How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Temporary Setbacks Into Long Term Profits!

 (And How You Can Too!)

So is it a fairly safe bet, to presume,you are an extremely dedicated entrepreneur?

 And you are totally dedicated to achieving your goals, and experiencing ultimate success.Great! Glad to hear you acknowledge that fact.Me too!

However, with that being said, do you not also readily agree, (and acknowledge), no matter how dedicated and focused you are.

All goal orientated entrepreneurs (such as you and I), at some point, will experience the occasional and or temporary setback or two!Absolutely.

That being said, it’s in these incredibly revealing moments, you will discover, who you really are.And not just who you claim to be.So (for some of you!), this discovery process, is extremely encouraging!

And (sadly!) for others, not so much! Because those temporary setbacks (we all face!) from time to time, will ultimately define you! And prevent you from truly reaching and or approaching, your maximum full capacity!

Who Else Wants To Discover How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Convert The Occasional Temporary Setback Into Long Term Profitable Opportunities! (And How You Can Too!)

Case in point: Ladies & gentlemen, in the screen capture image just below it’s the picture, of (to date), my most successful video, currently on my youtube channel.

Take a look at the number of total views.Not to shabby, right? In fact, since I currently have 477 videos, (and or) automated sales reps, constantly making presentations 24/7.

Just image ‘how’ much more monthly targeted free traffic, I could constantly generate, if my average video, received just 1,500 views each! Sadly, they do not! My best video to date, is definitely a home run!

But if you look at some of my other ‘how to’ videos, you’ll discover a gazillion of them, which only generate 53, 24 or 238 views respectively etc! Pretty dismal,right? I agree.

In fact, if  (or when),I actually figure out ‘how to’ consistently rank the vast majority of my 477 videos (sales reps), on youtubes 1st or 2nd page, for the various long tail keyword phrases, I’m going after.

Ladies & gentlemen, you best believe, there are -currently- a ton of local small business owners, and  or service providers, who would love to pay a qualified source, to help them do the same!Don’t you agree? Absolutely!

And I guarantee you, helping these business owners/service providers consistently do so, is an incredibly lucrative income stream, for those of you, with those particular skills!Like my expert video marketing guru coach, (the one and only!) Julie Weishaar!


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Temporary Setbacks Into Long Term Profits!

How To Really Profit Your Current Entrepreneurial Skills!

Ladies & gentlemen, for just a moment, (please!) play along, and follow the ‘bouncing ball’ of long term, potential money making possibilities!

For just a moment, imagine ‘how’ more successful, my video marketing strategies, will become, if or when, I could consistently generate, at least 1,500 views a month, on my other 476 video sales reps!

The math tells us, I’d be averaging a grand total of 714,000 views a month!Cool! Or a grand total of 8,568,000 views a year! (1,500 x 476 = 714,000 views a month x 12!)

With that type of massive (free!) monthly exposure, to my other 476 ‘how to’ videos, entrepreneur do you think my ‘Call To Acton’ (CTA), would also help increase my opt in email rate, and list building efforts even more? Probably!

Which means, you (or I!), would probably definitely be able to sell additional one on one, paid consulting/coaching packages, on effective list building strategies as well, right? Yep!

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Is An Incredibly Powerful Asset To Possess!

Again, if those were my videos-actual- monthly viewership numbers.You know, I (or you!) would definitely have an extremely valuable skill to market and barter with, correct?

And BTW as I mentioned in a previous post, if you happen to have proven video ranking skills, and you’d like to discuss us bartering our services, in some mutually beneficial way. Please reach out to me via my blogs contact page asap!

And simply write “Video Barter Offer” in the subject line, and I’ll definitely get back to you asap!

In the meantime, (ladies & gentlemen), just because my other 476 automated videos, (24/7 sales reps!), don’t currently rank well on youtubes 1st or 2nd page!

This doesn’t mean, they can’t still be an extremely helpful, potential money making asset!Huh? Think about it for just a second. I can still, (and I most certainly have!) re-purposed those videos, which are long tail keyword phrase researched, into some extremely helpful blog post and or podcast etc!

And of course, I embed the videos in each post! And I send the link of my post, along with my embedded video(s), to my opt in subscribers!

Plus routinely post them on the various social media platforms, my target audience, is most likely to be visiting! Makes sense, right? Indeed it does!

My friend, that’s just an extremely small sample, of ‘how’ savvy entrepreneurs (just like you!), consistently manage to turn,seemingly temporary setbacks, into long term potential gross profits! And ‘how’ you can too! Don’t you agree?

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