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Why Most Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer To Be Acquaintances Not Strangers!

So have you ever received some sort of snail mail post card from a local small business owner and or service provider, who up to that particular point, you had never even heard of?

And have you ever sent some type of unsolicited snail mail promotion to a complete stranger who didn’t originally ask for the information to be sent?Hope not!

Because remember, just because you invested your hard earned money in some type of compiled, or an actual list of buyers of some kind, the individuals on that database, probably have little or no idea who you and or your business is,right?

And the flip side is, hopefully you’re not flat out spamming your potential prospects online, with unsolicited email messages, are you? Believe it or not, there are still a ton of online businesses, which periodic use spam, in order to contact complete strangers, as you are about to discover.

 So Why Do You Suppose So Many extremely Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer To Be Acquaintances Instead Of Complete Strangers?

The obvious reason is, who are you more likely to trust, a close and respected friend and or colleague, or a total complete stranger!Exactly.

Case in point; have you ever had a complete stranger approach you on the streets, asking if you’d like to buy something? And what was your answer, more times than not? Bingo!

On the other hand, when someone you respect, recommends or refers a movie, restaurant, doctor, dentist, book, airlines, TV show, app, plumber, clothing store, blog,carpet cleaner,mechanic and or Broadway play etc.

Are you far more likely, to give their recommendation (s)serious consideration, as opposed to a complete stranger! And for just a second, think about why? Here’s what’s this is all leading to.

Effective Lead Generation Is A Whole Lot Easier And Less Expensive When Your Prospects Come To You By Way Of Referral!


small business

Why Most Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer To Be Acquaintances Not Strangers!

This is a reprint from a recent (unsolicited) piece of spam email I received.Unfortunately, I have no idea who this company is, or how competent they are etc.

And because their email message was unsolicited, I don’t take them as seriously, as I would if they were highly recommended by a respected friend, associate and or colleague.(How about you?)

Perhaps this company can and does deliver above and beyond what their (spam) email message says they can potentially do for my business!However, because I currently have no idea who they are, their message fell on deaf ears.

But I can still convert it into some incredibly useful content, which benefits my target audience!

  Referral Marketing Can Be One Of The Reliable Pillars You Build Your Business On!

Now contrast the above marketers spam approach, to one of my go to Coaches, blogging and social media marketing expert Donna Merrill of fame.

Her recent tribute post to 36 incredibly loyal readers (fans) followers/student customers of hers.

Yours truly is one of the honored student/ customer bloggers whose blog address she prominently featured in the post! And because Donna is a highly respected Internet marketing and blogging coach expert, with one of the most highly ranking and influential blogs online, especially within her particular niche.

Her traffic is not only through the roof, but she routinely has several highly respected bloggers, like PHP developer extraordinaire Enstine Muki, not only frequently read and comment on her (always) highly educational and entertaining blog posts, but her post are readily shared all over the various social media platforms too!

And she also routinely has other highly respected blogging heavyweights, such as personal development blogger guruette Harleena Singh, of fame, share and comment on her posts as well!

It’s Hard If Not Impossible For Your Small Business To Effectively Leverage Spam!(Would You Not Agree?)

Here’s what Donna, (my go to coach for Internet marketing and social media marketing expertise), was kind enough to say, directing her ever growing readership to my particular WordPress blog.

“Mark Newsome uses proven direct- response type marketing strategies for small businesses and individuals working either on or offline.

His blog is full of information, case studies, and real -world strategies for all entrepreneurs.” You can find him at, then she providers my blogs web address.

And do you think a certain percentage of her extremely loyal readers, will eventually head over to my blog, simply because they respect Donna and her recommendations!You’d better hurry up and know it!

(Please see the video featuring Donna’s blog, although she has since changed it’s look, since I originally recorded the video!)

The two screen shots below, are snapshot images of me appearing in the blog post where Donna showcases 36 of her most loyal readers/students/fans/customers, and in my case, one of her many students.

And the other screen shot -image- shows (to date) the number of social shares that particular blog has received.

small business

Why Most Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer To Be Acquaintances Not Strangers!

And now the social share screen shot/image.

small business

Why Most Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer To Be Acquaintances Not Strangers!

Ladies & gentlemen, and fellow would be aspiring on and offline entrepreneurs, hopefully this post has successfully demonstrated to you, why you and I are far better off, being acquaintances and not complete strangers, when it comes to prospecting and attracting brand new first time customers, patients and or clients!Agreed!

And that’s why most extremely savvy small business owners and or service providers, prefer to be acquaintances, not complete strangers!Any questions? Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below)
that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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4 Responses to Why Most Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer To Be Acquaintances Not Strangers!
  1. Great tips man! Worth reading. To be honest at first sight I thought you’ll use the same old tips people used to write on their blogs, but here I learnt some new things in this post, Something out of the box!

    Thank you

  2. Excellent advice as always Mark! I really had to laugh at the example you shared, they’re basically asking you to do their work for them! Sadly, this type of thing is all too common. I received an unsolicited message last week from someone “telling” me their writing would be perfect for my blog so they’d like a shot at a guest post. Never mind that I have a carefully written message just above the contact me form they used explaining I’m not accepting guest posts. But I figured, okay give the guy a chance. So I said how about you send me links to 4 articles you’ve published online that would compliment my niche, along with a couple of suggested article topics. Silence. Never heard back from him. Chalk another one up. Back to your point, couldn’t agree more with the value of building relationships, and since Donna is well known to me I can attest to her ability to foster those relationships far and wide. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..How Rituals Empower Your RoutinesMy Profile


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