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Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business?

So when you think of your (all too) typical, small business service providers, what images relatively come to mind? Do you automatically associate the words service providers, with CPA’s, chiropractors, lawyers, dentist, plumbers and or therapists of some kind?

It’s okay if you do entrepreneur, but rest assured, those extremely well compensated professionals, are not the only type of extremely well paid, small business  service providers, who are absolutely, using, the and profiting handsomely, in quite a few cases, from the, multi billion dollar a year, ‘how to’ problem solving, information business model.

Not by a long shot. In fact,(as you are about to discover), even smart beginning service providers, with extremely limited advertising and or marketing budgets, are successfully using the power of the Internet, to not only, inexpensively target their ideal potential customers, and or clients!

But they’re also strategically leveraging the insatiable appetite of their ideal prospect/ customers, who initially seek out, proven, problem solving information products, and or services, before actually becoming, an initial first time customer, client, and or long term repeat customer or client.

So Who Says So Called Non Traditional Small Business Service Providers Can’t Cash In Big Time From The How To problem Solving Information Business Model? (Just Like The Ultimate Insiders Do!)

Of course, when you (initially) think about, how some extremely marketing savvy, small business service providers, like lawyers, CPA’s,Estate planners and chiropractors strategically grow their businesses/practices, using the mega proven, ‘how to’ problem solving information business model.

It readily comes as no real surprise, correct? After all, it only makes sense, for a savvy CPA, (especially), an aggressive, up and coming small firm, (eager to build their customer base),to offer powerful, free ‘how to’ problem solving special reports, and or extremely targeted free workshops, both on and offline, to attract droves of their ideal prospect/ customers, to them very inexpensively correct?

Absolutely! However, when you hear the term ‘service provider’, did you picture, your local golfing and or tennis pro instructor?  Probably not, right?

Well you definitely should have, because they routinely help men & women, of all ages, and incomes, and from all types of professional backgrounds!

Better enjoy tennis and or golf! And the very smart ones, do so, by initially, offering, some of their very best, market tested, information products, as free lead generating bait!And they do in a variety of ways, as you about to discover!

Savvy Small Business Service Providers Know And Recognize They Also Need To Develop Effective Lead Generation Skills As Well!

So just like the up and coming law firm, and or savvy CPA office recognizes, they need to have a constant new supply, of fresh, semi qualified leads to follow up with.

So does your local golfing/tennis instructor! Especially, when they’re first starting out locally, and virtually no one, actually knows who they are yet! And what they do! Or how well they actually do it etc!

So let’s suppose, a local golfing instructor, starts out to build their customer/repeat customer base, and they’re, (of course), working off an extremely limited budget to begin with.

However, they can afford at least $20 dollars a month, for their state of the art, paid email service provider! However, as of right now, they simply can’t justify having their very own, state of the art, self hosted, WordPress blog!

All in due time they say to themselves. But they will most definitely, create their very own, Facebook business/fan page!And that’s why they’re paying for their email service provider! Because they’ll add their lead capture page to their FB fan page! (That way they systematically take advantage of their daily Facebook fan page traffic.)

Most Initially Cash Strapped Small Business Service Providers Have Far More Entrepreneurial Skills Than They Initially Give Themselves Credit For!

And this particular local golf instructor, is certainly no exception! So he or she, will initially, inexpensively test, two primary marketing/lead generating approaches.

 1.) Primary lead generation marketing approach # one: First, since it only involves their time, they’ll aggressively try and drive local golfing fans to their Facebook fan page, and try to build their opt in email list using that particular strategy.(And they’ll strategically use twitter and offline word of mouth interactions to do so.)

2.) Primary lead generation marketing approach # two: Next, they’ll inexpensively test,running some extremely low budget, GEO targeted PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns, initially on both Bing & Yahoo-s platforms.

And they’ll maybe start out with an extremely modest budget, of just $10- $20 dollars per day max. And run two sample A/B split test ad campaigns against one another, to try and establish their primary ad going forward.

(Ladies & gentlemen: Please see the screen shot image just below. It’s of a sample lead capture page, which was created using my paid email service provider-s,aweber-s editing software, in all of 15 minutes!)

small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business?

Your Small Business Marketing Budget Doesn’t Have To Rival The Fortune 500 Type!

Bare in mind, your local golfing/tennis pro, is far from a some (so called) Internet marketing specialist, correct? And they’re not even interested in trying to become one either! Instead, they recognize, they need to invest some of their advertising/marketing budget, in some type of traditional advertising mediums.

And PPC campaigns, (if nothing else), allows them to partially control some of their upfront cost, because they only pay for actual clicks on their links, (not!) so much simply because they ran some type of ad!

So rather than go the outrageously expensive, traditional advertising route, instead, they’ll inexpensively test some PPC ads, and start building their list of primary local prospects to follow up with.

And they’ll primarily be marketing, (both) their personal one on one training, and their ongoing coaching packages, plus their (newly released), digital training videos course.

And just depending on how well they are received, they’ll decide how much, (if at all), they should expand their PPC ad campaigns.

And if the market place justifies doing so, they’ll act accordingly. That being said, can you now better appreciate, how some extremely savvy small business service providers, can and do, benefit (greatly) from the ‘how to’ problem solving information business model! And how and why you can too! Say yes!

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