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How To Raise The Value Of Your Business Without Venture Capitalist!

  (Just Like Some Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners

And Or Service Providers Do!)

So it’s really no secret, that most resourced challenged, small business owners and or service providers, would love to have an infusion of cash, to help them systematically grow their business, right?

And truth told, most Mom & pop small business owners/service providers, simply do not qualify for any type of traditional venture capitalist help.

Because the way their businesses are currently structured, the appreciable, long term growth potential, simply isn’t alluring enough for these Wall St. savvy money moguls, to want to get in involved, in a major way.

However, all is certainly not lost. Because your small business and or service, can actually implement some rather basic, (yet proven) marketing strategies and or tactics, which will definitely help you increase the overall value of your business, even if you can’t quite qualify, for some traditional venture capitalist help.

So Who Else Wants To Know How To Strategically Raise The Overall Value Of Your Business And Or Service Without Having To Rely On Wall Street Savvy Venture Capitalist!

For this this particular, (hypothetical) marketing example. Let’s say you currently run a fairly successful, Mom & pop hair (and or) nail salon.

BTW, even though a nail or hair salon example is being used, (strictly) to convey, the overall marketing strategies and or tactics etc.

You feel free to substitute, any type of profit seeking entity, which further helps crystallize the marketing concepts  and or strategies in your mind.

This said, rather than you rely solely on your current -word of mouth or mouse, promotional budget. Instead, you decide to monetize all of the ongoing effort, and tangible and intangible resources, you’ve invested in your venture thus far.

Your Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service Has Far More Value Than You Probably Give It Credit For!

Case in point, you originally invested in renting/leasing a commercial location, in order to open your salon, correct?

And you also invested in the state of the art, ongoing equipment,in order to run the business/service, right?

And over the years, both you and your current and former hair/nail stylist, provided the ongoing customer service, in order to nurture and systematically grow, your current clientele, did you not?

And if any other, directly and or non directly competing vendor/entrepreneur, were to attempt to build a customer/repeat customer base, similar to yours, they may actually have to invest, at least what you have to this point, if not far more, correct?  😀

So clearly, there’s something to be said, and some type of monetary value, to be placed on all of you ongoing sweat equity. Don’t you agree? Bingo!

You Can And Definitely Should Make Your Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics An Entirely Separate Profit Center Or Two!

Case in point, since your hair and o nail salon, is made up of local women, who you know, love to have some eye catching bling, (designer jewelry) to go along, with their fancy hairdo-s and or freshly pained nails, correct?

This is why, it only makes since, for you to initially reach out, to a local jeweler or two, whose doesn’t necessarily want to continue to invest, upwards of $10,000 -$20,000 dollars per month, (and far more!), during the extremely hectic, year end holiday season. 😀

Instead, provided you can demonstrate to them, “why” it definitely makes far more economic sense, for them to (initially) anyway, divert some of their traditional advertising and or promotional dollars, into some less traditional marketing strategies and or tactics.

And by doing so, systematically and inexpensively create, some first time customers, who ultimately convert, into some long term, extremely loyal, repeat customers.

For virtually pennies on the dollar.

The Right Market Tested Small Business Marketing Strategies Can Greatly Increase The Overall Value Of Your Business and Or Service!

Obviously, one of the main reasons, a local, non directly competing vendor, would seriously decided to either joint venture (JV) and or cross promotion with you, by funding 80-100% of your ongoing marketing costs.

Is primarily because, the total lifetime customer value metric of the jewelers, ideal female customer, in your particular area, is somewhere between, $7,500 -$13,000 dollars over the next five to seven year period.(Give or take.)

This being the case, the jeweler, can very easily afford to help you generate, at least 25-40% more, initial first time customers. For literally pennies on the dollar.Using some rather basic, (albeit) proven word of mouth and mouse, generating marketing tips and or strategies.

Sadly Most Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Are Completely In The Dark In Terms Of What They Bring To The Table!

This being the case, you advice the jeweler, to sponsor (pay for) your monthly free drawing, where each month, one extremely lucky lady, wins $1,000 dollars worth hair an or nail salon services credit!

And they have have exactly one year, from the day the are notified of being the winner, to use their $1,000 dollar credit, in any combination they wish to.  😀

But, (as you might have) guessed and or anticipated. 😀  All 99% of the runner ups, automatically save, 30% off, any service over X.

Plus, the monthly monthly winners, (at least) three times a year. Also get to order two large cheese pizzas, and at least 25 buffalo wings, and one liter of soda of their choice, at the hair and or nail salon owners expense! 😀 (When in reality, the hair or nail salon owner, simply gets reimbursed by the extremely marketing savvy jeweler. 😀

You Can Most Definitely Sell Your Lead Generation Expertise To Other Competitive Vendors Located Outside Your Immediate Area!

Because (guess what?) Every month, all 99% of the runner ups, will also be invited, to join the jewelers opt in email/ mobile marketing list, in order to enter the jewelers, free monthly drawing, for their chance, to win a beautiful $3,500 dollar diamond studded necklace.

Plus, all the runner ups, will get a $25 dollar grocery store gift certificate, plus automatically save 20% (or X% off) their very first purchase, but they can automatically be eligible, to save an additional 15%, just for bringing a friend, (potential) first time customer with them, whose at least 18 years of age. 😀

This is just a very small sample, of how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, increase the overall value of their business and or service, without having to rely, of fancy Wall Street venture capitalist. And how you and I can too! Don’t you agree?

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