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The Really Simple Way You Can Increase Sales Revenue!

   (Just like The Big Boys And Girls Consistently Do!)

So who (hopefully by now), hasn’t heard it said, at least a gazillion times or more, the real fortune, (in business), is in the follow up? Old news, is it not?

However, guess what isn’t old news? How to steadily increase sales revenue. Right? 😀  Let’s face the all too harsh reality cadets.

Without some real front and back end gross profits, being consistently generated along the way.

You and I, either have no real business, and or an outrageously expensive, time consuming hobby.Agreed? Yep.

But here’s the (potentially profitable) part, about systematically following up, with some of your ideal, prospects and customers.

It can either be way too hard, or extremely profitable, and relatively easy, with the right paid tools and or processes in place. Which out come, do or would you prefer? 😀 

So Who Else Wants To Know How To Increase Sales Revenue Just Like The Big Boys And Girls Do!

For this particular graphic marketing example,of some real money making, marketing triangulation. Let’s say you currently run a small, independently owned, single location bakery.

And you specialize in periodically creating, some non traditional, rather exotic, yet great tasting, gourmet pastries, muffins, bagels and or donuts etc.

And rumor has it, (all over) social media, your great tasting, exotic, lemonades, teas, coffees and cocoas, aren’t too shabby either.

Anyway, one of your daily missions, is looking for some (relatively) inexpensive, yet creative ways, to get the word out, about your great tasting muffins and pastries etc.

Because typically, once your primary female audience, gets a sample or two of your mouth watering creations. Typically, you can count on, if nothing else, the following two things taking place.

Your Proven Lead Generation Strategies Can Be An Extremely Helpful Front End For Other Non directly Competing Vendors And Or Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Case point, one day, while shopping, in a local, (fairly upscale), women-s clothing and boutique shop, only because you desperately want to purchase, a new (lower end) designer hand bag, for this upcoming wedding reception you and a relative plan on attending.

You notice, the vast majority of the women shopping there, are clearly upper income and are (already) extremely well dressed.

So you have a light bulb moment, and discover from the owner(s) of the business, they periodically sponsor, (about) once every 90 days or so, an extremely popular in house fashion show! 😀

Where the owners, hire local models, to come in, and showcase some of their very latest, higher end attire.Via an extremely popular in house fashion show.

And as you can well imagine, before the night is over, their cash register is working overtime.

A Series Of Carefully Planned Measures Can Definitely Increase Sales Revenue!

And much to your pleasant surprise, this particular, extremely marketing savvy vendor has their very own, opt in email list.Say what?

And to date, they have just over 2,500 local women on it, and it’s constantly growing! Largely due to their sponsoring, their monthly free drawing, where each month, one extremely lucky female entrant, wins an absolutely stunning designer evening gown.

Which normally retails for $850 dollars.

Plus, a beautiful designer hand bag, which normally retails for $400 dollars. This combined $1,250 dollar value, explains why this boutiques social media presence, is continuously soaring! Does it not? 😀

Here’s where your mouth watering muffins and pastries begin to come into play.

Who Says You Can’t Increase Sales Without Spending A Fortune On Outrageously Expensive Traditional Advertising And Or Promotional Methods!

You offer to provide, at least $500 dollars worth of free samples, of your great tasting exotic muffins, donuts,bagels, pastries, coffees and or teas, at the boutique stores future fashion show events!

Plus, you’ll gladly provide the boutique store owners, $50 dollars worth of your goodies, for free, once every other week, (or twice a month), in exchange for them consistently posting pictures and or short videos, plugging your goodies to their constantly growing youtube/social media audiences.

And when they agree, at leas three potential, long term money making outcomes, begin to happen for you.

1.) First: Since both the boutique store owner(s) and their professionally trained staff, are inexpensively being exposed to your mouth watering goodies, rest assured, a certain percentage of them, are bound to become, extremely loyal, long term repeat customers, who constantly sing your praises, to their immediate circle of influence.Right?  😀

You Can Definitely Increase Sales Revenue By Helping Other Non Directly Competing Vendors Improve Their Bottom Line!

 2.) Second: Next, since some of your most popular, not to mention, most expensive, mouth watering goodies, will be showcased (front and center!), to some of your cities, highest income earning women, from all walks of life and or careers etc.

You know, like clock work, a certain percentage of them, will be redeeming, some of your very best, market tested, extremely time sensitive, new customer only, discount coupons.Will they not?  😀

Which means, from this one local source alone, about every 90 days or so, if not sooner.

You’ll be experiencing, a steady influx, of brand new, first time customers, many of whom, not only have influence within their immediate circle of influence, but within the outer, local community as well! 😀

Which means entrepreneur, when she says, “you simply have to try Carol’s house of goodies.” Guess what? People will. And some of them (no doubt!), will become,extremely loyal,  long term repeat customers!

Your Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies Have The Potential Of Creating Multiple Streams Of income!

3.) Third: As these new (primarily), local female customers, courtesy of the women-s boutique clothing and accessories shop, get properly exposed to your great tasting goodies.

Rest assured, as the major holidays , birthdays,wedding anniversaries, high school and college graduations roll around, some of these ladies will most definitely want, to celebrate these and other memorable events, with some great tasting pastries, donuts and or muffins etc.

Will they not? Any ideas, who their most likely to turn to, when they do?  😀 Bingo!

In part two, it will (most definitely) become crystal clear, how some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, increase sales revenue even more!

So please stay tuned until then. Okay? See you in just a little bit.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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  1. Brilliant strategy Mark! I could visualize the whole thing as I was reading your post and I can definitely see what an advantage a partnership like this would be for both partners. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Are You Ready To Get Off The Happiness Treadmill?My Profile


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