How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So how many extremely savvy, hard working entrepreneursstarted out, without having lots of money and or influential connections?

At least a few, correct? And how many of them, do you suppose, hit (at times) really hard, a few speed bumps in the road?

But they they persevered and ultimately succeeded, did they not?

So it’s probably safe to say, even though they started out, with literally, and or very little cash,credit and real world experience, and or highly influential connections etc.

They were able to ultimately taste success on some level or another, correct? Which means, since they had no more tangible advantages, starting out, than you or I did.Maybe this success thing, is not an illusion after all.

And maybe, it has more to do with pro-actively creating opportunity, than waiting on it. Let’s find out?

So What In The World Do Savvy Entrepreneurs Do In Order To Create Potential Money Making Opportunities?

Let’s piggyback off a recent, hypothetical marketing example, involving the CPA, (and or ) CFP who recently set out on their own, in order to start building their own small, but hopefully successful business.

And since their money resources, are a little bit on the low side, (), they’re going to be very creative and very resourceful, especially in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, in order to make things work. Does this all too common scenario, sound at least vaguely familiar? 

In fact, initially, they won’t or don’t even have, their very own state of the art WordPress blog set up just yet. However, this lack of having this seemingly major- must have- asset, will not, and is not, going to prevent, this extremely driven, and savvy entrepreneur, from cashing in, using the Internet as their primary mode of operation.

Say what? Hold on, and you’ll see exactly where we’re headed momentarily.

And they will also be strategically using youtube, to help them systematically lead generate and position themselves, as one of the reputable go to experts, in their particular niche.

As You Continuously Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills Your Bank Account Will Continually Grow Larger!

Here’s the main meat & potatoes of their online marketing/positioning strategy.First, they’ll purchase an inexpensive, (yet) relevant domain name or two. And if at all possible, (their) or your first choice should be a dot.com extension.Not dot.net or dot.info etc.

Since that’s the most preferred, and what the general public is the most accustomed to.And since they will initially, be pro-actively targeting -local-, small business owners/service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, of nearly all shapes and sizes etc.

They’ll go with the catchy domain name, taxsavingsecretsrevealed.com. And because they already know, they definitely need to build their very own, on or offline list of potential leads.

They will also invest the -initial- $19.95 per month needed, but pay for an entire year in advance,(and save an additional 20%, in order to use Aweber, (and or), some other highly reputable, state of the art, paid email service provider, in order to start their online list building process.

And they’ll simply use Awebers hosting of their lead capture page, but forward their newly purchased domain name, so when potential leads go to their lead capture page website address, they will see www.taxsavingssecretsrevealed.com, (or whatever domain name you have purchased),not Aweber-s (or your paid email service providers) rather unattractive link.

Constantly Developing Effective Lead Generation Strategies Is Key!

Now, when this extremely marketing savvy CPA (or) CFP, writes their frequent quest blog posts, they can and definitely will, direct their readers, to grab, their market tested free lead magnet giveaway, at their lead capture page site.

Which they will (either) build themselves, and or pay someone like yours truly, to build one, similar to the sample lead capture page screenshot, you see just below. Which was built, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s, rather basic, lead capture page software, in all of twenty minutes!

And when they teach their monthly tax savings, and advance tax savings/ asset management strategies classes, at the local adult education centers.

They will direct their audience, who hopefully, are local small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and or service providers, to enter a special free, non entry fee raffle, by joining (opting into) their list.

And one grand prize winner, selected at the end of each 90 minute class, will win a free three hour power consultation session, valued at $900 (or X) number of dollars. Just depending on how much you (or they) initially charge per hour, for your extremely valuable services.


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!

Savvy Entrepreneurs Look For Prudent Ways To Cut Expenses Not Investment Opportunities!

But all the other runner ups, who are also, now on the extremely marketing savvy CPA (and or) CFP’s opt in email list, automatically get an extremely time sensitive offer, to purchase 90 minutes of personal, one on one consulting time, at a 30 (or %) discount.

So instead of paying the normal retail rate of $450 dollars (or X.) Now, provided they use their PayPal.com account, they can purchase 90 minutes of CPA’s time, for just $315 dollars! Provided, they purchase the time, before they leave the class! It’s not the specific numbers which are important here, it’s the overall marketing concepts you definitely need to grasp.

So even if the adult education center, receives the lions share, of the cost of the monthly class, the CPA (and or) CFP decides to teach.

The marketing savvy CPA, still has at least four more, long term, back end marketing opportunities, to cash in big time! You’ll discover what they are in part two, okay? Each market tested strategy leads their potential prospects further and further into their follow up process.

In the mean time, are you starting to appreciate, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (who are) no smarter than you! Somehow manage to consistently  create, money making opportunities, and how you can and definitely should too? Great! See you in just a little bit, in part two.You need to grasp, the overall marketing concepts.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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2 Responses to How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!
  1. Great tips Mark! I especially like your point about cutting expenses not investment opportunities – that just makes so much sense. I personally don’t use YouTube as a ‘developer’ but it’s the first place I go when I want to learn how to use a new plug-in or piece of software. I see a LOT of room for growth because so many of the tutorials available are poor quality – bad sound, grainy image, etc. For that reason alone when I do find someone who provides a professional presentation I subscribe right quick so I don’t lose track of them. Thanks for the advice and inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Exploring the Two Faces of WorryMy Profile

    • Thanks for your extremely kind words M!I truly appreciate it!

      As you were sharing your video tutorial check list, it reminded me of
      one of my very first attempts at using Camtasia Studio to record a screen
      capture video I was narrating.

      I was so clueless about using Camtasia,it offers this pan & zoom (in)
      feature, so there I am busily narrating, while my screen was focused (zoomed in)
      on something else!LOL!

      And I literally had no clue what had gone wrong, as I was narrating
      the Power Point presentation.I watched my play back and it was totally obvious
      my narrating and screenshot images were totally out of sync!LOL!

      I kept and didn’t edit the video, in order to remind myself of the progress I’ve
      definitely made since then, when I was so confused, yet still ambitious
      as all get out!LOL!

      And I definitely echo you sentiments, about the audio quality of certain videos.

      Sometimes the lighting really suck when they just use their smart phones!LOL!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your extremely thoughtful insights!

      I always look forward to them!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part TwoMy Profile


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