Promote Their Competitors!

Would you not agree, (on the surface anyway!), most aspiring entrepreneurs, at least when they’re first start out, are extremely dedicated,right?

And they pay close attention, to even the smallest details.

And since they’re typically, semi resourced challenged to begin with, they often to look for, non traditional ways, to advertise, promote and or market themselves, do they not?

And this approach, and contrarian way of thinking, is a good thing, to a point. πŸ˜€ Sadly, what tends to happen is, they start to rely far too much on their and or their staffs, marketing creativity.

Not fully realizing and or appreciating, it’s not about your or my creativity.

Instead, it’s about understanding, real cost vs advertising and or marketing cost etc.

And knowing what to do with the differences. As you’re about to discover shortly. So please stay tuned…

So What Is This So Called Secret Edge Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Use In Order To Out Promote Their Big Buck Major Competitors!

So glad you finally asked?Β  πŸ˜€ First of all, it’s really no secret at all. In fact, when you get right down to it, it’s nothing more than truly and fully, understanding the proven marketing fundamentals.

For ex; let’s say you currently run a fairly upscale, retail jewelry store.

And (at least for now), you only have one location, which is not in one of your cities major malls.

Which means, you’re not paying outrageously high, monthly, commercial leasing fees.Instead, you’re located in a popular strip mall, with seven other, non directly competing stores, counting yours.

Make Lead Generation A Major Component Of Your Long Term Marketing Plans!

Case in point, here’s what the vast majority, (97%) or more, of your major competitors do and sadly will continue to do.

They’ll continually blast out, outrageously expensive, local newspaper,radio and or TV ads etc.Will they not, then they deduct those cost, from the gross business they generated, and whatever-s left, equals their initial, gross front end profits.

If there were any to begin with. πŸ˜€ But (please!) note, the vast majority of your major competitors, focus 90% of their total efforts, resources, time and money, on the initial front end of their sales funnel.

And virtually nothing, on the all important, potential goldmine generating back end of their sales funnel. In other words, their primary concern, (more like obsession!), is on front end lead generation only.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Use And Maximize Their Current Assets First! (Before Looking To Create New Ones!)

Your business is no different, right? You definitely need qualified leads, you can convert, initially into first, then hopefully, long term repeat customers, patients and or clients etc.

Who stick around, for years and years to come.Sounds good, right? πŸ˜€ So here’s what you initially test, as opposed to simply spending a fortune each week and or month, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising and or promotions etc.

First, if you’re a current member of your local chamber of commerce, and or local business networking group.

Seek out, some of the top, female car sales reps, top selling female real estate agents and or brokers, who specialize in upscale residential homes and or condos etc.

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Are Far More Valuable They You May Initially Realize And Or Give Them Credit For!

So offer these ten, local, top female real estate agents and or brokers, really nice, diamond studded necklaces, which normally retail for $2,000 dollars.Β  πŸ˜€

But since your actual hard costs, is only $950 dollars.(Or less!) Allow them to purchase them at your actual hard costs, plus any and all applicable taxes and fees.

Provided, they agree to pass out, one of your best, market tested,two sided index and or business cards.

One side will invite the recipient, to enter your monthly free drawing, for their chance, to win their very own, $2,500 dollar, diamond studded necklace.

Or save, at least 25 or X% off their next three purchases, within the next six -twelve months.

Really Good Lead Generation Strategies Open The Door To Multiple Streams Of Income Producing Opportunities And Or Possibilities!

Even if you only manage to initially find ten local professional women, who agree to your terms.

Think of the daily, free massive exposure, these ten,local women can continuously bring you, simply selling them, some of your most popular jewelry, at your actual cost.

They have potentially sisters, neighbors, close girl friends, aunts, Moms, daughters,grand daughters, nieces, sister or mother in laws, associates etc.

They have extremely active social media accounts, do they not? They regularly attend social functions, with other high income earning ladies in the immediate local area.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Must Understand The Total Lifetime Customer Value Metric! (In Order To Start Systematically Out Promoting Their Major Competitors!)

And with the inevitable referrals they send you, you can definitely upsell a certain percentage of them, to other high end jewelry you have, right?

The secret marketing edge is, unlike you major competitors, you’re not fully relying on, having to make, an initial front end profit!

You can literally break even, (and or close to it), on your sales funnels front end.

But load up on the back end, don’t you agree? So is it starting to makes sense, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, use their creative/secret edge, to consistently out promote, their big buck, major competitors! And how you can and definitely should do it too!

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