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Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money?

Ever notice how most brand new start up small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, (for the most part),initially seem to lack readily available cash?

Sure, they’ve got enough money to bank roll opening their doors, and or being online, with their self hosted, state of the art WordPress website and or blog etc.

But sadly, since most of them want to try and initially advertise, and or promote themselves, as if they’re the fortune 500 type.

They simply can’t sustain such an outrageously expensive advertising campaign, and consistently receive so little bankable payoff in return, right?

So they quickly figure out their all too real economic reality. Which is, either they make the necessary adjustments asap.

Or their on or offline venture is rapidly headed to the ever growing junk pile of former great expectations! Sound all too horrifyingly familiar? It should.

That’s why the remainder of this particular post, and the overall mission of this blog, is dedicated to demonstrating, just because your resourced challenged small business and or service, doesn’t have deep corporate pockets, doesn’t mean you can’t consistently generate some huge, gross front and back end profits.

Who Says Your Just Because Your Small Business Doesn’t Have A Huge Advertising Budget You Can’t Still Be Extremely Profitable?

Obviously, if your small business and or service, currently has access to all the traditional cash or business credit resources you need, there’s no need for you to invest your irreplaceable time reading this particular post.(And or this particular blog in general.)

On the other hand, if your corporate pockets aren’t as deep as your fortune 500 type of indirect, and or direct competitors etc. Then you might wanna focus and pay really close attention here.

Because you’re about to discover, at least three incredibly simply ways, for you and or your major competitors, to increase your gross retail sales revenue, without spending a proverbial fortune, in order to do so! Sound good?

Your Well Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Will Definitely Help You Take Your Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service To The Very Next level Or Two!

Case in point; let’s say you run a local, upscale women-s boutique shop, which targets the higher income bracket of females.

Who may or may not,necessarily all be the professional types. And since you specifically located your store in a popular strip mall, in a really nice area of town, your daily walk in foot traffic alone, is the local women from the other businesses and upscale residences in the immediate area.

Which includes the two banks, hair and nail salons,credit union, florist shop, extremely popular bakery, which specializes in offering some great tasting gourmet goodies of all sorts, and the local hospital which is less than just four blocks away.

So in order to capitalize off this daily traffic, which you really don’t have to use any outrageously expensive, traditional advertising, in order to generate.

You decide to offer a free monthly drawing, where each month, one extremely lucky female grand prize winner, wins one of your most popular, designer hand bags, which normally retails for $900 dollars! Plus they also win, a really glamorous pair of $350 dollar power pumps!

And a really nice, head turning evening gown, which normally retails for $650 dollars, (or X!) You simply place a huge, -can’t miss- neon type sign in the middle of your store, and direct the faithful to head over to your lead capture page, on your state of the art WordPress website and or blog.

Ever Notice How Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Never Go Out Of Style?

Since the total accumulated perceived value of your monthly free drawing,is a cool $1,900 dollars! You know it will easily attract your ideal prospect/customers to join your opt in email/mobile marketing list in droves, right? How can they possibly pass by such an opportunity!Right? Exactly!

Here’s the next part of your underground ninja marketing strategy. Each month, you (meaning the store owner-s-) will pick out and showcase, one of your most popular and expensive fragrances.

And let all of your female employees/associates, sample it, so they smell really good, all day! So as your first time female visitors walk in throughout the day, and get a whiff of that enchanting fragrance, they’ll simply have to know where they can purchase it asap, right?

Plus, once your employees get off work, they’ll still be a walking talking billboard for your store, will they not?And you provide each of them with at least 100 of best, market tested style business cards, and or two sided index cards apiece, to start.

And whenever anyone wants to know where they got that great smelling fragrance, they simply hand then one of your best market tested, two sided index cards.

Side (A) directs the recipient to enter your monthly free drawing, for their chance to win $1,900 dollars worth of goodies!

And your employee/associates signs (prints)their first and last name on side (B), and hand dates it, at least 14 total days out.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know How To Stretch What They Already Have In Order To Eventually Get What They Truly Want!

Because side (B) is an extremely time sensitive, brand new first time customer only discount coupon.And by simply bringing it to your store, before it’s expiration date, they not only, automatically save 25% (or X %) off their very first purchase.

But simply for bringing a potential first time customer with them, whose at least 18, they automatically get to choose a free 16 oz. bottle of one of your very best selling and smelling perfumes!

Hopefully, you’re starting to appreciate, the type of long term, repeat sales funnel they’re setting up here, right?  And for virtually pennies on the dollar.

And in part two, you’re discovering how the women-s boutique store owner(s) crank their long term profits even higher, even though, their resourced strapped small business, doesn’t have deep corporate pockets, like their major competitors do! Sound good? Great. See you in just a little bit, in part two.

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6 Responses to Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money?
  1. Mark, it’s my first time here and you just blew my mind away with your definitive post. Pretty awesome dish this is! 🙂

    Actually, their so many realities that a small business owners get faced with and one of them is that the market is pretty demanding and requires that you have enough budget and cash to spend for initial and continuous advertisement.

    The harsh truth is simple that your business will crash if you are not ready or don’t have the budget to keep spending. The spending is usually what helps you achieve results but you also have to know how and where to push those monies into just so you could get a desirable result.

    You have done a great job at educating us on this subject Mark. It’s definitely a thumbs up for me. 🙂


  2. This is yet another wonderful Mark Newsome post. I always enjoy your writing pieces. They are chock full of great advice.
    Prajjwal Rajput would love for you to read..How To Download Paid iOS apps For iPhone or iPad For FreeMy Profile

  3. Hi Mark,

    These are great ways to make even the smallest budget help you increase business and pull new prospects.

    Everybody likes free drawings and it keep all eyes on your event, so even builds enthusiasm.

    It’s also nice to build relationships with fellow merchants, and including them in your drawing can certainly do that.

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..How To Work Through Adversity – Tips For The Successful BloggerMy Profile


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