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How Savvy Service Providers Turn Simple Entrepreneurship Ideas Into Cash!Part Three

In the first two installments of this ongoing series, you hopefully have discovered, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (of all types) still manage to transition their practical entrepreneurship ideas, into some form of steady income, correct?

This next hypothetical marketing example is certainly no exception.

As you’re about to discover.Most savvy service providers, have far more untapped entrepreneurial instincts, than they give themselves credit for.

And in order to effectively tap into these instincts, they need to creatively jump start their natural marketing instincts, and go from there.

Effective entrepreneurship, (above all) other mitigating factors, has more to do with your mindset, at any given time.

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Service Providers Consistently Turn Some Of Their Entrepreneurship Ideas Into Some Reliable Income? (And How Can You And I Consistently Do It Too?)

Shifting marketing perspective (ever so slightly), let’s now make a very successful, husband & wife team, commercial real estate broker duo, the main focus of this hypothetical marketing example.

And let’s say they specialize in selling, seven and eight figure commercial properties. Any and everything from, high demand commercial office space, to mini industrial warehouse sites as well.

However, unlike their -other-, local main competitors, they tend not to rely so much, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums. Things such as, local newspapers, billboards, radio & TV ads etc.

And clearly, (to a certain extinct), these traditional methods obviously do work, just not nearly as well, or to the degree, this experienced husband & wife duo would like them to.

Sometimes Simple Lead Generation Strategies Ultimately Lead To Some Long Term Mega Profits!

Case in point, since this extremely marketing savvy, husband & wife team are not only extremely visible, (in both) their immediate business community, they’re also equally visible in some of the most highly influential,local social circles as well.

And over the course of their illustrious fourteen year, commercial real estate selling career, (more times) than even they can count.

Brand new first time business and or referral business, has come to them, indirectly, via their social contacts and or their pro-active fund raising efforts, over the last fourteen years.

No doubt they constantly rub shoulders, with some of the most successful men & women, within their local community.

And over the years, they’ve all but mastered the art of creating and sustaining, positive word of mouth and mouse buzz.

 You Should Always Be Looking For Some Proven Ways To Promote Your Business And Or Services!

Case in point, even when these brokers, earn a partial 50%, of a six percent commission, on a $15,000,000 million dollar mini commercial warehouse structure. They still grossed $450,000 dollars.

And here’s at least two proven ways, they routinely invest, some of their commissions.

1.) Potential marketing strategy # one:  First, the brokers will actively seek out, at least three of the top, CPA firms in their immediate area, who happen to be avid golf players.

And the brokers will offer to purchase, one or two of the main partners, one year memberships, at one of the most exclusive country clubs in town.Provided (of course), they’re not already paying members. 😎

Since this is a $6,000 dollar a year value.($500 dollars a month.) The brokers thinking is, the CPA (s) in question, will enthusiastically brag to both their closest friends, relatives,neighbors, colleagues and very best clients, about the commercial real estate brokers, who paid for a one year membership, to the country club of their choice!

The More Time And Effort You Invest The Better Your Entrepreneurial Strategies Will Pay Off!

2.) Potential marketing strategy # two: Next, they will also invest an additional $7,500 dollars per year, so the CPA firm, can giveaway, 15 one month,free trial memberships, in one of the top local country clubs, to the their best customers and or clients.(This being a $500 dollar value.)

Because the brokers anticipate, somewhere in all of this talking, texting, tweeting and posting on other social media platforms.

A few of these individuals, will want or need to, (either) buy or sell, a seven or eight figure piece of commercial property, or know or be related to someone who will. 😎

And their rather meager investment, will ultimately pay off, over and over again.This is how, some extremely marketing savvy service providers, turn their simple entrepreneurship ideas, into some steady income. Any questions?

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