How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Four

So here you are in part four of this ongoing series, right? Is it now crystal clear, how and why, some extremely savvy entrepreneursprefer (whenever) possible, to constantly create their very own, unique money making opportunities, as opposed, to waiting for them to magically appear.

Besides, if you were to leave the outcomes to (so called) ‘Lady Luck’, how often do you really think, she’s liable to smile upon? You so got that right.

Instead, as the first three installments have done, let’s focus on ‘how’, even a semi to severely cash starved -entrepreneurial- service provider, can swing the marketing momentum in their direction, and start leveraging and profiting from doing so. Sound good?

So Are Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs The Only Ones Who Should Be Consistently Generating Their Very Own Unique Money Making Opportunities?

Remember in part three, your extremely marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, was systematically generating their very own leads, by using some of their very best, market tested lead capture page forms, which they will build (and or) have them built, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic lead capture page editing software.

In all likelihood, they will look similar to the one featured in the screenshot image below.It was also built using Aweber-s rather basic lead capture page editing software, in all of twenty minutes.


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Four

How To Be Really Productive As A Direct Result Of Some Of Your Very Best Lead Generation Efforts!

Just so you don’t initially spin your wheels -big time- and accomplish very little, which is actually meaningful and has a chance of being profitable.

Let’s clear a few things up right up front, so you don’t fall victim to some totally unrealistic expectations. Throughout this entire ongoing series, the extremely marketing savvy,albeit semi to severely cash strapped CPA and or CFP,has been instructed to strategically power network, both on or offline, correct?

And one of the best online lead generating strategies, for them to consistently implement, is (without a doubt) some form of guest blogging, correct?

(Since they don’t currently have their very own WordPress website and or blog set up just yet.And who knows, how long it will actually take, before they get one properly set up.)

However, with that said, you need to understand going in, just because, (or once) an influential blogger (or) bloggers, gives you the green light to periodically and or systematically guest blog on their blog.

It doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.Case in point; as most of you know, who are fairly consistent readers of my blog, (one of my main) small business and social media marketing coaches and mentors, is none other than Internet marketing expert and social media marketing specialist Gail Gardner of growmap.com fame.

However, (for the record), I’ve literally known Gail, (and have been) both an extremely loyal subscriber, paid consultant customer, and student of hers for years, before she ever extended the opportunity, for me to start frequently guest blogging on her incredibly popular and highly respected blog!

So even though the marketing savvy, professional service provider, may be both anxious and immensely qualified to do some guest blogging asap. The opportunities to do so, may take a few weeks and or months, to actually materialize.

The Proficient You Are At Effective Lead Generating The More Successful And Profitable You Will Become!

On the other hand, as soon as the CPA/CFP purchases their inexpensive domain names,(preferably) with the dot.com extensions on them, and set -s up their paid email service provider account, (which in) this hypothetical example is Aweber, they can simply re-direct (mask) their self hosted lead capture address,supplied by their paid email service provider.

And by forwarding their newly purchased domain, to cover (mask) their paid email service providers, unattractive link. As quickly as they can print up 100-500 flyers and or index cards.

(Their highly recommended direct response) style-type of business cards, will come a little later in their targeted marketing process.)

They can now attend some of their local offline networking events,(and VIP only insider events), and start strategically passing out (either) their market tested flyers and or index cards etc.

Here’s Where Your Finely Tuned Entrepreneurial Skills Can Pay Off Big Time!

Consider this, (sadly!) here’s where at least 95% of the CPA and or CFPs major competition heavily concentrates, at least 98% or more, of their major efforts and or readily available resources.

They continuously attempt, to generate, outrageously expensive brand new first time customers and or clients, and or generate referrals, about 60 days before the annual major tax season begins.

And once the April 15th tax deadline passes (in the US), the vast majority of them, simply coast (for the most part), until next years tax season is about to begin!

Which means, here are three potential marketing opportunities, which are begging to be tapped into  and strategically built upon.

They (or you!) can create (either) some digital and or offline 2-5 page special reports, and or audio or MP3 recordings, detailing “How The Ultimate Insiders Turn Their Major Year End Windfall Profits Into Some Major Tax Advantages!” (And How You Can Too!)

Or, “Seven Little Known Ways To Fully Maximize Your Tax Savings After The April 15th Tax deadline Has Passed” (What Your IRS Agent Definitely Doesn’t Want Yo To Know About!)

In other words, become known (and or) highly regarded, as one of the premiere go to tax preparation, and or asset management protection experts and or specialist, who teaches corporations, entrepreneurs and or small business owners or service providers, (and or non profit charities) exactly ‘what’ they need to do, before and after major tax season each year, in order to legally maximize their current and future tax savings.

Your Professionally Developed Lead Generation Tips Can And Definitely Will Become One Of Your Most Valuable Marketing Tools And Or Assets!

1.) Potential ninja marketing strategy # one: You could (initially) target some local, non profit charities, who are in desperate need of ongoing fund raising help.

And offer to show them, ‘how’ they can legally forward some of their year end donations, into the coming year, and create major tax deductions, as a direct result!

Then, as long as, at least one of the charities major big wigs, agrees -in writing- to give you the CPA and or CFP, either a written and or video testimonial, the charity can them sponsor (pay) for these private four to eight hour one day workshops, where they video and or audio tape record your/the CPA’s presentation.

Then they get to market the recordings to local small business owners, who make at least the mid level donations.

2.) Potential ninja marketing strategy # two: You could let other, local non competing companies and or organizations, who also sponsor, offline, one to three day e events, to give your recordings away as powerful free inducement bonuses, (valued at X), simply for purchasing tickets to their live events.

Either o these battlefield tested marketing strategies, will create a potentially profitable follow up process, which could easily help increase, if not double the CPA and or CFP’s initial practice size, within one year or less.

Since strategy # three is fairly sophisticated and elaborate, let’s cover it and a few others in part five, okay? For now, are you truly starting to appreciate,’how’ some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, create their very own unique money making opportunities, and how you can too?

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