31Jul 2011


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So How Does A Struggling Cash Starved Small Business Computer Repair Business Owner Increase Their Profits By At Least 25% Even During A Crushing Recession? Part One

The following case study is for illustration purposes only.

Introducing Three Incredibly Brain Dead Simple Ways To Increase Your Computer Repair Business Customer Base By At Least 25% In The Next 180 Days Or Less!

Ladies & Gents you are about to be exposed to a rare insiders look at how an actual small business owner, (who by the way) just happens to be a real consulting client.

And how quickly you (and or) your major competitors,can begin to build their/your long term profits by, simply by inexpensively, and strategically targeting a previously untapped segment of his (and or your) current customer base.

(Note: As you read and study text book, hypothetical marketing example, try to see and concentrate on the overall marketing concepts that are being conveyed, and not just the specific ‘how to’ examples! Otherwise you’ll limit your true, long term profit possibilities.)

Does Your Small Business Really Have To Suffer Simply Because Of A Prolonged Nagging Recession?

First off, you should probably know that even without strategically utilizing any of the non traditional “think outside the box” marketing secrets and strategies that you’re going to be exposed to on this particular blog.

This hard driving  entrepreneur has still managed to open and, currently manages three successful offline computer repair stores! So he’s no stranger to success or proven sales and marketing strategies!

However, (that being said), the fact remains that if he can become this successful without employing any of the the three powerful long range marketing strategies that you are about to be exposed to.

You can only imagine how much more successful and profitable his operation might be! So on that  note,let’s quickly dive in and see what little known previously untapped long range marketing opportunities he might be able to inexpensively take advantage of,shall we?

Here Is A Look  At His Current Offline Actual Daily First Time And Repeat Customer Walk In Foot Traffic…

1.) When asked, my client says on average he has at least ten new first time customers walk into each store, (and remember) he currently has three separate locations. And since he’s currently open seven days per week, his actual math looks like this.

( Ten new first time or repeat walk in customers per day x three stores x 363 days per year – because he’s currently closed Xmas and New Years day.

This equals a grand total of a whopping 10,890 customers and clients that he physically sees each year!) (10 x 3 x 363 =10,890 first time customers and repeat clients.) Currently (and shockingly) my client does not have in place any type of proven upsell, and or add on sale products or services to offer to those paying customers! Ouch!

(Note: For those of you who are currently unfamiliar with the marketing terms “upsells, and or add on sales” etc. Think about your neighborhood McDonald’s for a second. You walk in and order a large shake and Big Mac and the cashier immediately hits you with the seven most powerful words in the fast food industry!

They simply ask, Sir or Miss, “Would you like fries with that?”) And bingo! Without spending another dime on expensive traditional advertising, MCDonalds, Toy R Us, QVC and Burger King etc, on average get 30-40% of their daily customer base to unexpectedly spend 10-25% more money!

Why, because “upsells and or add on sales” really work. So in the case of my computer repair client, since he currently sees (on an annual) basis 10,890 customers and or clients per year.

Make Sure You Proactively Involve Your Current Customer Base In Your best Small Business Marketing Strategies And Or Tactics!

On average a staggering 30% of them, (or) 3,267 of them are prepared to spend anywhere from 10-40% more, if he and or trained staff would merely ask them to!

By offering various discounted products or services which they are  probably going to purchase either from him or one of his many competitors at some point in the future!

Q.) How long can any serious cash starved struggling small business owner afford to neglect using proven upsell strategies, especially during a crushing recession!

2.) Next, as soon as the customer makes that very first purchase from my computer repair client, no matter what the amount is!

My client should train his sales and support staff to hand the customer along with their receipt some type of time hand dated, -meaning- they either use a date stamp or simply write on the discount card by hand, the date 30 days from the current date. And offer the customers two forms of proven incentive based discounts.

Always Be Sure That You Offer Your Paying Customers Some Type Of Market Tested Bounce Back Offer After Every Purchase!

The first discount percentage being the highest, (say) a maximum of 25% off their next purchase and or repair, if they return to the store within the next ten (or X) number of days or less!

And 10% off of any purchase they make -anytime- within the next 11 to 30 days from the date of their first purchase. Because again, just like the mega proven upsell concept, a certain percentage of his new first time paying customers and or clients (typically 10-30% of them) will be compelled to take advantage of such a generous proactive offer.

The net result will be, his overall long term profits will easily increase!

Your Market Tested Lead Generating Strategies Should Definitely Involve Both Your Vendors And Their Immediate Circle Of Influence!

3.) This  third concept (while admittedly) is no where near as effective for your typical small business owner and or service provider etc.

Only because the typical small business owner usually has 50 employees or less. It can still, (when properly) implemented amount to -over time- a ton of new long term business that you created for literally pennies on the dollar!

And that strategy is simply this; make sure you always offer every vendor that services your business, offer both his employees and the vendors that service him, a lifetime VIP 25% off discount card!

(Hopefully), they’ll routinely pass them out as free incentive bonuses to their new and current employees, and their vendors! And you reap the overall benefits of creating brand new first time, and (hopefully) repeat customers for many years to come for virtually little or no up front cost!

Now the $64 dollar question for you is this; how many simple low cost spin offs marketing strategies and or tactics, can you come up with to start customizing these three incredibly brain dead simple strategies, into your overall marketing plans within the next 30 days or less?

And of course, don’t forget.This is just a small sample of the proven, practical low cost strategies that are available to you! So be sure that you grab your 22 step small business marketing idea kit. It’s a $97 dollar value!

And for an extremely limited time, it’s free! As always if you got any value out of this post, please Google Plus or tweet this! Or you can post it on Facebook too! Thanks! Get to it!

27Jul 2011


Take the time to discover proven success tips.

Success tips are proven through the actions of winners!

      Can You Really Expect To Succeed Long Term If Your Commitment To Long Term Success  Is Measured In The  90 Days Or Less Mind Set?

How many times have you seen or heard about some ‘must have’ type of marketing strategy or system that will allow you to quickly gain a foot hold in your particular niche and or industry within 90 days or less?

These type of claims and or systems are all over the place, especially on the Internet,correct?

Heck, you’ve even seen headlines written by yours truly touting that type of success!

However, let’s really take a real hard look at this type of success tips claim, and see (what) if any type of long range perspective (regarding) long lasting success of any kind,  might be helpful, and truly allow you/us to put these kind of overly ambitious aspirations in their proper perspective.

Every successful person that you know or have read about, did not get where they are overnight,agreed? It took (and takes) a lifetime of relentless ongoing commitment(s) on their part.

Of course the truly great ones, (all too) often make it seem or appear easy, (don’t they?) But rest assured it most certainly is not. Continue reading

03Jun 2010


Internet marketing for small business.

Does Internet marketing for small business really make sense?

If you’re a local offline small business owner, (and or service provider)you may be wondering if Internet marketing for small business owners and or service providers, really makes economic sense for you to be pro-actively involved in?

It most certainly does, provided you know the (subtle) yet real difference between actually building a successful online business, or simply doing Internet-and or- social media marketing of any kind.

Because (rest assured entrepreneur), there most certainly is a major difference between the two approaches.

How Successful Internet Marketing For Small Business Differs From Simply Using The Internet To Market!

So here’s a very important question for you to consider.

Q. Do you currently have in place the four basic proven elements that a successful online business needs?

Are You Actually Building A Successful Online Business ?

(Or Are You Just Doing Basic Internet Marketing?)

A. There really isn’t a difference you say. Well maybe not at first glance, but as you begin to contrast what you (and perhaps) your major competitors are doing against the steps you actually need to take, in order to consistently build a long term, successful online business.

You’ll quickly discover the major difference(s). And do so will rapidly speed up your real world learning curve.

Make Sure That Your Mentors Have Actually Walked The Walk!

One of my personal favorite online Mentors “Justin Glover” has recently created a very powerful  and extremely informative 10 minute instructional video that will layout in precise step by step terms; the four basic proven online success elements that you must have in place.

(No matter what type of business, product or service you plan on marketing online ,so that you can clearly differentiate between basic Internet marketing and actually building a sustainable long term successful online business.

(FYI: The original blog post contained a 14 minute video. Now refer to the link for the secret to small business success online.

Now that you have a much better idea of how to actually build a successful and sustainable

long term online business, you should seriously consider investing in your online success education.

Justin has recently created a powerful and comprehensive step by step course designed specifically for the serious beginner.

Here is my affiliate link; because you simply have to look into his program ( if you’re serious) about really learning exactly what it takes to earn some serious online income.

From Three Separate Jobs Averaging A Staggering 90 Hours Per Week To Successful Small Business Online Marketer..(So How Did He Do It?)

FYI: Justin used to work three separate jobs and he averaged a staggering 90 hours per week in the process!

Then he got the right elite professional training, (applied) what he learned and now his online small business routinely earns a full time income online! And as he’s very fond of saying “these days he averages $200.00 dollars per day, whether he gets out of bed or not!” Now honestly, how many of you can say that?

And what would learning how to do the exact same thing, mean, in terms of your long, follow up sales funnel?

So the question isn’t if you should be using the internet or not. Nor is it does Internet marketing for small business  owners really make sense?

The real question is, are you getting your fair share of this ever growing multi billion dollar a year pie? If not, why not?

Be sure you Google Plus or tweet this. Thanks! And don’t forget to grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series.

Because it will definitely help increase your long term gross profits by at least 25% in the next 90 days or less.

And help you master your effective communication in marketing skills. No matter what your current niche is.

It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

01Jun 2010

Influence of mass media.

Don’t be a victim of the Influence of mass media marketing syndrome!

  (Don’t Be A Victim!)

if you’re not extremely careful, you will most certainly become a victim of the Influence of mass media  advertising cash train, that derails for too many beginning cash strapped entrepreneurs.

Case in point: How many times (just in) the last six months or so have you received a piece of unsolicited junk mail?

And what did you do with at least 99% of it? Exactly!

It’s Far Easier To Talk To A Friend Than A Stranger…

But The Influence Of Mass Media Simply Will Not Allow That To Happen!

So it’s entirely possible that if you received the following post card in the mail,

with following headline, you would still round file it.

Here’s the main power headline:A Powerful Free Seven Page Special Report Finally Reveals!

Three extremely powerful money saving secrets about ‘how to’ effectively use mass

mail direct marketing! And if you’re not using them, you’re losing a ton of money,guaranteed!

You Have To Get Someone’s Permission First Before You Can Effectively Sell To Them..

Your first big hurdle is you have no idea who the person is who sent the postcard to you!Right?

Which also means that in your eyes they have virtually zero credibility!

And judging from the very provocative headline, it sounds a little too over the top! Right?

So for that reason alone, at least 99.5% of you that received it would probably trash it!

Which also means the sad (and oh so predictable) net result is that, both you and your soon to be bankrupt

competitors have just wasted a ton of extremely limited cash and other extremely valuable resources, and received virtually little, or no positive return on your investment! (All because you chose the expensive spray and pray method, instead of the target niche market approach.)

Let The Major Corporations Rely On The Influence Of Mass Media To To Get Their Message Out!

Because the aforementioned occurrence will probably also lead you to (erroneously) conclude that highly profitable, (when done correctly) and not to mention very inexpensive direct mail marketing strategies, such as effectively using inexpensive, snail mail postcards to consistently market to your (on or offline business) customer base, is a complete waste of both time and money!

And all because you (and your competitors) chose to try the ridiculously ineffective and highly un targeted  (one time) spray and pray shot gun approach to mass direct marketing. Thinking (simply) the influence of mass media  marketing alone, would carry the day.

There Is Far More To Effective Mass Mail Direct Marketing Than Just Huge Circulation Numbers…

Now try to picture yourself in this next all too common and painful occurrence, as your driving to an appointment,your spouse (or significant other) calls you and asks, if after your appointment you can pick up one of your kids from soccer practice, and stop by the grocery store and grab a few extra odds and ends for dinner tonight. No problem.

After you get home, grab a bite to eat and basically sleep walk through what might pass for some over dinner conversation.Sound all too frighteningly familiar? 

And after you help your kids with this or that, check your email , and other social media accounts,(for at least the fourth time that day), and text a few messages; plop down on the couch and watch about that much TV.

And just before you head off to the shower and finally call it a night. Does this scenario sound all too familiar?

And the next two days and nights are pretty much the same! And it’s only by day three before things start to settle down just a bit.

Now that you’ve finally got a chance to catch your breath, relax and start to catch up on your reading of the local papers, (that have been slowly stacking up) and your Wall St. Journal’s.

What Do Ninety Nine Percent Of All Offline Paid Subscribers Do With With Old Newspapers?

Of course you realize the papers are at least three days old. And what do 99% of  people do with their three day old newspapers? Right. They get thrashed! Bingo!

Hold on: you’re not to the bad part yet.

The bad part is that you’re struggling, cash starved small business had recently decided to take advantage of the “One Time Only” (OTO) offer the local newspaper’s advertising department extended to their first time only customers.

Even though it was a pre-weekend deal package special price reduction of 37% off to all new first time customers only.

Little did you ever suspect, as the enthusiastic sales rep helped you fill out all of the necessary paper work, at least an incredible 40% of your intended audience would never actually see your expensive (and cash draining) ad! Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy all over!

The real moral of the story is this: you can’t rely on the Influence of mass media  marketing alone, in order to make your marketing message effective!

Because it’s simply to generic in nature, instead you must strategically target a specific niche and zero in on it!

As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Google Plus or tweet this. Thanks!

And be sure you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series.

Because it will help you increase your profits by at least 25% in the next 90 days or less. And help you master your effective communication in marketing skills.

It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

Stay tuned; Go to Part Two now to discover the real and little known secret to making direct mail work!

27May 2010

Lead generation ideas.

Are you tired of struggling looking for some effective lead generation ideas?

  (By Giving Away Your Powerful $19.97 Dollar Info Product To Your Ideal Prospects!)

Are your so called lead generation ideas  really working or not?

And would you seriously consider giving away one of your best well researched and high quality, (low cost) front end ‘how to’ problem solving info products, if it meant that you could, (within) a relatively short period of time, say 90 days or less,convert that process into a  staggering 250% gross profit (or more!)?

How The Ultimate Insiders Routinely Turn Their Best Free Lead Generation Ideas Into A Ton Of Cash! (And How You Can Too!)

Does this sound like the (all too typical) pie in the sky type of marketing hype that unfortunately dominates the Internet?

Well rest assured, this time my friend it’s not. But first consider this powerful train of thought. Would you be willing to invest (upfront) $500 dollars, if it meant that within 90 days (or less) you could gross a whopping $5,000.00 dollars or more? (How’s that for  turning some of your best your lead generation ideas into big time profits!)

Say yes! Great. Now before you dive head long into the simple (and mega proven) nitty gritty details of using proven lead generation ideas, let this train of thought sink in.

( And don’t worry, you’re not really going to need to initially invest $500.00 big ones upfront either!)

How To Systematically Create A Huge Long Term Profit Stream Simply By Strategically Giving Away Some Of Your Best Low Cost Front End Products Or Services….

( Note: The reference about your front end product or service just refers to your first or initial sale, to your customer, patient and or client; to typically start the process, you sell something of value to your target audience, for well below its normal retail value.)

Or you might even give it away at your actual hard cost, and or for free!Either way, these are the proven marketing seeds to start your long term follow up sales process, through your underground sales funnel.

Think about this… You have the opportunity to invest a relatively small amount of upfront time (educating yourself about proven marketing principles), and a little capital (say) just a measly $500 dollars (now), and within 90 short days or less, you could gross (give or take) a very respectable $5,000.00 dollars or more! Sound good?

(FYI: The $5,000 dollar gross figure is merely being used for illustration purposes only.)

Okay, so now of course you’re wondering what specifically you have to do in order to accomplish such a feat. Fair enough.

But it’s also equally  important that you realize right off the bat, this particular (long term), low cost proven marketing strategy is only available to you after you have mastered certain basic, proven marketing fundamentals.

In other words; if you don’t (or haven’t) yet taken the time to study and practice certain on/offline proven marketing fundamentals, you are simply dreaming at this point!

And your desire for any type of real long term success on or offline is premature.

(If that’s the case, right now my friend, you don’t need proven lead generation ideas, what you need a is a quality marketing education!)

With that said, let’s now turn your attention to how you’re going to strategically employ this powerful low cost, high powered, long range marketing strategy, to explode your long term profits for peanuts!

Introducing A Powerful Low Cost Mega Proven Marketing Strategy That You Can Use To Create A Whopping 250% Return On Your Little Time And Money Investment Now!

Step one: You must have your own self generated subscriber’s list. In other words it doesn’t matter how you currently market your business, product or service, be it primarily on or offline. You need to start from this moment forward to create your own self generated list of opt in email/mobile marketing subscribers,period!

(Note: If you are primarily using the Internet to in order to generate business, you need to have some type of proven two step lead capture page marketing process.

(Step one) allows you to strategically capture a percentage of your first time visitors contact information, in order for you to use (step two), long term systematic follow up email messages in order to both establish, and build long term (rock solid) money making credibility in their eyes, in order for you to really make continuous sales for years to come.

By the way, if you’re looking for a reputable company that provides ten powerful free online  instructional videos that will help you discover step by step how to successfully market your online business, starting from scratch! Click the link.

Hey; the creators of this proven online marketing system went from being dead dog broke, to grossing over $94,042 dollars per month! In just over 36 short months!

( This is also a proven example of how to successfully use opt in email marketing-because they ask for your contact info in order to build and establish credibility with you over time, and eventually get you to begin purchasing their high quality information products and services.)

Which also means that you will need some type of proven (reputable), paid email provider service, like perhaps Aweber, icontact, Constant contact,Trafficwave.net and or Get Response etc.

(All of these high quality email service providers are extremely reputable as are many others. You just need to become acquainted with each individual services pro’s and cons and decide for yourself, which best suites your current and future needs.)

If You Market Your Business Primarily Offline These Proven  Lead Generation Ideas Will Work For You Also!

(Offline when you get a potential customer (lead) to volunteer their offline contact information such as their physical mailing address or phone number; in order to receive your free “how to” information product,  this type of proven long range follow up marketing approach, is often referred to as “Direct Response Marketing”

Online; this type of long range bank account filling two step marketing approach is referred to as opt in email.

Here’s a link for one of the webs oldest & most successful -not to mention- well respected paid email service providers.

Step two; you must systematically (over time) go about professionally and strategically establishing long range trust and credibility.

Which will take some time. In order to cut to the chase, you have to begin to both position yourself as an expert and leader within your particular niche (specialty) market.

Now that the proper foundation has been laid. In Part Two; you will dive head long into the specific ABC’s of this powerful low cost, long term money making concept. See you there!

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And be sure you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series. Because it will help you master your effective communication in marketing skills!

And help you increase your bottom line by at least 25% in the next 90 days or less! It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

04May 2010


online content

How to Make Your Online Content Go Mega Viral! ( Just Like A Sex Scandal In Washing D.C! Part One)

Remember the last time you heard an extremely funny joke for the very first  time ?

And remember how hard you laughed the first couple of times you heard it?

Even though each time you heard it, it was told slightly different.

Do you also remember how natural that it felt each time you repeated it?

And how natural the anticipated reaction was from those who (also laughed)

hysterically the first time they heard it too.

You’ll Get Tons Of Free Viral Marketing Leverage When You Help Your Audience Solve Their Problems..

Well guess what?  Great content (that is) which really zeroes in on and focuses

on helping to solve or, address a major concern or issue for your specific target audience (

your tribe if you will),  can and will get that exact same viral treatment, if you focus on really

helping your audience first and foremost!

Remember Your Emotional Reaction To The Last Great Movie That You Saw?…

How many times have seen a really great movie and went back to your immediate circle of

influence and started singing the movies praises?

Remember how enthusiastic you were when you explaining the movies most gripping scenes.

Think about the incredible (low cost) and highly effective marketing leverage that this type of recommendation generates for a moment.

Positive Word Of Mouth Or Mouse Goes Viral Very Quickly…

You are spreading (via) powerful word of mouth or mouse, a positive marketing message.

And even though you or I may not have the same reach or effect as Oprah, your positive thumbs up comments,

within your immediate circle of influence carries a lot of weight, just the same!

So The $64K Dollar Question Becomes How Do You Go About Strategically Cashing In On

Other Peoples Positive Word Of Mouth Advertising?

That my friend is the simple part. You just make sure that your marketing message(s), ( no matter)

what  form it may take; be it opt in email/mobile marketing, pod casting, how to videos, special reports, ebooks;

tele-seminars and or webinars etc; really focuses on over delivering true value to them.


Does Your Marketing Message?

Focus on truly helping your target audience solve their main problems! If it does your target

audience will do the rest!

They will forward your emails, retweet your twitter posts, they’ll recommend you to their colleagues and both

of you will benefit!

Here Is A Simple Three Step Process To Help Your Content Go Viral For Peanuts…

Step 1.) Google your product or services five main keywords and research the websites/blogs of at least

your  three main competitors that appear on the first page of Google/Yahoo for both the organic (free)

and sponsored (paid )links.

If they  have a FAQ page (frequently asked questions) , you’re looking for a major theme of at

least five main concerns that constantly plaque your target audience.

Step 2.) After you uncover some type of recurring theme or main issue or topic that constantly

torments your target audience for your specific niche (specialty). Your next step is to

create some powerful, low cost free lead generating ‘how to’ information product or service, which

you can offer to them via your WordPress website and or blog, or by way of your special lead capture  page(also referred to as a squeeze page) in exchange for their opt in email/mobile contact info.

This process is also sometimes referred to as permission marketing, because your visitor has to opt in,

or sign up, (give you) permission to contact them via email or offline direct mail of some kind, be it a post card or an enveloped direct sales letter of some kind.

In any event, your ongoing  contact with them was approved by them, so you’re not cold calling them or worst yet,

you’re not sending unsolicited email, commonly referred to as the dreaded spam mail!

So They Will Be Far More Receptive To Any And All Future Contact From You.( No Matter What Form That It May Take.)

Step 3.) This next next proven marketing concept, is incredibly crucial because it’s going to set the tone (and in all likely hood) will determine how receptive they are to all future correspondence from you! So listen up and take heed!

Pretend for a moment that you currently charge a whopping $1,000.00 dollars per hour for

private, one hour long consultations. And that you also have a three hour minimum.

So typically you consult privately one on one, starting at $3,000.00 dollars for, three hours minimum.

Sound good?

Would You Charge A Respected Family Relative Or Close Friend Of The Family For Your Expertise?

Now lets suppose that a highly respected relative or an extremely close

or dear friend of the family sought you out to get your advice in your particular specialty.

And lets further suppose that you consulted with them for just one hour. But you did not charge

them your normal $1,000.00 dollar fee.

Here is the $64k question. Would you still give them as much value as if they had paid you for it?

If your answer is yes! And hopefully it was, then you are definitely on the right track!

Do You Really Want Your Content To Viral For Peanuts?

Because that my friend, is what will cause your powerful free problem solving ‘how to’ solution

oriented marketing materials to go viral!

When you simply share your powerful insights,via your ‘how to’ articles, interviews, special reports, podcasts etc;

without expecting anything in return upfront!

Just like you would for a trusted, respected relative or close friend of the family, that type of non sales hyped marketing material will cause an avalanche of positive word of mouth buzz.

And will cause your content to go viral and put your marketing efforts on steroids! Guaranteed!


Step 4.) By simply applying this mega proven three step marketing model, you will tap into your target markets never ending desire for proven ‘how to’ solutions.

And your five major competitors via their FAQ pages will indirectly supply you with a never ending source of valuable content to attract, and convert your best prospects into long term paying customers and clients!

And position you as a both a leader and go to expert in your specific niche for peanuts! That’s win/win, don’t you agree?

Your (Must Complete) Homework Assignment:

Go research at least three of your main competitors sites that appear on Google’s/Yahoo’s first page

(as a result) of your keyword selection and if they have a FAQ page;create (or start working on) a powerful free lead generating ‘how to’ special report and or  conduct a 60 -90 minute interview with another up and coming expert in your particular industry.

Or create an an going series of at least three (Parts 1-3) 350-700 word articles that address your niche markets major concerns and or issues and start driving traffic to your site (preferably) your lead capture page and exchange your powerful free lead generating information for their email contact information; in order to start building your very own highly responsive subscriber base (your own list).

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below)
that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Google Plus or tweet this.Thanks!

And be sure you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series,
because it will help you increase your profits by as much as 25% in the next 90 days or less.

And help you master your effective communication in marketing skills.
(No matter what your particular niche market is.)It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

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