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Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Four

Ladies & gentlemen, (and) fellow profit seeking entrepreneurs, here in installment number four, hopefully, you do realize and appreciate, whether your small business(is what’s) often referred to as, a non traditional service provider or not.

You can, and definitely should, be getting your fair share, of the (ever growing), multi billion dollar a year, how to, problem solving, information business pie. Would you not agree? Great.

That’s the point of this ongoing series,to help you figure out, (not only) where you potentially fit into it, but why you need to carve out your very own customized niche, and start servicing the day lights out of your particular target market.

Entrepreneur, does that sound like a plan you, (not only can live with), but potentially profit from as well? Great!

Let’s delve even further into it, so you don’t ultimately miss out, because you think, this mega proven marketing approach, somehow, doesn’t apply to you! Because to draw such an erroneous conclusion, would truly be a shame.

Who Still Thinks Non Traditional Small Business Service Providers Can’t Profit From The Extremely Lucrative How To Information Industry?

As you recall, in installment number three, the primary focus was on (some) rather non traditional service providers.Namely, a local golf and or tennis instructor, correct.

For just a moment, let’s shift gears, and head back, to our more traditional, type of professional service providers business model.Only this time, let’s add a little more pro-active marketing spice to the mix.

And in order to do so, let’s use, a brand new licensed real estate agent, who’s definitely looking to make a splash in her particular market place.

But she’s not going to be using, any of the traditionally accepted methods, in order to do so.

Since both she and (the husband & wife team brokers), who actually own the real estate agency,are not the conventional and or traditional thinking types, when it comes to consistently generating business,  and they definitely believe in power marketing “outside of the box”.

This newly licensed agent, has the green light, to inexpensively test, various, non traditional, lead generating methods, to see, (which) if any, will consistently produce the most bang for her buck.

Constantly Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills And Develop Some Effective Lead Generation Strategies! (And You’ll Definitely Start To Dominate Your Niche!)

(Important note: Ladies & gentlemen, please take a much closer look, at the slightly modified lead capture page, in the screenshot just below. Once again, just like all the other previous screenshot images, in this ongoing series.

It was made using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s basic editing software, in less than twenty minutes! Note the red box near the bottom of the lead capture page. These additional question fields, are just examples of the type of additional targeted info, you and or an extremely marketing savvy real estate agent, could gather from your ideal prospects/leads.)

small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The Information Business? Part Four

So let’s say this extremely pro-active real estate agent, decides she wants to, gather some extremely helpful, additional information, from her secondary target market of, first time home and or (first or second time) real estate investors.

Notice the red box on the above -sample- lead capture page. Just depending on which of the three choices given, her target audience relates to the most.

This extremely marketing savvy agent, will know (going forward), which particular subjects, to create the most, helpful content around.

Developing Some Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies Will Definitely Give You The Edge In Your Particular Niche!

So her future podcast, blog post and or her lead generating youtube videos, will be laser focused, and addressing her secondary targets, most pressing needs.

Can you see ‘how’ this particular lead capture page strategy, could also be easily customized, so an extremely marketing CPA, Accountant or Architect, could use it successfully as well? Say yes! Great!

My friend, this is just another, extremely simple example, of how some pro-active, small business service providers (just like yourself), are cashing in big time, in the multi billion dollar a year, how to information business industry.

And ‘how’ you can, and definitely should too! Don’t you agree? P.S. Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below)
that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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2 Responses to Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The Information Business? Part Four
  1. Hey Mark,

    Real estate agents should clock to this example!

    The copy on that landing page is excellent, btw. I need to steal some tricks from you.

    The information space is bursting with opportunity and I think we will see many more savvy entrepreneurs diving into the space with success.


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