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How To Really Give Your Email Marketing Campaigns The Ultimate Insiders Edge!Part Two

So did you notice in part one of this ongoing series, by consistently implementing proven email marketing  strategies, and or tactics etc.

They can and definitely will, give (you) and or your major competitors, the ultimate insiders edge.Don’t you agree?

In part two, you are about to discover, at least three more battlefield tested email marketing strategies, you can and should implement asap.

And by doing so, your small business, and or service can gradually move to the very next level or two.

Keep in mine entrepreneur, it’s not natural, nor is it  realistic, to expect your businesses gross profits to skyrocket, the moment you make (implement), small incremental changes.

However, given a reasonable amount time, testing, tracking and tweaking, your overall results, will most certainly improve.Which means, your bank accounts bottom line, will most definitely improve as well!

And that’s what we’re all striving for, correct? That said, let’s take a closer look at these three additional, (ninja) style marketing tips, (in order to) take your email marketing campaigns, to the very next level or two!

Who Else Wants To Discover How To Give Your Email Marketing Campaigns The Ultimate Insiders Edge!

Before diving head long into these three additional, market tested email marketing strategies, which will definitely help take your business, and or service to the very next level (or two.) Ladies & gentlemen, (please) don’t forget, as you begin systematically implementing, testing and tracking your results, (be mindful) only to institute one change at a time.

This way, as you closely track your results, you will have a much better idea, which singular change, actually led to an increase, and or decrease, in your overall results.

And remember, steady (meaningful) incremental changes over time, are far more likely to lead to the ultimate (positive) results you seek!

That said, here are three more additional, (ninja type) email marketing strategies, and or tactics, you can, (and definitely should) add to your long term email marketing campaigns.

(Important note: Remember, there is an extremely good chance, the vast majority of your major competitors, have little or no clue about these types of (ninja style) email marketing strategies, and or tactics etc.So you don’t have to be in an all out rush, in order to try and implement all of them by next Tuesday!)

These Three Proven Email Marketing Strategies Definitely Tip The Scales In Your Favor!

1.) Why you should A/B split test this: Don’t (you dare) ask why!But entrepreneur, there have been a ton  of carefully monitored test, by some extremely deep pocketed, and very sophisticated online marketers, who routinely earn tens of millions of dollars annually!

And since, (they too) use various types of, market tested sign up forms, on their (mobile responsive) WordPress blogs, and or websites etc.

Their tests results, (along with) many other reputable online sources, confirm, you may wanna try offering one opt in form/lead capture page, displaying a relevant image of some kind, and one without!This of course, after you have discovered your winning copy!

That being said, these tests have proven, (beyond) a reasonable shadow of a doubt.Under the right circumstances, a sign up form with a relevant image of some kind, (even if) the image is of an extremely attractive female, showing off her god given curves!

In some instances, (certainly not) all, the sign up form with the relevant image, often edges out, a sign up form with just persuasive copy alone!But you gotta test (and track), in order to be sure, which option your specific target audience actually prefers!

Strategic Email Marketing Strategies Help Reduce Your Overall Risk! (And Lower Your Costs!)

2.)  Why you should A/B split test this: The other component you definitely wanna A/B split test is, (trying to decide), whether your particular audience, prefers much small number ( comparisons), vs, stating the exact same thing (numerically speaking), simply by using larger numbers.

For ex: You can state, 3 out of 4 (local) dentists, surveyed in your particular area, preferred product, and or service X!

As opposed to stating, 75% of local dentists surveyed in your particular area, preferred product and or service Y!While (mathematically speaking), both numerical values are exactly the same!

(Entrepreneur), you can’t ever know for sure, until you test and track your results , which way of expressing it, actually plays to your particular audience best!

3.)  Why you should A/B split test this: Here’s the other thing, if (like yours truly), you currently use the “light box” sign up form feature, from your paid email service provider.

You can (and definitely) should be systematically using (good old) A/B split tested copy, to help you decide, which persuasive copy, appeals to your target audience the most.

(Some of you -frequent return visitors) may have noticed, I’m currently in the process of A/B split testing, my two “light box” opt in forms.)

Friends, systematically implementing, and tracking the battlefield tested, email marketing strategies, and tactics, you’ve just been exposed to, in this (straight forward) two part series, can (and definitely will), give you and or your major competitors, email marketing campaigns, the ultimate insiders edge!Don’t you agree?

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below)
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2 Responses to How To Really Give Your Email Marketing Campaigns The Ultimate Insiders Edge!Part Two
  1. Hi Mark,

    I love email marketing and have done very well from it.

    But I have to admit that I’m not so good on the testing side of things. To be frank, I’m a lazy tester. I work mainly with creativity and instincts. Bad me.

    You are right, of course. A/B testing is important – because it enables marketers to sort the good from the bad.

    Thanks for the reminder, Mark

    Kim Willis would love for you to read..The Fine Art of Directed ConversationMy Profile


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