How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Five

So just because you’re semi to severely cash strapped, that doesn’t mean some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, can’t make a serious go of it, correct?

In fact, in the case of an extremely marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, who just recently went out on their own, and hasn’t yet totally established themselves.

They (or you!) can still use some market tested, relatively low cost, high impact marketing and or promotional strategies, to help get the word out, about their services.

And while they do so, get other local, non directly competing small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, to gladly volunteer their various tangible and or in-tangible assets, to help them do so.

So even though they may not currently have deep corporate pockets, and or business credit a mile long, they can still consistently reach their target market, for literally pennies on the dollar.Sound good?

So What Exactly Do Some Savvy Entrepreneurs Do In Order To Consistently Create Their Very Own Money Making Opportunities? (And How Can You Consistently Do It Too?)

Just because this extremely marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, is semi to severely cash strapped and resourced challenged, doesn’t mean they don’t have access to any cash at all? 

So let’s say they approach a local, independently owned printing business owner, where they currently do most if not all of their printing business at.

And they propose the following. First, the CPA will sponsor a free drawing, targeting local small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs etc.

And the printer will conduct this free drawing, once every 90 days or so. The CPA will put up $300-$500 dollars, whichever they can initially afford at the time.

And the local small business owners, who enter the drawing, are trying to win the grand 1st prize, which entitles them to use their winnings, in any combination they choose to.

You Will Truly Be Amazed At How Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Will Continually Pay The Bills!

Bare in mind, the extremely marketing savvy CPA already knows, their idea customer/long term repeat client, has a total lifetime customer value of $8,000-$12,000 dollars over the next three to seven years.

So in order to really sweeten the pot, what if they have the printer offer $1,000 dollars worth of free printing services, (or X) services every 90 days.

And the primary reason being, they want to help the printer (and or service provider) to offer a lead magnet attractive enough, to cause a steady avalanche of local small business owners/service providers,to leap at the chance to win the grand 1st prize.Because this gets their ongoing follow up pipeline process rolling in a really big way.

And since the CPA doesn’t initially have the $1,000 dollars,(or X) in order to actually fund this large amount. They’ll  gladly do the very next best thing. Which is,they will gladly provide the printer with (at least) 15 (or X number) of hours of one one power consulting, valued at $300 dollars per hour. (15 x $300 dollars per hour = $4,500 dollars worth of consulting value.)

Obviously, it’s in the CPA/CFP’s best interest, to personally assess the printers business before hand, so they can all but guarantee, their services and or recommendations, will save their clients money.

Developing Effective Lead Generation Strategies Adds Potential Multiple Streams Of Income Possibilities To Your Business!

Now consider -both- the printer and the CPA’s position, every 90 days. At least 500 local small business owners, (or X) number of them, will have either opted into the printers email/mobile marketing list.

And or they placed their business and or index card into a huge punch bowl, located right near the counter.Every 90 days (give or take ), the owner(s) of the printing business, will choose that quarter-s 1st grand prize winner.

And all the other runner ups, will automatically win two incredibly valuable secondary prizes valued at X.

1.) Secondary grand prize # one:First and foremost, all the runner ups, will win an extremely time sensitive discount coupon from the printer, which -either- saves them X% off their very next purchase.

And or they can lock in a years worth of savings on single sided 8.5 x 11 copies, by paying just $5 dollars, for a two sided laminated, annually renewable discount card of some kind.

 2.) Secondary grand prize # two: All the runner ups also automatically get a free one on one power consultation from the CPA, valued at X.

Obviously, the CPA is primarily, aggressively working the back end of this particular marketing strategy, in the hopes of landing as many long term repeat consulting clients as possible.

And it’s extremely possible, they will consistently average 25-40% of those they extend the free hour to, and convert them into long term repeat consulting clients.

So it’s well worth the effort for both of them, don’t you agree?  In part six you’ll discover at least three more, underground ninja marketing strategies, which can be easily customized to this ongoing marketing strategy.So please stay tuned until then.

Are you starting to appreciate, ‘how’ some extremely savvy entrepreneurs literally create their very own money making opportunities, as opposed to waiting on them.

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