How Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate A Ton Of Magnetic Ideas For Their Target Audience!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So can you think of any process in your business, which doesn’t benefit, from you becoming far more effective at targeted lead generation?

In fact, have noticed, how many of the extremely savvy entrepreneurs, make effective lead generation, one of their main priorities?

Lets face it (already), the more semi qualified, targeted leads, you can inexpensively generate and convert into paying customers, clients and or patients, the more profitable your business/service will be, correct?

By knowing and understanding, how to attract your ideal customers, this type of knowledge and or skill, can be sold to other non directly competing entrepreneurs, could it not? Absolutely.

And the practical marketing possibilities are wide open, don’t you agree? For ex; you can send a single email message, and or series of them, entirely based around various forms of effective lead generation strategies, right?

Or create free lead magnet giveaway ebooks, PDF files and or free lead bait podcasts, could you not? And on and on it goes…

So How Do Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Generate A Ton Of Magnetic Ideas For Their Specific Target Audience? (And How Do You Consistently Do It Too?)

Hopefully you do realize, it’s not so important, which particular form your lead magnet comes in, as much as, whether or not, your lead magnet, has some real demand, right?

In other words, the actual information itself, has proven there is a market for it. Granted, a video is definitely one of the hottest, responsive forms of communicating with your audience.

But ultimately, when your target market has a real or perceived problem of some kind. And an itch they definitely want scratched asap.

They really aren’t as concerned (as you are!), whether or not, your proven solving solution, comes in the form of a free, instantly downloadable PDF file, ebook, webinar replay, MP3 recording, a podcast, and or a multi part blog post series etc.

What they desperately crave, is an extremely viable solution. Preferably one, which is fairly quick in nature. And as previously mentioned, you could definitely provide your solution, spread out over a 3- 7 day mini series if need be.

Or, if you prefer to work primarily offline, you could probably create a paid or series of paid 1- 4 hour workshops, record them, and them proceed to giveaway the first 15-30 minutes, as a free lead magnet, in order to build your highly targeted opt in email/mobile marketing list etc.And your long term follow up sales funnel.

It’s Definitely Worth Your While To Develop Some Effective Lead Generation Strategies!

Did you happen to notice, in all of the previous marketing possibilities, not one of them, focused on ‘how’ or where, you and I, (and or) your major competitors can go, or the step by step blueprint to use, in order to consistently generate the necessary ideas, for creating your problem solving content? 

It’s almost a given, that since there are so many -extremely- viable ways to re-purpose your content, that you and I automatically have the creative process down, of where or how to go about generating the ideas.

And of course, nothing can be further from the truth, right? For that -primary- reason and several others, the cart was sort of put before the horse so to speak.

Meaning, you were purposely exposed to the various ways, you and I, can deliver our ‘how to’ problem solving content, but not necessarily told, which proven processes to use, in order to consistently generate more than enough magnetic ideas, to attract your ideal prospects to like a magnetic.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know How To Follow So They Eventually Learn How To Lead!

Speaking of following the leader, (why don’t) you head over to Amazon.com, and type in whatever descriptive keyword and or keywords, which best describe your particular niche.

And click the “look inside” link.And guess what you’ll see? A strategic written table of contents, for some of the best selling books, for your particular niche.

The table of content subject matter, can and will serve as your future guidelines, to create a bare bones minimum, of five types of ‘how to’ problem solving magnetic content vehicles:

1.) Magnetic content vehicle # one: The strategically written table of content, for any best selling book, can and definitely should double as -either- one of your opt in email subject lines, and or as a main power headline for one of your multi part blog posts series.

2.) Magnetic content vehicle # two: If the main keyword and or long tail keyword phrase in the table of content, has decent traffic, it’s probably worth you -either- creating a slideshare presentation, and or create a video, and or series of ‘how to’ problem solving videos, around this proven subject matter.

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Will Often Be Inspired By Other Extremely Successful  Entrepreneurs!

3.) Magnetic content vehicle # three: It might also make sense, for you to consider doing a profit generating webinar around this proven, lead magnet generating subject matter.

4.) Magnetic content vehicle # four: The table of content, can also serve as one of your main catalysts, for creating a free, lead generating Google Hangout recording and or series of recordings.(Which you of course, can either use to generate even more leads and or revenue.)

And you can -either-, sell it outright, as a stand alone information product of some kind, and or you could use it as a free, ‘quick decision’ bonus product valued at X.

5.) Magnetic content vehicle # five: And finally, (not really! ), you might also decide to use the table of content, of a best selling book, as your  primary inspiration, for creating a free lead generating ebook, PDF file, and or as a podcast recording and or series of recordings.

You could also create a Power Point presentation, and just narrate what’s on your screen, and create a powerful, lead generating ‘how to’ video series, or create the outline for a series of expert interviews etc.

In any event, are you starting to appreciate how the table contents, for best selling books within your particular niche, allow some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (just like you!), to consistently generate a ton of magnetic content, for their particular target audience, and how you can too? Great, that’s really good to hear.

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  1. Great tips as always Mark! Loved the idea on creating a Powerpoint presentation. Tweeting this.
    Grant Merriel would love for you to read..Comment on Signs of Poor Leadership: Are You Guilty of These? – More Time More Profit: Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Scale their Business by Donna MerrillMy Profile

  2. These are great tips you provided. It is very important to listen to what your followers want so you can provide the content they are looking for. Thanks for the info!


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