How Savvy Entrepreneurs Use Digital Information Products To Create Multiple Streams Of income!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So which do you think comes first, the chicken or the egg? Say what?  😀 In a marketing sense entrepreneur.

In other words, are you placing all of the emphasis, and your best profit producing efforts, and or resources,strictly on the initial front end of your business and or services sales funnel?

Savvy, (not to mention!), really successful entrepreneurs, who are using various digital products and or services, are structuring their sales funnels, in order to maximize, their long term profits.

So why aren’t you? Let’s have a look At an instance or two, which will hopefully open your creative marketing eyes, pretty wide. To what’s definitely possible.

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Know How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Use Some Of Their Very Best Digital Products And Services To Create Multiple Streams Of Income!

Remember in one of the previous paragraphs, you were asked, which came first, the chicken o the egg?

From a marketing perspective, here’s another take on the question. But let’s actually use, a very successful, online marketer,(without) necessarily having to reveal his true identity. 😀

This particular, extremely marketing savvy entrepreneur. Initially sold, a rather inexpensive ebook, on the subject of what else? “How to” be a successful Internet marketer. 😀

And because, he currently uses, a gazillion and one, proven strategies, for constantly building his double opt in email list.

When he finally decided, to write, pre launch and officially launch his book. He initially relied on his 100,000 subscribers, in order to effectively promote his official pre launch.

Effective Lead Generation Is Probably Going To Involve Some Well Positioned Joint Venture And Or Cross Promotional Partners As Well!

Case in point, since his own double opt in email list was so large and extremely targeted, it wasn’t hard for him (or you!), to convince (by ethically bribing) other online entrepreneurs, with targeted lists, with at least 5,000 subscribers or more.

These profit seeking entrepreneurs, readily agreed to partner/ joint venture (JV) with this particular entrepreneur, because he graciously allowed them, to keep 100% of the ebooks $15.99, low front end price.

Because he was after four primary benefits initially.

1.) Traction for the book, to help propel into Amazons top seller status.

2.) Next, he wanted to establish himself, in order to position a full launch, with even bigger named, online JV partners down the road.

Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Really Does Have The Ability To Create Multiple Streams Of Income!

3.) He also wanted to generate as many bank account filling testimonials as he could, to include on his sales page,(and in his promotional emails as well), once he was ready to do a full launch of his ebook.

4.) He definitely planned on hosting a series, of offline, high end, Internet marketing conferences, which would easily range in price, from $297 -$1997 per person. $2,597 for any two people. 😀

Well Planned And Implemented Digital Marketing Strategies Are Literally The Tip Of The Proverbial Marketing Iceberg! (Don’t You Agree?)

Here’s the overall point, as it relates to him, (and or) you and I, consistently generating and or creating multiple streams of income.

By allowing some of his top JV/cross promotional partners, to keep 100% of the initial $15.99 or X.

Those early sales associates/affiliates, pushed his sales so high, his publisher, was immediately able, to successfully negotiate, a rather lucrative arrangement, for the licensing of the audio rights to his book. Hello! 😀

And of course, as you may have already guessed and or anticipated. He quickly created, (strictly because of the forced demand!) Two incredibly lucrative, high end coaching/mentoring programs.

Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Launch Mighty Acorns From Extremely Tiny Seeds!

One taught his students, how to leverage their one initial, low front end digital product and or services, into an extremely lucrative, six figure a year business.

And number two, he (currently) offers high end, one on one, advanced coaching and mentoring, to some of his select student/customers.

Are you finally starting to get the idea, and com to grips with, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself!), use digital products and or services, to create multiple streams of income? An how you and I definitely can and should too! Great!

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