08Aug 2011

How An Offline Service Provider Can Use Proven Guerilla Marketing Examples To Explode Their Profits Now!

How An Offline Service Provider Can Use Proven Guerilla Marketing Examples To Explode Their Profits Now!

  (Typically Within 90 Days Or Less!)

Have you (or ) a friend or respected associate ever attended one of those local offline monthly Real Estate investment clubs? Or perhaps one of those local stock investment clubs that meet once a month or so.

(Here is where a savvy offline small business service provider (like you) can use proven guerilla marketing examples to blow your major competitors away!)

If you haven’t you really should, because what you’ll quickly discover are two very basic facts that don’t change.

1.) They have tons of extremely knowledgeable people at your disposal on a local level.

2.) Just like you, their organization can use all the expertise help they can find!

For ex; suppose that you are a CPA who’s just starting out and because you’ve already invested a ton of money upfront in order open your first office and begin the (all too) often traditional way of going about growing your customer base.

In other words, right about now  money is extremely scarce. Which means (nows) your chance to implement proven guerilla marketing examples that flat out work.

That being the case; here are three (to begin with) extremely simple, yet incredibly powerful ways for you to strategically go about growing your business for pennies on the dollar!

And at the same time, you can add value and be of service to a very affluent community of local professionals!

You Can And Should Use Service As A Powerful Long Term Marketing Tool!

Concept # 1.) Those investment clubs (depending) on which area of investment that they specialize in, could probably really benefit from your powerful cutting edge little known tax saving strategies and suggestions.

So quickly think about this situation from the administrators of the clubs point of view. The one thing they constantly need are new members that pay their dues on time,correct?

And typically before any new member joins the club, they probably are a first time quest correct? Bingo!

This little pursued opportunity is a virtual untapped goldmine for a savvy small business marketer like you. Huh?

Here’s why; first off, most of these clubs (98%) of them constantly struggle with building their membership rolls, for any number of reasons.

So one of the things you need to do yesterday is to create a powerful how to problem solving special report and or audio series that covers some aspect of the tax code (on an entry level) of course  that is really relevant to that particular clubs membership base.

And allow the club to give it away to every new first time visitor! Think about this constant activity for a second. Each time a new first time potential new member attends a meeting, they receive your powerful special free information product!

And of course you (being) the extremely savvy marketer that you are, just happen to include some lead generating goodies inside your report and or audio product.

A.) You can either send them to your special lead capture page (in order) to be sure that you capture their email address and or your your blog, as long as you have some type of opt in box in order to capture their contact information.

B.) The next thing you do of course is to offer them a free (or greatly) reduced 15-30 minute consultation valued at X! ( For ex; a  free 30 minute power session valued at $175 dollars! Because your typically hourly rate is $350 dollars.)

And of course during the end of your free initial consultation you make them aware of your special ‘lifetime’ discounted price for the members of that particular club!

( Meaning; they only get that special discounted rate once they become a member!)

For sure you’ll convert a certain percentage of those free (or greatly) reduced initial consultations into long term customers and clients, plus you’ll get some referral business as well!

Concept # 2.) You will also approach the club about becoming their in house contributing expert on  your specialty.

Which means you will periodically contribute articles and conduct special online webinars and or conduct three – eight hours power workshops on your subject.

( Plus, you’ll periodically conduct actual documented case studies of various individuals and or their companies in order to demonstrate your expertise.)

But here’s the real kicker. The deal is this, the club and or association(s) agree to either audio or video record at least part of your session(s) and both of you get copies to market anyway you wish!

( With certain caveats: If they  wish to market your sessions and keep 100% of any of the revenues that they generate, then they have to agree in writing to personally find you at  least three other reputable groups, clubs and or associations that you can approach about creating some type of similar JV arrangement with!)

Otherwise you agree to some type of mutually agreed upon split of all front generated revenues.

You of course will add part of the recorded material  to your WordPress blog and or their paid membership site and you’ll also add them to your youtube channel and drive traffic to your blog and or special lead capture page.

They can also give them away as powerful free upsell bonuses to other members that purchase other more expensive display ads in their monthly newsletter publication or they can also use them to increase revenues by selling them at the back room at their annual conventions!

Either way, you’ll both win big! You’ll lead generate like crazy for peanuts and the group or association(s) just added an additional income stream for virtually nothing!

Creative Packaging Is An Extremely Profitable Marketing Strategy!

Concept # 3.) Whenever possible,always try and bundle or package your entry level info product and or service with some other savvy marketing professionals; such as a lawyer that specializes in issues that effect small to mid size business owners.

For ex; your special 90 minute audio interview and 37 page special report and the attorneys free 43 page special report (yours truly’s) fifty page special report entitled: The Ten Most Common Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make! ( And how to correct them!)

These three incredibly powerful reports have a combined perceived value of $83.95!

But whenever a member or outside vendor purchases any display ads worth $75 dollars or more, they get all three reports for free!

You start systematically marketing your business, product or service this way and before you know it. You’ll have more business than you know what to do with. Thanks (mostly) to using low cost high powered guerilla marketing examples!

(Q. How soon will you be able to start implementing any of these seven incredibly simple brain dead marketing strategies to help increase your overall profits by at least 25% in the next 90 days or less?)

be sure you Digg or tweet this! And grab your explosive 22 step small business marketing idea kit! It’s a $97 dollar value, but for now it’s yours free!

08Aug 2011

How An Offline Portland Retailer Could Double Foot Traffic Without Increasing Your Current Ad Budget By One Thin Dime!

How An Offline Portland Retailer Could Double Foot Traffic Without Increasing Your Current Ad Budget By One Thin Dime!

   Your Offline Daily Foot Traffic Is Waiting To Increase….

Have you ever been inside a department store, (say maybe) in a mall and even though it wasn’t holiday season, they still had a ton of traffic and (of course) the sales reps/clerks just couldn’t seem to service everybody.

Even though that’s incredibly frustrating for the visitors, the store keepers love all this activity.Do they not?

Here’s a question for you. If you could systematically increase (and in) some cases double your daily foot traffic and it didn’t cost you a single nickel more, would this be of any value to you?

And do you think other retailers and or service providers outside your immediate area, (and in) other neighboring county or states would want to know the secret(s) of your success?

Well congratulations! Because you are in exactly the right place.

And like most things in life. There really is no mystery here. Continue reading

07Aug 2011


Buzz word marketing works!

Powerful buzz word marketing works!

(And how you can too!) How many times have you gone into a local offline business and seen one of those displays that other local vendors advertise their various products and services. An incredibly simple and proven way to use buzz marketing to generate powerful free word of mouth publicity.

Sometimes it’s nothing more than simply a single two sided sheet of 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and they list practically everything from the local flea market dates to other big time local events etc.

Basically, you name it and at some point its been listed there or it will be somewhere in the not so distant future.

The main point being that the daily foot traffic in the stores that participate in this type of cross promotions really does pay attention to this type of low cost non traditional advertising/marketing strategies.

With that established; let’s now turn your attention to:

How To Inexpensively Put Your Word Of Mouth Advertising Campaign On Overdrive!

For illustration purposes only; let’s take two successful offline businesses. One is a highly successful upscale jeweler that sell those eye catching accessories that you simply can’t live without, and the other is a local car dealership that specializes in foreign cars like beamers.

Now let’s also take the luxury of suggesting that these two highly successful small business entrepreneurs routinely cross promote each other.

For the sake of this eye opening example of how to inexpensively generate some powerful free word of mouth publicity; let’s focus on the upscale car dealership owner.

Since they sell primarily expensive cars, let’s take the luxury of saying their customer base is made up of primarily uuper income individuals and couples that annually earn six figures & beyond.

Which probably also means at some point a certain percentage of these customers currently or at some point in the past, probably owned a rather expensive home, condo or investment property of some kind.

And since the dealership has sold them at least two – five cars (or more) over the years they’ve really gotten to know both their customers and in some cases family members and or associates and some employees as well.

Take No Prisoners Power Customer Service Can Be A Powerful Marketing Tool!…

Watch how this extremely savvy car dealership (or your business) can strategically cash in big time simply by extending some powerful inexpensive “Take No Prisoners” go the extra mile type of customer service power marketing!

And in the process generate some guaranteed explosive free long term word of mouth publicity.

Because this savvy car dealership is smart enough to constantly be building both their on and offline database.

Let’s suppose that they currently have an opt in list of 7,000 prospects (and of course) part this list also includes prospects that have simply visited the dealership , but haven’t actually purchased a car yet.

Here’s where this type of go the extra mile type of power customer service marketing can really pay off big time.

Suppose while talking to one of their best long time customers, they discover that their customer (or an associate) has recently decided to sell their current home.

And they’ve also initially  decided to go  the “For Sale By Owner” route in order to try and save potentially thousands of dollars in Realtor commissions.

The car dealership owner asks the customer for a copy of their flyer and sends a ‘special announcement’ email it to their entire list of 7,000 opt in subscribers.

You can only imagine the effect of this strategy if their opt in list is even larger!

And the subject might say something along the lines of: Your first name, Are you looking to buy a luxury home?

Then it simply goes on to inform all the subscribers about their customers luxury home and or condo or investment property etc. It includes the link to all of the juicy details!

Of course there is always the slim chance that not one of the 7,000 opt ins is currently in the market for a luxury home!

Of course if the property seller(s) is smart enough to offer some type of really cool cash referral fee to anyone that ultimately leads them to a buyer, that will probably cause some of the subscribers to forward the email to at least  a few friends and business associates and mention it on the facebook page as well.

Here’s the real point; if it turns out that (just) by sending those one or two tiny emails to their 7,000 opt in subscribers list and the individual or couple ultimately sells their home and or investment property etc.

And winds up saving thousands of dollars in Realtor commissions in the process. The $64K question is this:

What type of long term powerful free word of mouth (and mouse) publicity will that type of go the extra mile power customer service marketing yield for years and years to come? You got that right!

(Q. How soon will you be able to add go the extra mile customer service power marketing to your marketing tool chest in the next 30 days or less?)

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07Aug 2011

   How To Create 25% More Gross Profit By Stretching Your Ad Dollars During A Recession! (Even During A So Called Recession!)

Do you happen to have a favorite local restaurant that you (or family) members love to frequent? Or maybe you live in a smaller town and there is that one place that both you and your family growing up (and) now your kids really enjoy getting ice cream from.

Who really knows why. But for whatever reasons you just can’t get enough of the place. Well if there is such a place in your city or town.

Both you and the owners are going to absolutely love these next five simple ways to increase your bottom line profits by a bare bones minimum of 25% in the next 90 days or less.

Using these (brain dead) simple low cost high powered marketing strategies. To both out promote and out customer service your big budget major competitors. Without (necessarily) spending more money! Continue reading

07Aug 2011
A good WordPress hosting theme helps your site rank.

Your WordPress theme helps you out rank your competition.

Are you familiar with some of the free blogging platforms like Blogger dot com or Live Journal  and of course good old Word Press dot com etc?

A good WordPress hosting theme can help your site rank higher in the search engines.

And they’re all so incredibly simple to set up aren’t they?

Especially the free ones. You can literally be set up A-Z within 60 minutes or less.

The major problem with those (so called) free platforms is, just like someone that’s renting an apartment or leasing a condo or town house etc.

You don’t own  or have any control over your sites content! Which means you ultimately have no control over the site.

Which also means (one day) and possibly without any type of advanced notice of any kind, one of those free blogging platforms, or social media sites might just decide to pull the plug on your content.

And (even) go so far as completely shut down your account altogether! Good luck arguing your case!

And there goes all of your valuable content with it! Ouch!

Take it from personal experience! You do not want to go there! A variation of this exact same situation recently happened to yours truly! Continue reading

07Aug 2011


How To Boost Repeat Customer Sales And Lower Your Out Of Pocket Cost By A Whopping 500%!!

How To Boost Repeat Customer Sales And Lower Your Out Of Pocket Cost By A Whopping 500%!!

How many times have you heard it said that” the road to wealth is paved with leverage?” probably (at least) a gazillion times,correct?

But rest assured, that seemingly trivial statement is very true.

And one of the simplest most powerful ways to leverage your long term profits is by strategically boosting your repeat customer sales. Which means, don’t just fixate on that expensive (front end) sale.

Extend your marketing leverage by lowering up front out of pocket costs and selling more to your existing customers to boot! Continue reading

06Aug 2011
business profits

Introducing Five Simple Ways You Could Easily Increase Your Long Term Business Profits Now! Part One

   By At Least 25% In The Next 90 Days Or Less….

Does it make sense for you to constantly pay retail in order to create new first time customers? In order to increase your long term business profits.

Especially when you have an absolute ton of other struggling cash starved small business owners who under the right circumstances, would be more than happy to help you uncover these new first time (and repeat) customers for literally peanuts.

Here are seven simple low cost proven ways any serious (on or offline) small business owner can use to increase their bottom line profits in the next 90 days or less. Continue reading

06Aug 2011

How To Quickly Increase Your Market Share Without Going Broke!

How To Quickly Increase Your Market Share Without Going Broke!

  You Can Systematically Grow Your Business And Out Promote Your Big Buck Major Competitors..

Suppose you are an up and coming (and extremely) talented small business tax reduction specialist. And you’re looking for some creative ways to increase your market share.

On average your typical S Corporation clients save at least 21.47 percent of their annual taxes.

And they often refer and recommend your products and services to both their individual associates and corporate clients as well.

But still in all, you just don’t currently have deep enough pockets to mount an all out assault using, outrageously expensive, traditional advertising methods.

Perhaps you don’t currently have the monster display yellow page ad or 60 second radio spots blaring every 20 minutes or so. Continue reading

06Aug 2011
publicity strategies

How To Effectively Use Guerrilla Marketing Publicity Strategies To Make More Money Now!

 (Even Without Having Access To A Sophisticated Press Agent!)

Who says that in order to dominate your offline (local) press, that you have to have the big time PR team that would rival Oprah’s?

Or have direct insiders access, to the most sophisticated, money making publicity strategies known to man. 😎

Or just because you don’t currently have any big time, (offline) insider local PR contacts, you can’t win big time at PR? Oh yea, says who?

Now granted; it certainly helps when the # 1 rated evening local news broadcast, (and or newspaper(s) does an extremely positive showcase of your business, products and or services etc. 😎

But can you really afford to hold your breath waiting on that to happen? With that said. Let’s see how a local (yet) marketing savvy, successful (non franchised) retail jeweler store, could use powerful free “word of mouth” aka free publicity, in order to create some serious long term profits!

For very little money upfront…..(Sound good?) Continue reading

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