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Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The Information Business? Part Seven

So as you’re being exposed to the first six previous installments,of this ongoing series.

Did you also happen to notice in part six specifically, how some of today-s savviest, non traditional small business service providers, can and are, pro-actively leveraging the power of the Internet.

Even though they may not have their state of the art, self hosted WordPress website and or blog setup, just yet.

Nevertheless, these marketing savvy entrepreneurs, use some inexpensive, albeit market tested lead generating strategies and or tactics, in order to help get their word out, about their brand new, resource challenged small businesses.

Which means, you definitely can and should too.

Who Else Wants To Know How Some Extremely Marketing Savvy Non Traditional Small Business Service Providers Consistently Profit From The How To Problem Solving Information Business? (And How You Can Too?)

Here’s the other, low cost, high powered marketing strategy, this semi resourced challenged small business  owner service provider CPA/CFP, will initially attempt to use, in order to help get the word out,both on and offline.

First and foremost, they will constantly keep lookout, for some local associations, which ideally, not only meet at least one a month, in a regular location.

But ideally, they may also publish a monthly newsletter  of some kind. Because if they do, the extremely marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, will seek to become, their recognized in house go to expert.

Meaning, they will offer all members in good standing,ongoing lower priced expert advice, in exchange for a free monthly column, in order to be exposed to future potential members, and their professional and personal -inner circle- members.

And at the bottom of each column (article) they have published, their resource box will direct the readers, to one of the CPA and or CFP’s, market tested lead capture pages.

(Important note: The sample lead capture page screenshot image featured below, was made using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic, lead capture page editing software.

small business

Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!Part Six

As Your Entrepreneurial Skills Continuously Improve So Will Your Future Marketing Opportunities And Or Possibilities!

A relevant off shoot to the previously mentioned strategy, is for the marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, to initially approach, some of the smaller, local charities, about becoming their -in house- go to expert on subject X.

And they can inexpensively test, the following, three potential marketing strategies.

1.) Potential marketing strategy # one: Whether, or until you become the recognized,resident -in house- expert, for a local charity and or some other local organization.

You can and definitely should, allow both organizations, to give away, some extremely sensitive one hour consultation gift certificate coupons to every member who pays their annual dues and or fees in and advance, and who pay either by credit card, cash and or money order.

 Some Of Your Very Best Lead Generation Strategies Can Lead To Tons Of Long Term Repeat Business!

Since the majority of this seven part series, revolves around totally maximizing, the long term profit potential,of strategically using the Internet. This next particular low cost marketing strategy, is simply made to order, especially for the resourced challenged, small business owner, service provider and or startup entrepreneur etc.

2.) Potential marketing strategy # two: More than likely, your current and or future potential customers, clients and or patients, have some sort of Facebook account. You definitely should too.

So in the case of the marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, you need to setup your Facebook business page asap.And start strategically leveraging, one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet!

3.) Potential marketing strategy # three: Approach a few -local-, potentially large commercial clients, about them sponsoring (paying for), quarterly 90-120 Q & A power sessions, where you answer local small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, most burning tax saving, asset protection and business structuring questions etc.

Eventually, you should start video and or audio recording these events, and or partially recording these events, and selling them as stand alone products.

(And be sure you send portions of the videos, (like the ones) you add to your youtube account, send those shorter 2- 7 minute ‘how to’ problem solving videos to your VIP email/mobile subscribers as part of your ongoing follow up drip campaigns.)

And or giving them away, (and let other vendors do the same),as free ‘quick decision’ power bonuses valued at X. Entrepreneur, is it starting to become clear, ‘how’ some extremely savvy small business owner,service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, certainly  (no smarter than you!)

Are constantly benefiting from the ‘how to’ problem solving business model.So -entrepreneur- the $64,000 dollar question is, why aren’t you too? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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