How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Two

So after reading part one of this ongoing series, are you starting to better understand, and appreciate, how some incredibly savvy entrepreneurs, (who) truth told, are certainly no academically smarter than you, are able to get their ventures off the ground.

Even on a shoestring budget. And far more importantly, how you can literally do the exact same thing, using the Internet, as your primary marketing tool of choice.

Has at least part of this mystery been solved? Great.

In part two, you’re going to discover, even more pro-active ways, for a semi to severely cash strapped entrepreneur, to profit by strategically using the Internet, as their primary marketing tool of choice.

And initially anyway, doing so, without having access, to their very own, state of the art,traditionally- self hosted WordPress website and or blog.

Over time, they may definitely decide to get their blog up and going, but until then they can and most certainly will, use the enormous marketing leverage of the Internet, to strategically position themselves, as one of the go to experts, within their particular niche.(And so should you BTW.)

So What’s The Main Key To Some Semi Cash Strapped Entrepreneurs Consistently Creating Money Making Opportunities?

Quickly picking up where part one left off. An extremely marketing savvy, (either) CPA and or CFP, (Certified Financial Planner), who is also semi cash strapped, still decided to head out on their own.

And they will be initially strategically using the Internet, to position themselves, as a trusted problem solving resource, and go to expert, for their particular niche.

Without initially having access, to their very own, state of the art, self hosted WordPress blog.But as you discovered in part one, that seemingly lack of a must have traditional type of asset, won’t prevent this extremely marketing savvy CPA from guest blogging on some of the top industry blogs, and strategically using their resource box, to drive semi targeted traffic, to one of their best market tested lead capture pages.

Because remember, after they initially purchase, one or two relevant domain names, with the dot.com extensions, and pay their annual, email service provider fee a year in advance and save 20%, (or X% off.)

Next, they’ll simply forward their domain, to mask, in this particular case, Aweber-s rather unattractive,lead capture page self hosting link.

( A simple five minute phone call to your domain registar company, and they’ll walk you, step by step through how to accomplish this.And or they may even provide some brief instructional videos inside their dashboard, which will do the same.)

Savvy Entrepreneurs Can Definitely Be Economical And Still Make A Big Splash!

Here’s at least, two other, inexpensive battlefield tested marketing strategies, this marketing astute CPA and or CFP, will effectively utilize.Even though initially, they may not have their very own state of the art, self hosted WordPress blog set up yet.

1.) Effective marketing strategy #one: Since they will be strategically leveraging the Internet, and their paid email service providers capture page(s), to build their all important opt in email list.

They’ll set up their free youtube channel,take their smart phone, (provided) their not afraid to get in front of the camera!

And at least once per week or more, they will create a persona, and start creating, short, informative 2-5 minute videos.

Sharing various, updated tax savings, and or asset protection based video lessons. For ex; they might call their daily and or weekly, educational video tips, “Mike (or) Suzie Jones, with your tax saving and asset protection tip” of the day/week etc.

Or, “Hi, this is Maggie Smith, “The Tax Savings (and or) Asset Protection Queen”, with your personal income and or asset protection tip of the day/week/month etc.

Ideally, if you or they, share at least one proven tax or asset protection tip per week, via your youtube channel, you can end your videos, with your specific “Call To Action” (CTA). And drive your semi targeted traffic, to one of your market tested lead capture pages, like the sample one below.

Which was built, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic, email editing software, in all of twenty minutes.


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Two

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Can Vault You To The Head Of The Line In The Eyes Of Your Target Market!

Did you take notice to the red box, on the sample lead capture page.

2.) Effective marketing strategy #two: The extremely marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, will ask their opt in subscribers, to describe their number one question about X? In this particular, it’s asset protection.

Once their subscribers list whatever concerns them. Now going forward, the CPA, will know, which subjects to do, one of the following four things with.

1.) Potential content creation strategy # one: They’ll know, which particular subjects, to create additional,free special lead magnet reports, and or webinars around.

2.) Potential content creation strategy #two: They’ll know which particular subjects, to possibly create, free 90-120 minute, offline introductory Q & A workshops around.

And sell their higher end, one on one, back end consulting services packages to the attendees.(And their professional & personal inner circles.)

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Tips Can Be Inspired By Your Subscribers!

 3.) Potential content creation strategy #three: They can also, create 52 or one tax saving tips a week video series, for an entire year,and use these 2-5 minute videos, to further build their opt in email/mobile marketing database.

4.) Potential content creation strategy # four: They can also use this subscriber based feedback, to discover, which particular subjects, they made need to create, free lead magnet video boot camps, and or 5-7 day, free or paid e-courses around.

All this additional, target specific content, can be discovered, simply by surveying their subscribers.And again, they’re strategically using the Internet, without initially having a traditional WordPress website and or blog set up yet.

And don’t forget, once they start regularly distributing, their direct response type of business cards,(and or flyers) driving even more targeted traffic, to their market tested lead capture page(s), they’ll grow their list even faster!

Are you starting to appreciate, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (no smarter than you!) consistently create their very own money making opportunities, instead of waiting on them? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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