Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Look For Creative Ways To Profit From Under Used Assets!

So do you prefer to advertise and or power market your extremely valuable products and or services.

Yea, me too. Because traditional advertising methods, are outrageously expensive.

And truth told, they take an awful lot of constant, repeat exposure, before you even begin to have a realistic shot at making an impression.

On the flip side, whenever you (and or) your major competitors, can strategically leverage, yours and or another, non directly competing vendors, under used and or completely dead assets.

You simply must do so.

Because more times than not, you can consistently generate some massive, front and or back end profits, for literally pennies on the dollar.And that’s always a good thing, right? 

The remainder of this post will reveal how you and I can consistently do just that.

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Just Like You Consistently Find Creative Ways To Profit From Under Used And Or Dead Assets? (And How Can You Benefit From Doing It Too?)

First of all, let’s be crystal clear. Practically every business and or service, has under used and or grossly under performing and or dead assets of some kind.(It’s just not always so obvious to spot and profit from them.)

Really, it’s more a matter of your marketing perspective potentially getting in your way, than the lack of under utilized and or under performing assets being readily available to you.

Case in point; it probably doesn’t seem obvious at first glance, but rest assured, the following marketing example, you’re about to be exposed to, has at least four major ways to generate some long term gross profits, on both the front and back end of the long term sales funnel.

It’s just not every untapped potential marketing opportunity, is of the low hanging fruit variety, most entrepreneurs are accustomed to.

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Will Pay Dividends For Years And Years To Come!

Here’s an all too typical example, of how under utilized marketing situations, can be potentially extremely profitable.

You know your typical, toll free 800 number service providers, have tons of un-used (down time), when their lines are not currently being used to their full capacity.

(BTW, the exact same battlefield tested marketing strategy, can and definitely will work with you and or your major competitors, paid email service provider.)

And by the same token, there are far more times than you may realize and or fully appreciate, when major magazine and newsletter publishers, have plenty of unsold classified and or unsold display advertising space, just waiting to be negotiated on.

And they are, or more than motivated to (either) sell it for pennies on the dollar, and or to negotiate some other creative marketing arrangements.Rather than just getting a big fat zero for it.As you’re about to discover.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Are An Extremely Valuable Asset To Have And Or Develop!

Now let’s add one more major player to this particular scenario. A profit seeking entrepreneur, whose decides to self publish a book, on a currently popular subject, such as, how to; make money using the stock market.

Or how to make money by investing in pre foreclosure residential properties. Or how to make a ton of money by investing in little known penny stocks, or using the Internet etc.

But here’s the thing, even though the semi, to severely cash strapped entrepreneur has the proven knowledge about their particular area of expertise.

They currently don’t have the type of massive op front cash needed, to run the ads in various income producing magazines,nor can they afford the toll free 800 number charges, in order to take orders seven days a week, 24 four hours a day.Including major holidays.

As Your Small Business Marketing Skills Improve So Will Your Long Term Marketing Opportunities!

So how’s this, for a ‘triangulation’, joint venture (JV) type of marketing arrangement, where non directly competing, profit seeking vendors take full advantage of their under used assets.

The major magazine publisher, and the toll free 800 number service provider, allows the savvy entrepreneur, who’s self publishing their own hard cover book, to leverage their down time, and as the sales for his/her book roll in, because he’s only initially charging his customers, shipping and handling fees on the front end.

And the entrepreneur will make the lions share of his long term money, on all of his additional back end sales.

And he’ll gladly split those gross profits, 25/25% each and 50%. Meaning, the other two participating JV vendors, earn 25% each off the first three (or X) number of back end sales the entrepreneur subsequently generates, from his list.

Ever Notice How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Always Seem To Find A Way!

And the extremely marketing savvy entrepreneur, initially nets the remaining 50%, until their commitment is met, then they start grossing 100% of all the additional back end income generated.

Are you starting to see and appreciate, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, build extremely profitable sales funnels,(and how potentially you can too), simply from leveraging, other non directly competing vendors, down time and or grossly under used and or under performing assets? Say yes!

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