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How To Really Give Your Email Marketing Campaigns The Ultimate Insiders Edge!

   (Without Having To Spend A Ton Of Money!)

So (hopefully) you don’t have a problem,discovering, how to systematically go about growing your business, and or service, while strategically using some proven email marketing (risk reduction) tactics, to help you do so, right?

I mean, it’s okay for you to simultaneously lower your overall cost to do business, while you increase, (both) your short and long term profits, correct? Good! I just wanted to be sure.

Because believe it or not, there are some (extremely) dedicated, hard working entrepreneurs among us, who can’t seem to grasp, how they can actually generate more gross profit, while lowering (both) their risk and cost, while they do so!

Hopefully, after reading this particular blog post, that particular concern, will no longer be an issue!

So What Exactly Can Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Do Right Now In Order To Give Their Email Marketing Campaigns The Ultimate Insiders Edge?

Actually there are several things, you can and definitely should do!However, in order to start you off and to get your creative marketing mind moving in the right direction.Let’s just start with the following five things!

And you can (and definitely) should be able, to keep the email marketing (ball) rolling from there!

Sadly, most of your major competitors, don’t fully realize, (and or appreciate) “how” strategic email marketing strategies, potentially gives you or your major competitors businesses, the ultimate insiders edge!

Case in point: let’s take the (hypothetical case) of two competing, (Mom & Plop) family owned, local pet stores of equally comparable size.

Each located, at separate ends of the city/town, and both offer outstanding customer service!Company (A.) is strictly old school, when it comes to consistently implementing any type of pro-active, battlefield tested marketing strategies and or tactics etc!

Meaning, they currently do not have a WordPress blog and or website! And the only social media marketing, they occasionally do, is to post a few announcements on their businesses (Facebook) fan page!

The Right Email Marketing Strategies Can Offer A Potential 300% Or Better Rate Of Return On Your Hard Invested Dollars!

On the other hand, company (B.) absolutely has a decided edge, because they readily embrace, the vast majority, of the available marketing tools, strategies and or tactics, at their disposal!

Case in point; company (A.) still insists on mailing out, at least four times a year, their (tried and true) one sided, snail mail post cards, to their (one time and repeat) 1,500 plus customer base, (give or take), they’ve successfully managed to generate, (just over) the last seven years!

Ladies & gentlemen, (do a rough calculation) of what 1,500 single sided (snail mail) posts cards cost them, to type set and mail, four times a year!

And they’ve been repeating this exact same marketing strategy, for the last seven years!(and of course, their ongoing cost to do so, has constantly risen over the years!) This is much needed capital, constantly flowing out of their business/service like a river!

Now contrast that to what pro-active marketing company (B.) does, in order to consistently remain in contact, with their (roughly) 1,500 plus customer base!

Company (B.) prepares an email message, both pre written, and periodic (broadcast( unprepared) email marketing messages!They push a button, and because they have their email lists segmented, only those customers interested in this particular type of promotion, and or offer, receive the messages!

And in order to do so, company (B.) only pays one set price per month!And yes, even though their cost per month gradually increases, after their subscriber list initially reached 501, and then again when it reached 2,501 opt in subscribers!It’ still a whole cheaper than paying for 1,500, typeset snail mail posts cards and or letters!

Which means, even if their email campaign, only generates a one percent response rate!Fifteen customers, still (either) came into company (B.)’s store or visited their website and made a purchase! (1,500 x 01% = 15 paying customers.)

And if they averaged $38 dollars each, that equates to $570 dollars in gross profits! (15 x $38 =$570 in gross profits.) It’s highly doubtful, a one percent response rate, on their snail mail (post card) mailing, will gross enough to be profitable! ( Now on to the really good stuff!)

A/B Split Testing Is One O Your Email Marketing Campaigns Most Potent And Effective Marketing Tools!(If You’ll Bother To Use It!)

So let’s (quickly) get into the (bare bones minimum), five things, you can and should A/B split test, in order to discover, which proven email marketing strategies, give your business and or service, the ultimate insiders edge!

(Important note: Remember, your major competitors, have no clue about this part of strategic email marketing!)

1.) Why you should A/B split test this: There seems to be this (constant) never ending debate, about whether or not, your opt in (sign up), free lead magnet offer, should ask for, (both) the visitors first name and primary email address. Or just the primary email address?

Rather than speculate, (entrepreneur) simply create two separate opt in boxes (sign up) forms, on two separate pages of your WordPress website and or blog etc.One offer asking for both, the other opt in form asking for just one, and let your particular (target) audiences response, guide and direct your future actions! (In other words, when in doubt, test and track!)

 2.) Why you should A/B split test this: If you’re not totally sure, (whether) your target audience, is more swayed, by the total number of days, your free video boot camp series lasts.

Or if they’re more swayed, by the number of free template cheat sheets you could offer. Set up two separate sign up forms, and in short order, the mystery will be solved!

Think Of Testing As One Way To Strategically Lower The Risk Of Your Small Business!

Any type of ongoing strategic testing, be it for your on or offline business and or service, is a low cost, modified “risk reduction” tool!

Because once you discover which particular element of your marketing campaign isn’t working!You simply eliminate it altogether!Thereby reducing your future cost and further reducing risks!

3.) Why you should A/B split test this: Next, should your opt in (sign up form) button, merely say “click here now!” Or should yo go with the words “instant access!” Or just “submit.”Don’t know for sure!

Rest assured, your target market is more than willing to supply the answer!

 4.) Why you should A/B split test this: Should your WordPress blog/website, only have an inline form (style) opt in box? (Meaning a form that’s built into the page it’s located on.)

Or should you only use a pop up/over style opt in offer, and not have an inline opt in form offer, in the upper right hand corner of your blog or website? Again, I absolutely no clue, about what your specific target audience prefers and or will favorably respond to!Why not present both and let the chips fall where they may!

Just like the ultimate insiders do!

 5.) Why you should A/B split test this:  And finally, (ladies & gentlemen) should your “buy button” and or sign up form button, be yellow, green, really bright orange and or red etc!

(Entrepreneur!) Who are you asking! I couldn’t begin to tell you! For the record! I’m merely a direct response, small business/service provider, marketing consultant!Not a psychic!

Or should your sign up form say ” sign up now” or something more pro-active? Dunno! But a few simple A/B split test, may give you some much more reliable answers!That said, are you starting to appreciate, how and why a few simple, strategic changes, can and definitely will give your email marketing campaigns, a decided edge!

Just like the ultimate insiders! I hope so!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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