How Savvy Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of The Psychology Of The Web!

So are you actively looking for a simple, proven way, for you to consistently leverage, the possibilities of successfully marketing your extremely valuable products & services, via the Internet?

And would you like also, like to learn, ‘how’ some of today-s savviest entrepreneurs, (men & women), who academically speaking, are certainly no smarter than you!Right?

But consistently follow a proven, online marketing road map, and don’t bother trying to re-invent the marketing wheel.

While others, (possibly you!), instead, prefer, (initially anyway) to attempt the outrageously expensive, (long and drawn out),hit & miss alternative form of advertising/promoting etc.

And if your money and or patience doesn’t run out first, perhaps, through sheer persistence, you eventually stumble across, a successful method or two.If, on the other hand, you prefer to save- both- your extremely valuable time and money, and cut to the chase!This particular blog post, was written specifically for you!

Who Else Wants To Discover How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Take Advantage Of The Psychology Of The Web? (And How You Can Too!)

So do you know anyone, who’s ever gone out on a successful, blind first date? Or have you ever done so? At the end of the night, did the experience involve either of you, proposing marriage? Sounds a little odd, right?

Stop and think about what typically happens on your very first, successful blind date. Initially, both parties are slightly guarded, are they not? And they are extremely cordial and mindful and courteous, correct?

And typically, on a successful, very first blind date, both parties, tend to put their best foot forward, in terms of being as extremely polite and considerate, of the other persons feelings and opinions, right?

And if all goes fairly well, (for most of the night!) and it’s obvious, the early evening, and or night, isn’t a complete bust!

Both parties may agree (tentatively), to make future plans, to if nothing else, take advantage of each others company, by going out on a second date! But under no circumstances, are either one of you, even hinting at proposing marriage, correct? Because obviously, it’s simply way too soon for such talk, right?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Develop Their Lead Generation Skills!

So ‘what’, if any connection, does the psychology of the web, (successful online marketing) and a successful, blind first date, possibly have in common? Mainly this, just like any two people, who go out on their very first blind date, have no reasonable expectation, of returning home, with a marriage proposal on the table! Right?

Ladies & gentlemen, initially, a first time web visitor to your state of the art, WordPress blog and or website. Initially, your visitor, (especially!), if the two of you are complete strangers! Your first time visitor, (aka) extremely cold traffic, isn’t looking to necessarily buy anything from you or I, just yet!

Instead, just like a successful, blind first date, they’re looking to feel things out first, see how it goes! And then, perhaps, after a proper relationship has been built and properly established.

Now, it’s time to start moving the relationship forward.Just like the gradual forward motion, in the dating process.

(Important note: Entrepreneur, please see the screenshot image below, it’s a picture of a sample lead capture page (aka) data capture form, (aka) squeeze page (aka ) contact form, using my paid email service provider, aweber-s software, in all of ten minutes!

And if you notice, this -sample- capture page has absolutely nothing to do with making money online! This is demonstrate to you, two critically important points!


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of The Psychology Of The Web!

Build Your Lead Generation Strategies Around Effective Problem Solving For Your Target Audience And You Probably Have A Winner!

1.) Critically important point #one: First and foremost, ladies & gentlemen, the proven online marketing fundamentals, of first offering your target audience, some type of free, lead magnet, list building giveaway, is universal!

Meaning, it does not matter, what particular industry, and or niche, you currently happen to be promoting/marketing in! These proven online marketing fundamentals, of effective list building, can and definitely will work for you! In some way shape or form.

 2.) Critically important point # two: Next, you do not have to be a techie, in order to benefit from aweber-s, (and or) any of the other, state of the art, paid email service providers editing software!

And (especially) in the case of aweber, should you need actual, step by step instructions, you can simply call their toll free number inside the United States, M-F, (8 am -8 pm EST), and speak with one of their professionally trained, customer care experts! For as long as you need to!

So the way you (and or!) your major competitors, consistently take advantage of, and strategically leverage the psychology of the Internet, is by offering your first time visitor, some type of free, problem solving incentive based digital information, which usually takes the form of a market tested lead magnet of some kind.

Meaning, you initially offer them, a free list building webinar and or tele-seminar recording, an ebook, PDF file, special report and or one or two page cheat sheet, in exchange for them providing their best email/mobile marketing contact information.

They join (opt into), your email list, and or mobile marketing list, they get their free problem solving info, and you get a brand new lead/prospect, to systematically follow up with over time, via your pre -written, and unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email messages.

And hopefully over time, as you (both) demonstrate your expertise, and your product and or services, ability to solve their main issues, you gain their trust, and they start purchasing from you! Hopefully, over and over again, for years and years to come!

Just like over time, two people who continue to date, may ultimately decide to make the ultimate commitment to each other, and get married! Are you starting to appreciate, ‘how’ some of today-s savviest entrepreneurs, strategically leverage, and take advantage of the psychology of the web? And hopefully how you can too? Say yes!

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