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Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The Information Business? Part Six

So hopefully, you discovered even more proof in part five, of this ongoing series,how even some non traditional small business service providers, such as an up and coming CPA”s,CFP”s, Accountant and or a Tax Attorney Specialist, can and definitely should be, strategically leveraging the power of the Internet, to continually and relatively inexpensively grow their businesses, correct?

Especially, if they’re just starting out and they may not have a state of the art WordPress blog, and or website, built or workable just yet.

You read that right, (thank goodness) modern Internet marketing technology, allows them (and or) you or I, the luxury of still being able to have, a viable online presence, which may or not initially include, a conventional type of website and or fully developed WordPress blog just yet.

Certainly, as things continually develop, there will come a time, when these more traditional marketing tools are needed.But not so much in order to get started with your professional lead generating efforts.As you’re about to discover.

So How In The World Does A Non traditional Small Business Service Provider Benefit From The How To Problem Solving Information industry Business Model?

(Especially When They’re Just Starting Out And May Not Have A Conventional Website And Or WordPress Blog Set Up Yet!)

Excellent question. So glad you asked it. However,before diving head long into the semi techie theory, and-unfortunately- losing a certain percentage of you right out of the gate.

Let’s back up for just a second.Ladies & gentlemen, in order for this (and or) any other series, you may come across online, to have any type of real, potential money making meaning to you.

It’s critically important, you are at least, comprehending 75% of the theory or more.Otherwise you stand to just be overwhelmed, and frustrated and you won’t be able to digest what you’ve been exposed to, and eventually convert it into some type of bankable results.

You can benefit from, for years and years to come.

The Development Of Your Entrepreneurial Skills Will Definitely Help Your Income Continually Grow!

So as you recall in part five, (take your pick), this up and coming CFP and or CPA, who was learning and developing, professional lead generating skills, was inexpensively, albeit strategically leveraging the power of the Internet, to both professionally lead generate and position themselves, as one of the go to experts within their particular niche.

And they were doing so, by first, investing in their state of the art, paid email service provider.Which in this particular case, is non other than Aweber, because of their incredibly knowledgeable customer care experts!

Who are readily available,to help answer all of your relevant questions about their email marketing software, M-F, 8am -8pm EST, via their toll free number.

And their, (or your ) initial cost, (as of this writing), is just $19.95 per month, for your first 500 -hopefully- confirmed opt in subscribers.(And this price also includes unlimited email messages, both pre -written autoresponder follow up messages.

And or unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email message alerts.

Once your subscribe base goes to 501, your new monthly rate, the following month, is just $29.95. And it doesn’t go again, until you or they have reached and exceeded 2,500 subscribers.

And you-or they- will also need to purchase at least one-to begin with- separate domain name.Which hopefully ends with the extension, as your first choice. And this will typically cost, anywhere from $8-$10 dollars a year.

Just Because Your Lead Generation Budget Is Inexpensive Doesn’t Automatically Mean It Can’t Become Extremely Profitable!

The CPA (or CFP), after some inexpensive on or offline testing, will create an inexpensive, one page lead capture page, like the one featured below in the sample screenshot.(And or pay someone qualified like yours truly to do it for them!)

small business

Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!Part Six

And have Aweber, (and or) their paid email service provider of choice, host their lead capture page for them, so they don’t have the additional expense, of paying a third party host to do it for them.

However, since Aweber, and or your paid email service provider of choice, will in all likelihood, provide you this rather long, drawn out and totally unattractive link.

That’s why the marketing savvy, semi cash strapped CPA, and or CFP, simply purchases this inexpensive domain name, and forwards (points) it to Awebers link.(This can easily be accomplished, via a phone call, by the name registration company, where you purchased the domain name from.)

And by masking it, the web address which appears in the browser, is the unique domain name they purchased, not Aweber or the paid email service providers rather ugly link they provide.

Hopefully you better understand the method to the madness now, correct?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Rely On Their Knowledge And Ever Expanding Skills In Order To Be Competitive!

Now, whenever the CPA or CFP attends any local, offline events, (whether they’re) speaking or not,they can (either) pass out their market tested flyers, index cards, and or their newly re-vamped, direct response type of business cards, and provide their web address, which in reality, is nothing more than Awebers lead capture address on a one page site, Aweber provides the hosting for..

Meaning, it’s not an ‘inline form’ on an actual blog or conventional website. It’s just a stand alone-one page, provided by Aweber, (or whomever) your paid email service provider is.

And the only thing your visitor can do, is either join your opt in list or leave the page. And since Aweber offers tracking capability.You simply count 100 exposures,(displays) and track how many, (if any), potential visitors joined your list.Based on offer A.

Then log into your Aweber account, and slightly modify the benefit orientated copy on your lead capture page, and monitor the results of the next 100 or so visitors (aka) ‘displays.’ Offer B.

In reality, this proven marketing technique, is nothing more than drawn out A/B split test.

Entrepreneur The More Effective You Become At Lead Generation The Wider The Marketing Door Of Opportunity Opens!

And once again, monitor ‘how’ many, (if any) visitors, actually join your list, so you’ll know going forward, which copy to roll out, on both your future flyers, index cards and or newly re-vamped, direct response type of business cards etc.

And as things positively progress, then you can, and probably should, add your state of the art, WordPress blog, to your marketing mix.But initially, since they’re semi cash strapped, what’s most important, is to start professionally building their opt in list asap. Don’t you agree?

My friend, this is ‘how’, some of today-s savviest, non traditional, small business service providers, strategically and inexpensively, use and leverage the power of the Internet.In order to cash in, using the ‘how to’ problem solving information business model. And how and why you definitely should too? Any questions?

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