This Is Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Love The How To Information Business!

Since you are one of today’s savviest entrepreneurs, you’re always open to discover some new, proven ways of creating multiple streams of income, correct? Good! So glad to hear that.

My friend, whether you realize it or not, one of the most potentially lucrative business models, you can get into, quite literally within the next 72 hours or less, (for some extremely low front end out of pocket cost.)

Why its none other than the potentially lucrative one on one, and or group coaching, consulting, how to information business.

Seriously, there are literally tons of potential prospects, world wide, via the internet, you and I, (and or) our major competitors, can attract and offer some form of personalized coaching/consulting to.

And they are more than willing to pay for it, via a one time payment for some type of course, and or ongoing, via a paid membership site platform of some kind.Or maybe, just to get (semi) direct access to you, by way of direct email contact, or via skype, and or the phone etc.

And of course, there’s always the traditional way of creating some type of problem solving digital information and or service, right?

Who Else Wants To Discover Why Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Absolutely Love The How To Problem Solving Information Business Model! (And How You Can Potentially Profit From It Too!)

First of all, (right out of the gate), I want you to know and -truly- understand, I’m definitely not a mind reader, nor do I claim to be!

However, I know simply from being around long enough, a certain percentage of you read the second paragraph above, about -literally- being able to get into the “how to” information, within the next 72 or less, may have sounded, (on the surface anyway) a little over the top, correct? Absolutely!

Hey I definitely get it, because just like you, I live in the real word too! But let’s see if some real world meat, can be added to the bones, then you be the ultimate judge! Fair enough?

Some Of Your Very Best Entrepreneurial Ideas Should Definitely Become A Part Of Your How To Problem Solving Information Business Model!

So do you happen to know one of my blog commenting buddies Chery Schmidt? Like me, Chery also helps aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their online goals.

Case in point, just recently, Chery did (both) a blog post and video, sharing how she recently grossed (a very impressive) $1,200 dollars online, doing her thing.(Which is helping other aspiring online entrepreneurs, live the lifestyle of their choosing!)

And it’s passive income!Is that cool or what? (Hint: Chery is the lady  featured in the video, embedded in this post.So be sure and check it out, if you’re serious about learning how she grossed the $1,200 dollars!)

(And just in case you’re wondering, this is not an affiliate link, nor are Chery and I involved in any type of affiliate program, and or joint venture arrangement of any kind, where I get paid and or compensated in any way, for sharing her link(s) and or video! )

It’s just, since Chery definitely knows her stuff, I wanted to use her recent example, to amply demonstrate, how and why, you can and definitely should, seriously be looking at the how to problem solving information business model, to help you create and generate, some ongoing income opportunities!

The How To Problem Solving Information Business Model Is Great For Both Effective Lead Generation And Income Producing Opportunities As Well!

In the video, (as a direct result receiving several emails asking how she did certain things featured in a recent blog post she did), using some of the free screen capture software she used.

Chery decided to create a how to problem solving video, showing her audience, (not only) which particular free software programs she used, but in a sort of brief step by step tutorial,she also demonstrated how to use them as well!

Here’s where going (directly) into the how to problem solving information business, can be monetized!Now let’s first preface this particular example, by saying, once you have your mobile responsive, self hosted WordPress website and or blog already up and going!

And you already have, and or you are in the process of getting your paid email service provider account set up as well!

That being the case, (and of course) your free youtube channel is already set up as well. From that point forward,certainly within the next 72 hours or less, you can definitely (conceivably) set up your free PayPal business (and or) regular consumer account, over at PayPal.com.

And even if you didn’t already have 85% or more of these free (and or) low cost platforms already set up, you could definitely do so, (or pay -outsource- someone) to do so for you within the next 72 hours or less!

Effective Lead Generation Opportunities Are Made To Order For The How To Information Business Model!

Since Chery (and or) you and I, already have a specific target market which already exists, once Chery uploads her lead generating type of video, she could add a market tested “Call To Action” (CTA) type of offer right within her video, and or series of step by step videos, and or series of how to blog posts, or her slideshare presentations, and or podasts etc!

Are you starting to see what I mean, with regards to creating multiple streams of income possibilities! Anyway, she could have those most interested in getting, more advanced, hand on one on one coaching/consulting, on how to either do some of the more advanced techniques using those three free software programs.

And she might initially charge $97 dollars, (or X) for an initial four week-beta test- course, which includes four 60-90 minute screen share sessions, where Chery demonstrates live to her paid audience, some of the more advanced features of the software, plus she answers their most burning questions as well.

As Your Entrepreneurial Awareness Skills Steadily Improve So Will Your Marketing Possibilities!

And of course, she records every session, and later she can offer them as a free “quick decision” bonus products, valued at X, for her customers who purchase one of her more expensive -hands on- coaching/consulting programs, courses and or high ticket affiliate products etc!

See how that particular, low cost, how to information business model could work for you and I right now? (Meaning; you could literally hit the floor running within 72 hours or less! Don’t you agree?)

( Important note: And if you actually want (or would) prefer some one on one personalized coaching/consulting help, setting this particular information business model up, yours truly will personally guide you step by step, over the next four weeks, 45 minutes per phone, and or skype session, for just $250 dollars total!

Because my current one on one consulting rates are just $250 dollars per hour! So you’ll save a whopping 45% off your normal retail rate! Just reach out to me via my contact page asap!)

Hopefully you’re starting to see why savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself) absolutely love the how to information business model! And why you definitely should too, correct?

Great! Because in part two you’ll discover at least three more potentially profitable ways, some of today-s savviest entrepreneurs, can in with the how to problem solving information business model.Sound good?

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below)
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  1. Chery been a friend for a long time and you are so right about her energy and what a terrific example she is. I’m delighted to hear about her latest success! There’s no question that the information business is alive and well. Thanks Mark!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..The Reality We Must Accept Before We Can Improve Our LifeMy Profile


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