How Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Rock Star Like Credibility!

  (Even Though They’re Just Starting Out And Aren’t Exactly A Household Name Just Yet!)

So how often have you thought about rolling out a potentially pricey advertising campaign of some kind? Because you know (all too well), whether you call it promotion, advertising and or marketing etc.

There are a ton of extremely talented entrepreneurs, (just like) yourself, who are fiercely competing, for your target audiences, extremely limited attention span and share of wallet, correct?

And to top things off, some of them rely heavily on various forms of (extremely) high profile celebrity endorsements, do they not? Which means, they invest some of their deep pocket corporate dollars, into buying major influence.

And where you’re currently at in your particular entrepreneurial journey, this is probably not a realistic option just yet, correct?

And besides, ‘what’ if you’re literally just starting out, and virtually nobody with any type of major influence, has a clue ‘who’ you are just yet. And your corporate dollars are pretty thin.  Does this particular scenario sound vaguely familiar?

So Who Else Wants To Know How Some Extremely Savvy Newbie Entrepreneurs Still Manage To Create Rock Star Like Credibility? (And How You Can Do It Too!)

By in large, when it comes to any type of professional service providing entrepreneurs, like a CPA and or CFP etc.You can’t blame the public for being a little fearful and hesitate, right?

Because a newly (and or) recently licensed CPA, who’s struck out on their own, really is fighting an up hill battle, are they not?

On the other, take a brand new, less recognized, independently owned retail appliance store. The general public, for the most part, is far less skeptical and or apprehensive, about doing business with them, don’t you agree?

So rather than fight this uphill battle, using semi outdated conventional, snails pace, results generating methods.Instead, let’s go old school, and see ‘how’ this extremely marketing, albeit semi resourced challenged CPA and or CFP, strategically get’s around, not being a household name in their local community yet.

But still manages to systematically build, some long term rock star like credibility. And ‘how’ you can too.

The Better You Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills The Faster They’ll Be Able To Support You!

So let’s say the extremely marketing savvy CPA, approaches a local, independently owned printer, who they routinely do business with.

And they offer to sponsor a free drawing, once every quarter, and or every 90 days or so. And the 1st grand prize is, $500 dollars worth of printing, which the grand prize winner can use in any combination they wish but they must do so, within four months (and or) 120 days of being declared the winner.

And they’re legally responsible for any printing costs above their $500 dollar credit.And more than likely, any grand 1st prize, at or above $500 dollars, is more than enough incentive, for your typical, small business owner, service provider and or startup entrepreneur, to enter the drawing.

And once every 90 days, (and or) thereabout, the printer and or staff, will decide, announce and notify that quarters grand 1st prize winner. Pretty standard stuff (so far) correct?

Thank Goodness There’s More Than One Way To Put Your Lead Generation Efforts On Steroids!

And of course, all the other quarterly runner ups, will receive (at least) two, extremely time sensitive secondary prizes worth X.Provided they joined the printers opt in email/mobile marketing list, and became an active part of the printers follow up process.

1.) First extremely time sensitive secondary prize: First, the printer will offer each runner up, one of their very best market tested, time sensitive discount coupon offers, valued at X.

Plus, they can automatically save an additional 10 (or X%) off, simply by providing the printer with (either) a written and or video testimonial. Video testimonials which can be uploaded to the printers youtube channel, receive a bigger incentive discount.

2.) Second extremely time sensitive secondary prize: Next, the CPA and or CPA, Accountant, and or whichever type of marketing savvy professional service provider, who is either 100% sponsoring, and or co-sponsoring the quarterly free drawings.

Obviously they (too) will provide one of their very best, market tested, extremely time sensitive, brand new first time customer only discount gift certificates and or coupons.

But with an extremely beneficial, marketing twist or two of course. Just like the highly influential source -testimonial video- which accompanies this particular blog post.Thanks Coach!

The extremely marketing savvy CPA will offer the first 25 (or X) number of small business owners and or service providers, who provide, (either) provide a written and or video testimonial, after they receive their free and or deeply discounted initial one on one, 60-90 minute power consultation session, normally valued at X.

Believe It Or Not Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Can Help You Build Rock Star Like Credibility!

So the marketing savvy CPA will instantly generate some rock star like credibility status, (and so will you!) even though they may be initially just starting out, and are extremely resourced challenged.

By offering this or other mark tested incentives, the marketing savvy professional service provider, can strategically leverage the participants in the free drawing, and use their local influence, to help mega boost the professionals cred.

The very same way, I was able to leverage my expert social media marketing coach, Janice Wald, of mostlyblogging.com fames online status, to establish rock star like cred in the eyes of other online visitors, who may not initially know ‘who’ I am!

I offered Janice the deluxe marketing consultant treatment, (during the hectic) holiday season,in exchange for her coveted testimonial. And we both won!And so can you!

So hopefully, you can now -much better- appreciate, ‘how’ some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, (who) truth told, are certainly no smarter than you!

Continuously create, rock star like credibility, even though they may be just starting out! Any questions?

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