entrepreneurial ideas

How Some Really Simple Entrepreneurial Ideas Generate At Least 300% Better Results!

 (Over And Over Again!)

So when was the last time, (please) be brutally honest here. So when was the last time, any of your original and or re-vamped entrepreneurial ideas, actually generated, at least 300% better results.

And continue to do so, whether you invest any additional money and or resources in them or not.

Entrepreneur, is the possibility of this occurring, not interesting?  😀 You bet.

Quick reality check. What proven marketing strategies, tactics and or processes, have you recently put in place, to facilitate this happening? And if not, why not?

Oh BTW, you don’t have to put some proven, low hanging fruit marketing strategies and or tactics in place, which generate the high end results.

Meaning, what if, what you initially put in place, only generates a paltry 13.73% return. This beats a blank, does it not?  😀 Absolutely.

Besides, (everyone), including you, has to start somewhere, correct?  😀 You’d better hurry up and know it. So let’s have a closer look, shall we?

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Know How Some Really Simple Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Consistently Generate At Least 300% Better Results!

Case in point, (entrepreneur) you do realize and fully appreciate, there are some market tested strategies, which you can basically lay the proper foundation for, and pretty much set and forget them.

And simply by the way you structure things, they will consistently work for you, for years and years to come. And constantly generate tons, of free, future marketing leverage,of varying degrees.

Case in point, let’s start with a semi abstract example, then slowly work backwards, to hopefully, help you develop, the proper-long term- marketing perspective.

Take an extremely popular network -cable- TV show, which showcases, real life “who done it” type of themes. Take you pick, right?  😀

Anyway, the network-s spend X amount of dollars to create these, incredibly popular, 30- 120 minute shows.

And yet, over the years, they can -literally- repeat the exact same show over the years, without changing a single thing, yet still earned millions of dollars, in new and ongoing ad revenue.

You Do realize Your Current Lead Generation Strategies Hold Part Of The Keys To Your Long Term Success! (Right?)

Can you -truly- appreciate the long term marketing leverage, fro the last example? Great.Now let’s walk things back just a bit. Because after all, at least 99.99% of us, (myself included!), are no network cable TV execs, right?  😀

Perhaps just like me, you have your very own, self hosted, WordPress blog and or website.And you either create some extremely targeted, “how to” problem solving content, on your own blog.

And or (like me!), you also occasionally, do some strategic guest blogging, in order to inexpensively increase your exposure.

Case in point,since I occasionally guest blog, on one of my Coach & Mentors blog, this being, Gail Gardner of growmap.com fame.

Gail-s blog, helps small business owners, service providers and or entrepreneurs in general, become more successful. And since her blog definitely ranks much higher than mine! It only makes sense, I (or you!) occasionally leverages her audience, which pretty much my ideal target market too. Don’t you agree?

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies Offer Tons Of Long Term Marketing Leverage!

Take a look the screenshot images below. The first one, is a screenshot image, of a blog post, I originally published on Gail-s blog, in October 2016.

And guess what? It’s still being found and new eyeballs, are leaving valuable comments,(feedback) for me to respond to in 2018. 😀


How Some Really Simple Entrepreneurial Ideas Generate At Least 300% Better Results!

And this next screenshot image, is one of my videos, which is embedded in the post.

entrepreneurial ideas

How Some Really Simple Entrepreneurial Ideas Generate At Least 300% Better Results!

Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Can Definitely Leverage Hidden Assets You May Not Totally Realize You Have Access And Or Control Over!

First o all, a certain percentage of brand new eyeballs, (potential) opt in email and or RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) subscribers, may result, after discovering my (or your!)guest blog post, correct? Absolutely. 😀

And a certain percentage of these new eyeballs, will most definitely watch my youtube video, plus share the guest post on their social media channels, right?

Plus watch and share my video.Some will decide to start visiting my blog, and eventually, some of them, will either decide to join my opt in email list.

Or join my RSS feed, or purchase some of my paid consulting services and or purchase some of my affiliate products.

entrepreneurial ideas

How Some Really Simple Entrepreneurial Ideas Generate At Least 300% Better Results!

And all of this future, perpetual activity, is a direct result, of some guest blog posts, created several years ago! 😀

Entrepreneur, I gotta ask you, do your paid “solo” ad and or paid TV, radio and or local newspaper ad campaigns, offer this type of, proven money making marketing leverage.Ever?

I didn’t think so. 😀 So can you now, better appreciate, how some really simple entrepreneurial ideas, consistently generate, at least 300% better results!

Without you (or I), having to invest an additional nickel of money and or sweat equity! Great.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can

apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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