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Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money? Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you have quickly come to realize and appreciate, it’s not if, your resourced challenged small business and or service, needs to develop some effective marketing alternatives,correct?

It’s more a matter of, how soon you have to do so, right?

Because if your ad budget can’t rival the corporate 500 type, where does this leave you?

And rest assured, your much better financed local competitors, will spare no traditional medium, left untapped.

Meaning, they’ll initially try running their glitzy, not necessarily effective, traditional ad campaigns, on the tops or sides of local cabs, buses and hugely wasteful billboards etc.

And during the major,year end, annual holiday rush, they’ll simply go all out. Which means, they’ll not only flood, the local, prime time, TV, radio and local newspapers with their outrageously expensive advertising/promotional ad campaigns etc.

But all their fool hearty advertising activity, will most certainly, temporarily drive everyone else-s cost up too! There simply has got to be some extremely viable marketing alternatives, to all of this madness, right? You’d better believe there is…

So How Come Certain Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners Aren’t Negatively Affected By Their Rather Small Ad Budgets?

Case in point. Let’s take our previous -hypothetical- marketing example, of a local, upscale women-s boutique store owner, who targets, local high income earning females, with various types of financial backgrounds.

These high income earning ladies, not only have major clout within the local community, but also within their professional and personal inner circles as well.

So it only makes sense, for this extremely marketing savvy boutique store owner, to target them, correct?

Especially since, these ladies, are the boutique stores ideal female customer, and because the stores ideal customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value metric of, a least $10,000 dollars- give or take-, over the next five to seven years.

And you know the type of professional and personal circles they travel in, right? Those ladies constantly, talk, text, tweet and post on FB, Instagram and twitter etc!

So once the boutique store owner(s), and or their major competitors, break into these various inner and or professional circles, they quickly experience, a positive word of mouth and or mouse, power tsunami!

 Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Looking For Proven Ways To Consistently Generate Tons Of Positive Word Of Mouth And Mouse Publicity! (And You Definitely Should Too!)

Let’s quickly re-visit one of the major, ninja marketing strategies, which was revealed previously in part one.In order to make sure the boutique owners increase the likelihood of their top selling, and most popular fragrance sales.

Each female employee, at the start of the week, will be allowed, to sample any of the best smelling, most expensive fragrances.And they get to sample it free.

This way, as they enthusiastically go about their day, helping the high income earning female customers, who are busily shopping.And about to triumphantly return to their respective, professional and or personal inner circles etc.

Invariably, some of them, will definitely want to know what that particular awesome smelling fragrance is, and where they can purchase it, asap! Correct? Bingo!

As You Continually Develop And Hone Your Lead Generation Skills!( Watch Your Long Term Gross Front And Back Profits Soar!)

Here’s the next leg of your long term marketing strategy. Since these female employees, will each be allowed, to get a free 16 oz., best selling fragrance sample of their choice.

You know they will definitely choose whichever fragrance appeals to them the most, right? So each morning, before they officially start their day, they will obviously be using this fragrance, correct?

Now, think about what all too likely constantly happens to them, throughout the course of their entire day,as they steadily go about their normal daily routine, of both heading to work, and heading home etc.

They routinely stop at the local Mom & Pop owned bakery and pick up at least a dozen gourmet donuts, pastries and or bagels and coffee etc.

And the really nice female cashier, she’s on a first name basis with, asks what is the name of that great smelling perfume she’s wearing? Hello!

This Is Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Constantly Hone Your Entrepreneurial Skills!

And this exact same potential marketing opportunity, repeats itself, throughout all these female employees day and week. When they head over to the day care center, to pick up their kids. Or as they’re standing in line, at the deli counter, at their favorite local supermarket.

And that’s why, each one will -initially- be given, at least fifty, two sided, index style business cards, to hand to each person that inquires about their great smelling fragrance.

From here, I’m certain, you know most, if not all of the follow up routine, correct? Side (A) of the extremely time sensitive, brand new first time customer only discount coupon card, will direct the recipient to enter the boutiques monthly free drawing, for their chance to win at least $1,900 dollars worth of goodies!

And side (B) will inform them, to come to the boutique, before the expiration date, and bring a potential brand new, first time customer with them, whose over 18, and they’ll automatically win a free 16 oz. sample, of one of the boutiques best selling fragrances!

And thus, a major follow up sales funnel, has been successfully created. Don’t you agree?

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Will Constantly Create More And More Marketing Possibilities!

And if, for whatever reasons, they decide to come alone, yet still before the expiration date, they can still save ten ( or X%) off the normal retail cost of any 16 oz. fragrance they choose.

And every potential brand new, first time customer, who brings a potential first time customer with them, whose over 18, in order to claim their free 16 oz. sample of their choice.

They also get to purchase, a 64 oz. of one the boutiques most expensive, and best selling fragrances, for 50 (or X%) off!My friend, what do you suppose these highly influential local ladies will do, before they even leave your and or your major competitors boutique?

Yep, they’ll text, post, tweet, call and tell any and everybody within their voices longest range! And here’s the best part.

Really Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies Can And Definitely Will Pay Life Long Dividends!

Unlike their major, local competitors ad, which no one, will remember,less than 30 minutes after it airs!

Each time these ladies puts one of your best selling, and or most popular fragrances on.

They will immediately, become an effective, walking, talking, highly persuasive sales rep, all over again. And they will remain one, 24/7.

My friend, that’s how, extremely marketing savvy small business owners, make their small marketing/promotional budgets, work for them, not against them! Any questions?

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