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Retail Selling Tips: How To Build A Sales Force When Your Cash Is Tight!

So it’s definitely, not a stretch to suggest, your resourced challenged small business and or service, does have, (from time to time), more than it’s fair share of cash flow challenges, correct?

Meaning, even if your current string of retail selling tips were to be implemented immediately, you may not have the ability, to either fund your promotional campaigns, right?

Or build a reliable sale force, how through rain or shine, will consistently help you get the word out.

Unless you’re seriously open to initially and inexpensively testing, some rather non traditional marketing strategies and or promotions. Let’s see if you truly are.

So Who Else Wants To Discover How Some Proven Retail Selling Tips Definitely Help You Build A Reliable Sales Force! (Especially If Your Money Is Extremely Tight!)

Case in point; let’s say your company/service, distributes high end, gourmet coffee and other extremely popular beverages.

Like namely, exotic teas, lemonades and or cocoas etc.And let’s say, one of your more exotic, and therefore expensive 10 lb. bags of gourmet coffee, typically retails for $69 dollars or X.

And you simply can’t keep it on the shelves and or in stock. Especially during the extremely cold winter months and the major holiday season.

And even though your ten pound bag, has a cool 40%, gross front end profit margin. You’re still rather reluctant, to spend an outrageous fortune on traditional advertising methods and mediums, in order to get and keep, a steady stream of first time customers,and repeat customers coming to your store.

(And or going to your state of the art WordPress website and or blog.)

The Right Market Tested Small Business Marketing Strategies Can And Will Give You The Edge!

So instead, you look around, initially for some non directly competing vendors, who also have, need and want direct access, to your same target group.

And you start negotiating various types of joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partnerships.

Say for ex; you’ll initially approach a local, rather upscale women-s clothing store boutique, and let both the owners and their staff, have free one-three pound samples-of their choice-, of any of your high end gourmet coffees and or teas etc.

In exchange, for the store owners, allowing you to set up a temporary booth, in their store(s), on one of their traditionally slowest days of the week and or parts of the year.

Who Says Other Local Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Best Customers Can’t Serve As Potential Lead Magnets!

Say, during the brutal cold winter months.Every Tuesday, your office, sets up a demo stand inside their store, and you (or your trained staff), personally brews and passes out, free large sample cups, of some of your very best tasting, gourmet coffee and or tea etc.

So as their extremely loyal customers make their way into their store, coming in out of the brutally cold winter air.

This extremely marketing savvy women- boutique store owner, offers their patrons, either warm cocoa, ice tea and or some extremely great tasting gourmet coffee. Pretty cool, right? πŸ˜€

Unexpected Ethical Bribes Definitely Help Improve Conversion Rates! (Do They Not?)

First of all, imagine their most loyal customers complete shock, because this will be totally unexpected, will it not?

So not only will these higher end, extremely loyal, repeat customers, be all over social media, spreading the word about their main purchases, but they’ll definitely mention and take photos and post some really cool videos and photos, about some of the great tasting beverages, on social media as well. Will they not? Count on it. πŸ˜€

Meanwhile, this goodwill, extended by the women-s boutique shop, definitely won’t be lost on their customers, will it? No way.

Are You Finally Ready To Take Your Lead Generation Strategies To The Very Next Level Or Two?

Which definitely means these extremely influential, high income earning local ladies, once they get back to their immediate, personal and professional circle of influence.

You know they won’t be keeping the boutiques generosity a secret very long, correct?Β  πŸ˜€

In part two, you’ll discover even more proven ways, for any serious entrepreneur, to benefit from some proven retail selling tips. So please hang on until then, okay?

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