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Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Combine Effective Lead Generation Strategies With Customer Service!

   (And Why You And I Definitely Should Too!)

So have you ever noticed, how some of the most marketing savvy entrepreneurs -currently- on the planet, often combine, some of their most effective, (and thereby) most profitable, lead generation strategies and or tactics, with top notch customer service?

In order to systematically increase their bottom line. And why you and I, especially as semi cash strapped -go getters, definitely need to follow their path, to proven prosperity.

After all, good ole fashion, problem solving customer service, is without a doubt, and will continue to be, one of you most effective and profitable marketing tools. Bar none.

So it only makes sense, for you and I, to constantly be on the look out, for some non traditional ways, of better serving our target audience.Don’t you agree?

So Who Else Wants To Know How And Why Some Extremely marketing Savvy Entrepreneurs Often Combine Some Of Their Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics With Top Notch Customer Service! (And Why You And I Definitely Should Too!)

Case in point, (entrepreneur), have you heard about one or the major grocery store chain managers, who personally okay ed, one of the stores most loyal, long term customers, who had inadvertently forgotten their wallet, to leave the store with over (get this!), $100 dollars worth o groceries!

And told by the manager(, when they found the time!), to simply either bring in a check or cash, directly to the customer service department, and pay the amount then!

Now I gotta ask you, where (pray tell!), do you think this particular customer, will do 95% or more, of their major grocery shopping from now on? Bingo! 😀

And how many times, over the years, do you think, they’ll repeat this particular story?Both on and off of social media. You so got that right!

How And Why Excellent Customer Service Are As Valuable As Some Of Your Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics!

Or what about this, (absolutely fabulous!), real world example, of top flight, over the top, go the extra mile or two, customer service!

A very well know, hotel developer, had a couple, staying in one of his sites most popular and expensive, penthouse suites.

When the on site manager became aware, the husband, had inadvertently forgot, one of his must take, daily medicines.

Since it was after hours, and all the local pharmacies were closed. The extremely fast thinking manager, asked if he could send one of his most trusted, assistant managers on duty, directly to the couples house, in order to obtain the medicine?

The net result is, who and or which major hotel chain, do you think this, rather well off couple, will not only be staying with in the near future?

But how often, while they’re socializing with other affluent couples and or individuals, do you think this example of top notch customer service will be repeated? Again, both on and off of social media!

Top Notch Customer Service Strategies And Or Tactics Is A Proven Way To Demonstrate Your Business And Or Services Entrepreneurial Skills!

So more than likely, you nor I, don’t currently own and or manage, a string of major hotels, correct?  😀 Nor do we currently run and or manage, a major grocery store chain, right?

This being the case.It’s still possibly, for you and I, to incorporate, some of these same, problem solving, lead generation strategies and or tactics, in order to steadily grow our businesses and or services.

Without wasting a small or large fortune, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising methods and or mediums etc.

For ex; (entrepreneur), right now! Somewhere in your local city and or town, (guess what?) Another profiting seeking vendor,whose non directly competing with you, definitely needs and or could use, some help with the following.

Believe It Or Not Some Of Your Very Best Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Can Help Other Non Directly Competing Vendors Increase Their Long Term Profits!

Case in point, there is (more than likely), a non directly competing company and or service, who could definitely increase their market share and or closing ratio, simply offering, one of your lower front end products, as a your to keep, no matter what, free bonus valued at X.

Simply for giving our product and or service a try. And or for renewing their annual subscription. And or for providing -either- a video and or audio testimonial.

And or, just for agreeing to set an initial, “No Obligations” appointment.Or for bringing a friend, whose at least 18 or 21 etc.

And or for, whatever your creative marketing juices, can conclude, would be extremely helpful and beneficial, to your specific target audience.

Maybe the vendor is sponsoring a series, of local free, offline 90-120 minute workshops, and at least one of your free, hard cover and or digital information goodies, could serve as a powerful incentive, to bring a semi qualified friend or two. 😀

Effectively Serving Others Is A Proven Lead Generation Strategy And Or Tactic!

And your arrangement is, you definitely get to offer, some type of list building lead magnet in the giveaway you provide, in order to start systematically building your very own, opt in email/mobile marketing list.

So is it finally starting to become crystal clear, how and why some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs (just like you!), routinely combine, some of their most effective lead generation strategies and or tactics, with top notch customer service strategies.

And why you and I definitely should too. Don’t you agree?

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