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A Potentially Profitable Marketing Lesson Your Small Business Can Learn From Network TV!

So ladies & gentlemen, (by chance) do you happen to have any favorite network TV shows of any kind, you absolutely love to watch? (Even the re-runs!)

And if so, did you ever think (for one second), network TV, could play a major role, in sparking your future creative content marketing juices going forward?

And therefore help your struggling, resourced challenged small business and or service, take a really giant step, towards eliminating altogether, (and or) greatly reducing, the current effort and energy, you constantly expend, trying to find new inspiration, for your problem solving,’how to’ content commitments.

It sounds a little bit far fetched now, but (please) hang on entrepreneur,because you’re about to discover, a major content creation strategy, network TV execs -successfully- use over and over again!

To not only entertain their millions of viewers, but to also generate -literally- billions of dollars in annual advertising and licensing revenues as well! Is that not interesting? 

Who Else Wants To Discover A Potentially Profitable Marketing Lesson Your Cash Starved Small Business And Or Service Can And Definitely Should Learn From Network TV Executives!

Entrepreneur, you’ve definitely heard the marketing/advertising term “spin” before, have you not?

Well, in the following real world examples, (please!) take notice, of ‘how’ extremely well compensated, multi millionaire network TV execs,(and extremely well paid!) advertising gurus and guruettes!

Literally take an initial hit cable TV show and -literally- spin it a gazillion different ways, to create other semi, to outright successful spin off 30 or 60 minute shows, and make a ton of money, selling outrageously expensive advertising spots.

(And extremely lucrative) syndication and licensing rights revenue generating opportunities, to other companies and marketers, who are desperate to get their products and services, in front of certain key demographics!

But the main point, which is (not to be!) discounted and or overlooked is, ‘how’ these extremely marketing savvy network TV and advertising gurus and guruettes,literally take a hit cable TV show, and parlay the overall content of the show, into a multi billion dollar a year advertising goldmine!

And ‘how’ you and I, can and definitely should, apply their exact same proven formula, to our future, content creation challenges!

How Network TV Execs Use Their Entrepreneurial Skills To Create A Ton Of Future Hit TV Shows! (And Sell A Fortune Of Advertising Spots While They Do So!)

Case in point; ladies & gentlemen, are you familiar with the now syndicated, (former ) hit cable TV show “Forensic Files?” Believe it or not, that initial hit, 30 minute show, has literally been responsible, for an ongoing outbreak of various “who done it” time type of theme based -mystery solving- shows, which range from 30 minutes to one hour.(And more! 😀 )

(And get this!) They are in reality, nothing more than the original episode from FF, spun into a whole new story, (with the exact same outcome mind you!) just told, from an entirely different,unique perspective or two!

For ex: take a look at the various, brand new, hit network, cable TV shows, which basically took their lead from “FF”, and simply re-packaged the original story, and thus, created, a brand new, hit cable TV show in the process, which varies in length, from 30-60 minutes, where they sell millions of advertising spots on!

1.) Murder In Paradise.2.) UnRaveled. 3.) Blood Relatives. 4.) Married With Secrets. 5.) Murder Comes To Town. 6.) Swamp Murders. 7.) Web of Lies. 8.) I Would Kill For You. 9.) Dateline 20/20. 10.) The Perfect Murder. 11.) The Truth Is Stranger Than Florida!12.) Next Of Kin. Just to name a few!

Entrepreneur, all of these “who done it” type of -so called- murder mystery shows, derive at least some, or most of their origins, from the original source, which was “Forensic Files!”

But some pretty marketing savvy network TV execs, simply took the overall basic premise, and created entirely new-who actually done it- type shows, but told them from various unique perspectives!

So What Potential Marketing Lesson(s) Can Your Extremely Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service Possibly Learn From Extremely Savvy Network TV Execs?

Simply this! Learn “how to” creatively spin the current content you have of various kinds.

And or creatively spin (not plagiarize!) the non competing marketers content, which is relevant to your target audience as well!

Case in point. Ladies & gentlemen, (please!) take notice of the partial screenshot image below. It’s a partial image of my account.

And even though I literally haven’t posted any new content to it in years! And even though I have already used the 125 hubs (articles), to generate a ton of brand new blogging, and or ‘how to’ video ideas! In reality! I haven’t even scratched the creative, content generation surface! 😀

Because, I (or you!)could literally write parts 2 & 3 of each hub, and that one proven strategy alone, would mean, I could potentially generate, at least another 250 blog posts! Which of course, have the opportunity to (either), eventually rank on Google, or some major search engines 1st or second page.

Plus, be converted into follow up opt in email messages! And or developed into a special report or two, or maybe a one to five page cheat sheet kit,(which) can then either be used as a special free incentive bonus or bonuses, valued at X!(Right?)


A Potentially Profitable Marketing Lesson Your Small Business Can Learn From Network TV!

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Are Probably Far More Developed Than You Currently Give Yourself Credit For!

Or sold (outright) as stand alone paid ebooks, and or used to create paid e-courses.Or (if you really) want to go to the next level or two!They can also be strategically used, as free list building lead magnets, or as free Google Hangout webinar material!

In essence, just like the creative network execs, consistently spin old, former hit shows, into brand new advertising and license revenue generating hit shows!

Why not take a page out of their proven marketing playbook, and do the same!Hopefully, you can see the long term, potential profitability in doing so, correct?

My friend, that’s just an extremely small sample, of a potentially profitable marketing lesson, your severely cash starved, and resource challenged small business and or service, can and definitely should learn from some extremely marketing savvy, network TV executives! Don’t you agree?

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2 Responses to A Potentially Profitable Marketing Lesson Your Small Business Can Learn From Network TV!
  1. You always get my mind to spinning Mark. 🙂 I’ve got a ton of content stored in various places and you’ve inspired me to look at that resource from a whole new perspective. Thanks, as always, for lighting a fire under my imagination!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..How Your Environment Influences YouMy Profile

    • Likewise M!LOL!

      Although truth told, very few of us can do it quite as eloquently as you
      my dear!LOL!

      But alas, we’ll keep trying!LOL!Thanks as always,for your
      extremely kind words of encouragement!

      You have to admit, those network TV execs, are leveraging the
      heck out of those seed hit TV shows, and simply spinning the winning concepts to
      no freaking end!LOL!

      And selling a ton of prime time ad spots while and as they do so!LOL!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! And I can’t wait
      to see the type of things you come up with!LOL!
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