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How Savvy Small Business Owners Make Shaky Advertising Campaigns Profitable!

   (And How You Can Too!)

Wanna take a wild guess, how many semi cash strapped and or resourced challenged small business owners, and or service providers, initially spend a ton of money, trying to advertise and or promote themselves just like the deep pocket fortune 100-500 businesses do?

Meaning, they are somehow led to believe, they can consistently run these glitzy,non committal type of traditional ad campaigns.

And just because they periodically get their name in front of the general public, somehow, magically, this will eventually translate into some bankable income.At some point.

News flash, if anything, this type of outrageously expensive, image advertising and or promotional tactic, usually results in very little gross front and or back end profits, for the cash strapped small business owner(s), entrepreneurs and or service providers, who continuously try it.

Now granted, if your company routinely has direct, and or indirect access to fortune 500 type of ad budgets, and you can afford to literally drill your companies image into the general public-s head.Maybe over time,this approach might possibly work.

But if your cash and other resources are somewhat limited, it’s best you seek some viable marketing and promotional alternatives, don’t you agree?

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Their Somewhat Shaky Advertising Campaigns Work? (And More Importantly How Can You Do It Too?)

Just to properly set the stage. In a recent post, you read about an extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner, who entered into a three way ‘triangulation’ marketing arrangement, with a local appliance retailer, and a local -upscale jeweler.

Because all three target local, high income earning women, who not only have influence within the local community, but their professional and inner circles, also contain some of the exact same ideal prospects, these three vendors want indirect and or direst access to as well.

And because, both the appliance retailer and the jewelers ideal female customer(s), currently has a total lifetime customer value metric, easily north of $12,000 dollars, (give or take) over the next five to seven years.

The boutique store owner(s), has little trouble convincing either of them, it’s definitely in their best interest, especially long term, for them to help finance all of, and or most of the boutique store owners target market, non traditional,promotional campaigns.

Especially, since doing so, dramatically lowers both vendors cost per semi qualified lead, by an average of 40-75%!Or more!

Developing Effective Lead Generation Strategies Is Always Worth The Effort!

Case in point;in the previous blog post, as you recall. In order to get directly in front of the women-s boutique store owner(s) ideal female prospects.

The boutique store owner(s) decided to periodically rent a nice booth, at these annual women-s bridal shows. And since the really nice, state of the art booths, typically start at $10,000 dollars and go up from there.

The boutique store owner, approaches both vendors, with the following proposition, if they’d like to share joint custody of all the highly targeted opt in email/mobile marketing leads, the boutique owner(s) typically generates at these extremely popular three day events.

Because they’re savvy enough to hold a free drawing, and offer the 1st grand prize winner, $4,000 dollars worth of free goodies, by way of a $2,500 gown, extremely popular designer bag, which typically retails for at least $750 dollars.

And some really nice designer pumps, which typically retail for $750 dollars as well! You know the female attendees will be all over this particular lead magnet type of offer, right?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Leverage Basic Human Nature And Then Some!

As you recall in part one, the boutique store owner(s), were willing to allow the other two potential participants of their marketing ‘triangulation’ arrangement, to buy in, (translated), help finance the cost of the boutique store owner(s), booth rental.

And by each of them investing $7,500 each, they both save at least 25% off the cost of renting their own booth, at a cost of $10,000 dollars or more.

And each time they want the boutique store owner to alert their opt in subscribers, to one of their popular sales and or close out events, and or to announce any grand openings of additional locations etc.

The boutique store owner(s) would merely send an unscheduled ‘broadcast email, and or text message alert to their subscribers.

And really best part is, going forward, all the other two vendors have to pay, is a monthly and or quarterly maintenance fee of just $2,500 dollars, (or X) per quarter, while they retain 100% of the front and back end generated revenue, from any and all sales, these emails generate!

Are You Starting To See And Appreciate Why Taking The Time To Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills Is So Worth It!

But what if, the very best deal the boutique store owner(s) can initially negotiate with the other two vendors, is both are only willing to invest $5,000 dollars each, (or X) in order to receive joint custody of the opt in/mobile subscriber list.

They fully realize the boutique store owners will surely generate, as a direct result, of periodically renting a booth at these extremely popular bridal shows.

In this case, the boutique store owner(s) still make out, do they not? Because their booth cost $10,000 dollars, and the two ‘triangulation’ joint venture (JV) partners, between them invest $5K each! Right?

This is just a fancy way of saying, the boutique store owners fancy booth rental was free,and or a whole lot less expensive, correct?

Plus, they still generated, (either) some ongoing monthly and or quarterly maintenance fees of $2,500 dollars per quarter.(Or X.)

As Your Lead Generation Skills Develop More And More You’ll Soon Be Writing Your Own Tickets!

And because anywhere from 5,000 -11,000 local (presumably) bribes to be, will attend these extremely popular three day events.

Is more than likely, by the boutique store owners, offering $4,000, (or X) amount of dollars worth of free goodies, they will easily create a list of extremely red hot prospects, which should easily total in the thousands, each time they offer the free drawing marketing strategy. And therefore create a massive ongoing sales funnel for long term follow up purposes!Don’t you agree?

Are you starting to see and appreciate, how some extremely marketing savvy small business owners, (who truth told), are certainly no smarter than you! Are able to convert shaky advertising campaigns, into some extremely profitable marketing ploys? Say yes!

Great! Because part two is gonna reveal, how they create some serious positive word of mouth and mouse buzz, for literally pennies on the dollar! And how you can too! See you in just a little bit!

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  1. Hi Mark – this one is interesting to me because I’ve been thinking of partnering with a few folks on my blog. There are really some clever ways this can be done and you have shown me by example here. They don’t even have to be in the same niche for it work effectively. Now you have me thinking more about it – which is all good! Thank you.

    • Wow Lisa!

      Coming from you, that is a freaking awesome compliment!LOL!

      Thanks so much for stopping by an sharing your thoughts! And I sincerely hope, you
      will seriously consider me on your short list of potential candidates!

      For any type of mutually beneficial cross promotions and or JV
      marketing possibilities!

      Because like you said, it’s all good and there is certainly more than a handful of
      proven ways, to consistently get things done!

      It’s always good to see you! And thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

      Please reach out to me via my contact page at your earliest convenience, an we
      can either get on skype, and or the phone if need be.

      If you too are located in the United States. And let’s see what potential, if any,
      can be discovered! I sincerely hope and look forward to hearing from you Lisa!

      Take care! n thanks so much for stopping by! Always good to see you!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Savvy Small Business Owners Compete Even With Really Tiny Ad Budgets!My Profile


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