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Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Five

So here in part five, of this ongoing series, you’re about to (hopefully) discover, even more tangible proof, that  some of today’s, savviest -albeit-, non traditional, small business service providers, can and definitely are cashing in big time.

Simply by using, the tried and true, ‘how to’ problem solving, information industry business model, as their primary vehicle of doing so.

And again, when all is said and done, you (and or) your major competitors, will discover, they can and are doing so, (literally everyday), for pennies on the dollar. And you can learn to do so as well.

And even though you’re not investing a lot of money upfront, the way traditional advertising/marketing wisdom, would strongly suggest you’d have to, in order to have any type of real chance at long term success.

You’re still able to compete, and be moderately successful.

Since So Many Extremely Savvy Unconventional Small Business Service Providers Are Consistently Cashing In Using The How To Information Business Model! (Why Aren’t You?)

Case in point; ladies & gentlemen for this particular, hypothetical marketing example. Let’s suppose, you are an up and coming, local CPA firm, that doesn’t currently have, an A list of of ‘who’s’ of local influential clients just yet.

However, you recognize, with all the brand new startup, entrepreneurial ventures, constantly springing up.

There is, (without a doubt), an incredible, unfulfilled need, for your firms given expertise. So after some fairly exhaustive research, your firm decides to aggressively target, the men & women, who are newly formed, closed corporations, of all shapes & sizes.

And you’ll target, the newly formed, (within ) 36 months or less, LLC’s, S corporations and General and LP (Limited Partnerships) etc.

More than enough to keep you busy, even though you’ve got major competition, constantly targeting the exact same prospects.

Your Expertly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Can And Definitely Will Be The Springboard To Even Greater Income And Marketing Possibilities!

Once again, (entrepreneur), just below, a screenshot of a sample lead capture page, I created using the paid email service provider of my choice, Aweber-s, built in, lead capture editing software.

And while, it’s nowhere near robust, as other (higher priced), specialty software-s, like “Click Funnels,” which is highly touted, by respected, Internet marketing legends, such as Russel Brunson.

Or the lesser expensive, lead capture page building software program “Lead Pages.” While Aweber-s lead capture page/editing software, is far less robust, and or as versatile as those other platforms previously mentioned.

Ladies & gentlemen, make no mistake about it. You can (most certainly build), some extremely effective lead capture pages, just like the one below, in all of twenty minutes or less! (Just depending on ‘how’ elaborate, you’d like to get.)

small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The Information Business? Part Five

Becoming More And More Competent With Your Lead Generation Strategies Opens The Door To Long Term Marketing Possibilities!

And remember, (contrary) to vicious rumor, you (and or) your major competitors, can track the total number of impressions, (aka) displays, plus the actual number of subscribers. So you have an accurate idea, of what each “inline” opt in boxes conversion rate (CR) is.

Because in order to calculate it, all you have to do, is divide your total number of subscribers, by your total number of displays (aka) impressions, and multiply your results by 100.

(Important note: Remember, the real key, to making this relatively inexpensive -hypothetical- marketing example work, is Aweber will actually host your “inline” (meaning; built right into the page) lead capture form, so you don’t have to pay another third party host to do so!

(It’s nowhere nearly as techie as it sounds. Just call their toll free number, anytime from 8 am – 8pm EST, M-F, after you become a customer, and their brilliant, extremely courteous and professional, customer care specialists, will walk you through the complete process A-Z.)

For ex: Let’s suppose, your inline opt in box lead magnet offer, receives a grand total of 100 unique visitors, over a 24 hour period.

And out of those 100 unique visitors, 13 decide to join (opt into) your list. In order to calculate this particular “inline” boxes conversion rate. You simply divide 13 by 100, and multiply your results by 100. (13/ 100 = .13 x 100 = a 13% conversion and or opt in rate, for this particular inline box offer only!

And that’s just for the last seven days! (Meaning, the longer you allow this particular -lead magnet- offer to be displayed, these numbers may, and will probably change.)

Savvy Entrepreneurs Recognize Their Ultimate Road To Success Comes By Way Of Constantly And Strategically Testing Various Elements Of Their Lead Generation Process.

In the case of using some form of paid traffic generating strategies, in order to determine, (which), if any offer produces the best conversion rates.

You can simply drive 100 clicks to one version of your “inline” box offer.Gauge your results.

Then change your copy, and use, (either) some paid solo ads and or PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns, to drive targeted traffic to another offer, (offer B) if you will.

And once again, simply let your market inform you, through the strategic use of A/B split testing, (which) particular ‘hot button’ potential benefits, appeals the most to them.

And remember, (initially) for just the monthly cost,of a reputable, state of the art, paid email service provider, like Aweber, the one I currently use.

A relatively inexpensive domain, which can probably be purchased, for anywhere from, $8-$10 per year.

And (of course), the ongoing expense of your various paid ad, traffic generating campaigns.

You’d Be Amazed That Some Of Your Least Inexpensive Lead Generation Strategies Can Also Potentially Be Some Of Your Most Profitable Tactics!

This up and coming CPA firm, (and or) extremely marketing savvy, unconventional small business service provider X, can effectively and inexpensively, use the tremendous marketing leverage of the Internet, to gradually increase their long term gross profits.Right?

And in the process, consistently out market, their big buck major competitors, for literally pennies on the dollar.Would you not agree?

My friend, that’s the tremendous, untapped marketing potential, currently available, to some of today’s, savviest, albeit unconventional, small business service providers.Don’t you agree?

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