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How to Make Your Online Content Go Mega Viral! ( Just Like A Sex Scandal In Washing D.C! Part One)

Remember the last time you heard an extremely funny joke for the very first  time ?

And remember how hard you laughed the first couple of times you heard it?

Even though each time you heard it, it was told slightly different.

Do you also remember how natural that it felt each time you repeated it?

And how natural the anticipated reaction was from those who (also laughed)

hysterically the first time they heard it too.

You’ll Get Tons Of Free Viral Marketing Leverage When You Help Your Audience Solve Their Problems..

Well guess what?  Great content (that is) which really zeroes in on and focuses

on helping to solve or, address a major concern or issue for your specific target audience (

your tribe if you will),  can and will get that exact same viral treatment, if you focus on really

helping your audience first and foremost!

Remember Your Emotional Reaction To The Last Great Movie That You Saw?…

How many times have seen a really great movie and went back to your immediate circle of

influence and started singing the movies praises?

Remember how enthusiastic you were when you explaining the movies most gripping scenes.

Think about the incredible (low cost) and highly effective marketing leverage that this type of recommendation generates for a moment.

Positive Word Of Mouth Or Mouse Goes Viral Very Quickly…

You are spreading (via) powerful word of mouth or mouse, a positive marketing message.

And even though you or I may not have the same reach or effect as Oprah, your positive thumbs up comments,

within your immediate circle of influence carries a lot of weight, just the same!

So The $64K Dollar Question Becomes How Do You Go About Strategically Cashing In On

Other Peoples Positive Word Of Mouth Advertising?

That my friend is the simple part. You just make sure that your marketing message(s), ( no matter)

what  form it may take; be it opt in email/mobile marketing, pod casting, how to videos, special reports, ebooks;

tele-seminars and or webinars etc; really focuses on over delivering true value to them.


Does Your Marketing Message?

Focus on truly helping your target audience solve their main problems! If it does your target

audience will do the rest!

They will forward your emails, retweet your twitter posts, they’ll recommend you to their colleagues and both

of you will benefit!

Here Is A Simple Three Step Process To Help Your Content Go Viral For Peanuts…

Step 1.) Google your product or services five main keywords and research the websites/blogs of at least

your  three main competitors that appear on the first page of Google/Yahoo for both the organic (free)

and sponsored (paid )links.

If they  have a FAQ page (frequently asked questions) , you’re looking for a major theme of at

least five main concerns that constantly plaque your target audience.

Step 2.) After you uncover some type of recurring theme or main issue or topic that constantly

torments your target audience for your specific niche (specialty). Your next step is to

create some powerful, low cost free lead generating ‘how to’ information product or service, which

you can offer to them via your WordPress website and or blog, or by way of your special lead capture  page(also referred to as a squeeze page) in exchange for their opt in email/mobile contact info.

This process is also sometimes referred to as permission marketing, because your visitor has to opt in,

or sign up, (give you) permission to contact them via email or offline direct mail of some kind, be it a post card or an enveloped direct sales letter of some kind.

In any event, your ongoing  contact with them was approved by them, so you’re not cold calling them or worst yet,

you’re not sending unsolicited email, commonly referred to as the dreaded spam mail!

So They Will Be Far More Receptive To Any And All Future Contact From You.( No Matter What Form That It May Take.)

Step 3.) This next next proven marketing concept, is incredibly crucial because it’s going to set the tone (and in all likely hood) will determine how receptive they are to all future correspondence from you! So listen up and take heed!

Pretend for a moment that you currently charge a whopping $1,000.00 dollars per hour for

private, one hour long consultations. And that you also have a three hour minimum.

So typically you consult privately one on one, starting at $3,000.00 dollars for, three hours minimum.

Sound good?

Would You Charge A Respected Family Relative Or Close Friend Of The Family For Your Expertise?

Now lets suppose that a highly respected relative or an extremely close

or dear friend of the family sought you out to get your advice in your particular specialty.

And lets further suppose that you consulted with them for just one hour. But you did not charge

them your normal $1,000.00 dollar fee.

Here is the $64k question. Would you still give them as much value as if they had paid you for it?

If your answer is yes! And hopefully it was, then you are definitely on the right track!

Do You Really Want Your Content To Viral For Peanuts?

Because that my friend, is what will cause your powerful free problem solving ‘how to’ solution

oriented marketing materials to go viral!

When you simply share your powerful insights,via your ‘how to’ articles, interviews, special reports, podcasts etc;

without expecting anything in return upfront!

Just like you would for a trusted, respected relative or close friend of the family, that type of non sales hyped marketing material will cause an avalanche of positive word of mouth buzz.

And will cause your content to go viral and put your marketing efforts on steroids! Guaranteed!


Step 4.) By simply applying this mega proven three step marketing model, you will tap into your target markets never ending desire for proven ‘how to’ solutions.

And your five major competitors via their FAQ pages will indirectly supply you with a never ending source of valuable content to attract, and convert your best prospects into long term paying customers and clients!

And position you as a both a leader and go to expert in your specific niche for peanuts! That’s win/win, don’t you agree?

Your (Must Complete) Homework Assignment:

Go research at least three of your main competitors sites that appear on Google’s/Yahoo’s first page

(as a result) of your keyword selection and if they have a FAQ page;create (or start working on) a powerful free lead generating ‘how to’ special report and or  conduct a 60 -90 minute interview with another up and coming expert in your particular industry.

Or create an an going series of at least three (Parts 1-3) 350-700 word articles that address your niche markets major concerns and or issues and start driving traffic to your site (preferably) your lead capture page and exchange your powerful free lead generating information for their email contact information; in order to start building your very own highly responsive subscriber base (your own list).

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