How Savvy Entrepreneurs Drastically Reduce Overhead So They Can Prosper!

  (And How You Can Too!)

Honestly, how many times have you read about some extremely enthusiastic entrepreneurs, ultimately see their start up venture, come to a grinding halt?

Usually just as it’s about to really getting going, simply because there’s way too much overhead, and not enough bill paying revenue coming in the door, to offset the ever mounting debt, correct?

Does that sound all too familiar? It definitely should, because typically, most extremely resource challenged small business owners, and or service providers, simply over extend themselves, by not having enough readily available cash, credit, and when you get right down to it, in the trenches real world experience and or know how.

And as ongoing business debt and other major challenges steadily begin to mount, it starts to become more and more obvious, they simply lack real world know how.

And before you know it, they’re gone.And the next extremely eager group of budding entrepreneurs, have their spin of the entrepreneurial wheel.

But what if there was a proven way, for you you to drastically lower your constantly increasing overhead commitments, and still generate gross profits much faster! You’d definitely want to know about it, correct?

Ever Notice How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Structure Their Businesses So Can Still Profit Handsomely Even Though They Dramatically Lower Their Overhead?

Let’s face it, no matter how much gross front end revenue your business and or service consistently generates, unless or until, you drastically reduce some of your ongoing overhead, you may not ever actually turn a profit.

Seems odd, right But it happens far more than you may actually think. There have actually been tons of modern day examples, where relatively small business owners, and or service providers, with less than 15 total employees, where literally grossing in excess of 1.5 million dollars a year!

And still were not profitable. Basically because of all the massive overhead, short term interest, high cost recurring debt, plus ongoing cost to create their front end revenue, and because they’ve yet to develop any type of proven back end sales funnel at all.

They continuously struggled! And sadly,the vast majority of them simply did not make it.

Ever Notice How Far Too Many Aspiring Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Constantly Fall Prey To Trying To Manage Way Too Much Overhead And Or Debt?

Case in point; think back over the last ten years give or take.

Here’a a company renting DVD’s. First of all, they need to be located in a fairly popular mall and or mini strip mall, right?

And the better their commercial location is, the higher their monthly and or quarterly lease payments will be, correct? 

Then there’s the matter of needing physical employees, who you either pay by the hour, and or a salary of some kind, correct?

There’s also the added ongoing benefits cost, for each employee, right? Are you noticing how at every turn, your out of pocket, ongoing expenses are steadily increasing? You also need your inventory of up todate DVD’s, in tons of different categories, correct?

And let’s face it, the more updated your movies are, the more they cost you to acquire, which ultimately means, you (in turn) have to charge your end user consumer more, in order to re-coup your costs, while trying to earn some some of gross profit, on the front end of your sales process.

Strategically Growing Your Business And Or Service Definitely Requires Developing Some Bankable Entrepreneurial Skills!

One other issue to consider, before moving on. In order to make sure your extremely valuable, first time and repeat customers, constantly receive top notch customer service, you’re definitely gonna need to hire really good people right?

And you’re also going to need (at a bare bones minimum), a really good store manager, and maybe an assistant store manager as well.

So you can’t pay just above the prevailing minimum wage, and expect to accomplish this, right? No way.However, what if you could revamp your entire business model, and dramatically lower your upfront out of pocket cost, but still manage to deliver your product to your end user consumer, without sacrificing any overall quality.

Does that sound like a proven marketing strategy, you’d definitely like to hear more about? Entrepreneur, is that a resounding yes, or yes?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know How To Dramatically Lower Their Overhead Without Sacrificing An Ounce Of Quality!

Catch this: Enter good ole “Red Box.” Huh? Think about it. Now, with one fell swoop, these extremely savvy entrepreneurs, have totally eliminated their need for a separate commercial space of their own, have they not?

They also no longer have a need for various layers of hourly, and or salaried employees, who are constantly demanding more and more money and better benefits.

They still need their updated DVD movie inventory just like before, however, a major difference now, because they’ve dramatically reduced their ongoing, upfront out of pocket expenses.Have they not?

Yet they can still invest in the latest movies, without immediately having to raise the cost to their end user consumers.

And now, all they need is the one employee to occasionally service each unit, without the need for ongoing maintenance.

The consumers serve themselves. The money they save per month and annually, because they no longer have to lease the best commercial spaces, is saving them a bundle. Don’t you agree?

Of course they pay a monthly retail fee, and or a percentage of their daily, weekly and or gross profits, to the commercial retailers, where their units are placed.

But by in large, they have dramatically lowered their costs of doing business. don’t you agree?

In part two, you’ll discover even more practical ways, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, are able to dramatically lower their upfront out of pocket expenses, while simultaneously increasing their long term gross profits.

Does that sound like something you would be interested in learning more about? Great. See in just a little bit, in part two, okay? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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