How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Three

So after reading part one & two of this ongoing series, has it finally, (and or) is it slowly starting to dawn on you, some of today-s savviest entrepreneursare actually creating their very own unique money making opportunities, rather than waiting on them to somehow magically appear?

Has the thought crossed your mind yet? And did you also happen to notice, even if you are just starting out, semi to severely cash and resourced strapped, you can still leverage various assets, including your access to the Internet.

Just like the marketing savvy CPA and or CFP did, in parts one & two.

Part three will delve even further, into ‘how’ you can and definitely should, constantly be looking for some pro-active ways, of creating your very own money making opportunities, just like the service professionals (featured) in part one did.Sound good?

So What Are Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Doing To Create Their Long Term Money Making Opportunities That You Aren’t?

So quickly getting back to our hypothetical marketing example, of the semi cash strapped CPA and or CFP, who recently struck out on their own, and now they’re strategically leveraging the Internet, and some of their other, not so obvious assets, in order to strategically grow and nurture their positive, (on and offline) buzz.

For as little upfront, out of pocket cash as possible. Yet without -literally- penny pinching themselves, out of some real money making opportunities and or possibilities.

And that’s ‘why’ they initially, started offline, by aggressively looking for opportunities, to leverage some ready made target audiences, of some established vendors, like your local adult education centers, and some of the smaller, cash and resource strapped local charities, who more than likely, definitely need some help with their ongoing fund raising efforts.

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Will Definitely Keep Creating Ongoing Opportunities For You!

Case in point, one of the primary reasons, (you and or) your major CPA or CFP competitors, want to approach, (both) your local adult education center(s), and other similar local (preferably) smaller organizations.

And or some local charities too, about hosting, (either) some paid and or free, 90- 120 minute, Q & A  monthly and or quarterly classes and or workshops etc.

Is because of the five primary ways, you can systematically and strategically leverage these type of events, and profit from them!Both in the short and long term.

And the best part is, you can further establish your expertise, plus get directly in front of your specific target group, which is local, small business owners, startup entrepreneurs and or service providers etc.

Developing An Effective Lead Generation Strategy Is Your Springboard To Other Long Term Marketing Possibilities And Or Possibilities!

For ex; (remember) from the two previous installments, this extremely marketing savvy CPA, has already created, their own market tested lead capture page, (similar) to the one featured in the screenshot image below.

And it was created, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic lead capture page editing software, in all of twenty minutes.


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Three

Savvy Entrepreneurs Trust Their Ability To Consistently Create Money Making Opportunities No Wait On Them!

So after they (or you!) get the okay, (from either) a few fund raising challenged local charities and or some local adult education centers.

And you’re now going to be teaching, (hopefully) a monthly, or at the very least, quarterly 90-12- minute class, on subject or subjects X & Y.

Here are the five primary ways, you can and definitely should monetize these events, in order to constantly generate, some positive word of mouth and mouse buzz. Plus add nicely to your bank account as well.

 1.) Potential monetization strategy # one: Make sure you (audio) and or video record your workshops, and let the charities, sell them and keep 100% of all the front end proceeds, while you pocket 100% of all future back end, one on one consulting business, this constant, massive free exposure continually generates!

Provided, the charities in question, agree in writing, to provide you with a video and or written testimonial, within 90 days of them starting to sell or giveaway your recordings!

 2.) Potential monetization strategy # two: Next, each time you teach your monthly and or quarterly classes at the adult education centers, and or for the charities.

Since at least 90% of your audience, will be local small business owners, startup entrepreneurs and or service providers etc.

Ask if they’re currently members (in good standing!) with any other local groups and or organizations, (especially) if they’re not profit seeking in nature!

And offer your DVD and or Q & A workshop recordings, (as either) free bonuses, the organizations can freely giveaway, in order to help sell tickets to the other live events, and or in house live workshops etc!

Or they can offer them as free inducement bonuses valued at X, for all their members, (either) paying their annual dues, and for or purchasing classified and or display ads, and or for referring at least two brand new members.

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Are All About Serving! (And Serving Some More!)

 3.) Potential monetization strategy # three: Offer to give away at least two of your previous recordings, and or a free 90 minute power consultation, for every participant in your workshops, who provides, either a written and or video testimonial, you can send out in your automated email follow up series.

4.) Potential monetization strategy # four: Give each attendee of your workshops, at least five, extremely time sensitive gift certificates, for 90 minutes of your consulting time free, to giveaway to any of their local small business owner, service providers friends and or associates etc!

And as soon as two of them are redeemed, they automatically win another free 90 minute, one on one power consultation session with you, (and or) any new associates you may have hired by then!

5.) Potential monetization strategy # five: And finally, offer to become the (and or) one of the resident in house experts, for the largest, most influential small business owner(s), service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, who take your classes/workshops.

And let them periodically give your extremely time sensitive gift certificates away, to their employees/associates and or their very best customers, and or clients, at (both) Xmas and new years, and small business owners day/week etc!

And now you’re well on you way, to building a potentially profitable sales funnel, which can easily lead to multiple steams of income.Don’t you agree?

Are you finally starting to appreciate, ‘how’ some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, (no smarter than you!) create their very own unique money making opportunities, instead of waiting for them to magically appear? I sincerely hope so!

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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4 Responses to How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Three!
  1. Hi Mark,

    The thing I like about this strategy is it flows from abundance.

    Few get how all money flows to you if you are BEING abundant. Of if you embody abundance.

    I currently give away one of my blogging eBooks for free every Friday. Being abundant. After I go through all of ’em I will charge $1.99 for the eBook I promote on Fridays. Being abundant. But I offer blog coaching services for 100 dollars, sell one course for 250 dollars, one for 150, 1 for 100, and offer all my audio books for between 3-6 smackers, 124 of my eBooks for 2 bucks and 2 eBooks for 10 bucks. Toss in other income streams, and money flows to me. Different priced products – and I offer services too – but all comes down to my energy, my willingness to be generous, helpful and largely detached from money outcomes.

    Fab strategy bro. Thanks for sharing Mark 🙂

    Ryan Biddulph would love for you to read..11 Blogging Lessons from My Wildest Travel ExperiencesMy Profile

    • That is to awesome Ryan!

      And your totally effective strategies and extremely
      positive and prosperous mental energy doesn’t surprise me
      in the least!LOL!

      In fact,coming from you, I’d expect nothing less!

      But I really love and appreciate your perspective, because someone
      overly focused on lack or way too concerned with the giving component
      to your awesome strategy, would definitely end up not benefiting from it
      the way you clearly have and definitely will continue to do so!

      I can’t think of a single respected online marketer, who can
      come anywhere close to matching your single mindedness of purpose, and simply
      make it happen! Over and over again!

      As we sit back in watch in awe and amazement, as if we’re witnessing
      David Copperfield perform his magic, as only he can!LOL! You are
      definitely one in a million, at list my friend!LOL!

      And I’m so glad, I’m in your era, so I can say, yea it’s true,
      the guy just totally rocks!LOL!Because he wants to is all!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part FourMy Profile


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