Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Structure Their Customer Acquisition Plans Like An Iceberg!

   (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

So when it comes to your small business, service and or startup entrepreneurial endeavor, what’s your first choice, in terms of generating first time customers and or patients etc?

Sadly, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, they initially try and go the outrageously expensive,conventional advertising route.

that is, until the dismally performing ads and or conventional promotional strategies, turnout to be far too expensive, to continue.

With dwindling and or poor return on investment (ROI) results. Most cash strapped entrepreneurs, are usually forced, to seek out, some potentially viable marketing alternatives, or face potentially going out of business.

Because they simply can’t afford, to keep flushing their hard earned money down the toilet. This being the case, let’s see what these potential marketing alternatives, really have to offer.

So You Wanna Know Why Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Try And Structure Their First Time Customer Acquisition Costs Like An Iceberg? (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Please take notice of the image of the iceberg,embedded in this particular post. See how the vast majority of the iceberg, is actually sub merged beneath the surface of the water?

When you properly structure, your initial first time customer acquisition costs, like an iceberg.

This just means, the vast majority of your upfront out of pocket costs, are minimized, and the vast majority of your long term profits, are maximized.

Does this sound like a plan, you could live with? Great. 😀

How To Structure Your Lead Generation Costs So they Are As Minimal As Possible!

Case in point, (entrepreneur), are you currently aware, even some of the top, online marketers, which routinely build their various, opt in email mail list, by way of laser targeted, PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns.

Some of their most successful campaigns, only yield a 1.5% click through rate (CTR). Meaning, on average, for every one hundred unique exposures to their paid ads, just about one person, clicks on their ads.

And the other 98.5% do not. Of course it goes without saying, they couldn’t scale their businesses, to seven and eight figures a year, unless, they were converting those one percenter-s, into multiple streams of income. 😀

And so it goes with outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Or Service Simply Can’t Afford To Pay For Wasted Circulation!

Case in point, (entrepreneur), in the time it takes you to initially read this entire post, and watch the video, (at least once), guess what? In your local area, local, semi cash strapped entrepreneurs, just like you, paid for-either- a local radio or TV ad.

Did they not? Which means, you probably didn’t see or hear it, right? And yet, the vendor was still charged for the outrageous expense. Were they not?

And some local vendor, purchased, either a classified and or outrageously expensive, display ad, in a local newspaper and or magazine etc.

And some people don’t get around to reading the paper, for at least a few days. So they whined up throwing the paper away, right? And yet, once again, some semi cash strapped entrepreneur, paid for this outrageously expensive, wasted circulation, did they not?

So what’s a viable marketing alternative, you skeptically ask? Great question.

Who Says Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Or Service Can’t Dramatically Lower Your Front End Costs While Simultaneously Increasing Your Long Term Gross Profits!

Back to the image of the iceberg.Think out this real life marketing example.One of my cross promotional partners, this being, Allan J. Arellano of tenfold.com fame.

Allan’s team periodically produces guest post content for my blog.And make no mistake, the primary reason they do so, is because my audience,is made up of, primarily, small business owners, service providers, semi cash strapped startup entrepreneurs, Mom and dad – preneurs and your typical, Mom & pop retailers etc.

And Allan’s content, helps those type of aspiring business owners, solve their various problems and or issues etc.

The Most Profitable Marketing Plans Don’t Have To Be Outrageously Expensive!

(Please take notice of the screen shot image just below. Because it highlights my blogs, current RSS (really simple syndication) subscriber base.)


Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Structure Their Customer Acquisition Plans Like An Iceberg!

Allan-s expert, how to problem solving content gets delivered directly to these new, potential eyeballs, who have volunteered to join my rss feed, correct?

And Allan-s team, gets additional free, laser targeted exposure. And by the same token, once the blog post goes live, I send Allan the link, along with a link, to one of my most recent blog post. 😀

The More Laser Targeted Your Small Business Marketing Strategies Are The Less Expensive They’ll Actually Be!

And Allan and his team, go about sharing both links, with their social media audience and network.And since both his blogs domain authority (DA) and current twitter following are, substantially larger than mine. 😀

My WordPress blog, also gets massive free, targeted exposure, to his constantly expanding audience. But without, any wasted circulation. Right? Bingo!

Are you starting to appreciate, how and why, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, structure their first time customer acquisition costs, just like an iceberg? And why you definitely should to? Great!

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