30Oct 2011
The barter business equals big business!

The barter business model will strategically explode your marketing reach!

Do you know anyone in business (especially) small business that consistently uses cashes in with barter strategies?

My friend the barter business is not only alive and well.

Somewhere near the tune of billions annually (thank you very much), but no matter what size your current operation is.

You can and should (seriously) consider adding some type of barter (and or) hybrid barter marketing strategy to your small business marketing arsenal.

Otherwise (you’re) potentially leaving a ton of un mined profits (short) and long term on the table.

(FYI) Be sure you consult your CPA and or tax specialist regarding any and all tax questions before you aggressively and or actively participate any type of legal barter arrangement. Continue reading

26Oct 2011


Email marketing tips.

These five proven email marketing tips will increase your profits now!

Do you realize how much greater your chances for long term success are (on ) or offline.

When your effectively marketing/promoting a product or service your targeted audience has already shown some type of interest in?

It sounds rather basic (but it’s true), and it really doesn’t matter what your preferred method of communication is.

But since this post is about effective online marketing strategies; the following five proven email marketing tips will most definitely boost your overall email response rates by at least 50% or more. Continue reading

23Oct 2011
Convert your business card layout into a profit center.

Convert your business card layout into a high powered lead magnet!

Have you ever noticed how many business owners (especially new) cash starved small business owners rarely take advantage of the incredible low cost, high powered marketing opportunity available to them.

Simply by inexpensively and strategically converting their standard business card layout or post card layout, into the mega lead magnet

it was meant to be? Continue reading

21Oct 2011



One creative marketing idea equals long term success!

Your one creative marketing idea equals success!


Remember in Part one of this series how a mega proven low cost creative marketing idea has the potential to gross  the CPA firm (in our hypothetical example) an additional $150K in just about one year or less?

Do you also remember how much the firm typically spent to acquire a new customer? It was somewhere between $450 -$600 dollars. Continue reading

21Oct 2011


Creative marketing idea.

One creative marketing idea can mean all the difference!

Have you heard or read about this incredible stat that says on average (year after year).

Out of the millions upon millions of homeowners and or investment property owners who attempt to sell their properties without using a licensed Realtor, after just eight short weeks.

A staggering 67% of them (nationwide) will quickly conclude the entire laborious process, from start finish, is simply way too time consuming and nerve racking. Hence, they’ll typically turn the entire process over to a licensed Realtor.

Often times you will discover in business that one incredibly simple creative marketing idea which you get from a results producing marketing consultant, can and will make all the difference to your bottom line. Continue reading

20Oct 2011


Professional web design company

You need to be aware of the three most common professional web design company mistakes! ( And how to avoid them!)

Have you heard it said that you basically only need three things in order to succeed (long term) online?

And when it comes to your professional web design company and the all important layout of your site.

You’d better know which website design strategies to embrace and which to avoid or your failure is certain.Agreed? Continue reading

16Oct 2011


Headline writing

Discover five little known secrets to power headline writing!

How many times have you heard it said that the difference between a bland headline and a really killer headline is a simple marketing nip and tuck?

It’s true, your power headline writing skills and results will be a direct result of how aggressively and strategically that you, test,test, test.

That’s it. Sadly,  most business owners (but) especially struggling cash starved, small business owners never realize that by systematically and inexpensively testing various (on) and offline main power headlines against one another, over time they (and you) will ultimately discover which one produces the  most bang for your buck.

Most small business owners are basically clueless about implementing proven small business marketing strategies. Continue reading

14Oct 2011

Marketing sales funnel.By now who hasn’t heard the term marketing leverage?

And who honestly doesn’t want to create an inexpensive (long term) marketing sales funnel for pennies on the dollar?

If by chance some of you (mistakenly) still don’t think (or  realize)  that both marketing and or financial leverage is in fact a big deal.

Then try this eye opening example on for size. Continue reading

12Oct 2011


Closeout merchandise

You can strategically profit long term from closeout merchandise.

How many times (can you count) where you have walked into one of the major retailers like (Walmart, Kmart or Target) and they have strategically placed in the store some type of closeout merchandise (and or) clearance sale item(s) at a greatly reduced price and tons of their customers are taking advantage of the incredibly low prices?

You’ve probably sen (and or) been apart of a scene like that many times,correct? Especially right at (or) directly after the holiday season,right?

Well, (FYI) the clearance sale item (and or) out of season sale marketing strategy works extremely well as a way for you to generate (the all) important first time customers as well. Huh?

Introducing Three Incredibly Simple Ways For You To Profit Long Term From Closeout Sale Merchandise…..

1.) Your first big advantage comes from recognizing that most (probably) 99% of your would be competitors will simply take some discontinued item and (either) mark it way down (perhaps) at or even below their original cost, just to make room for some newer, faster selling items.

Or just so they can generate some (much needed)  quick cash in order to purchase some other more advantageous product and or merchandise. Here’s how (hopefully) moving forward, you will profit (long term) from either out of season and or closeout merchandise.

Suppose that you run a fairly successful small Mom & Pop appliance store and you have a particular brand of microwaves that are being discontinued by the manufacturer or you have an item that is simply going out of season for the year.

Instead of just offering it to your current custimer base at an attractive discount, (depending) on how many that you actually have in stock. Allow your top (3-5) joint venture partners to offer the item to their customers via a powerful free drawing.

Think about it for a second. What you’re actuallly doing is,  inexpensively lead generating for pennies on the dollar. You’ll get a list of a ton of highly targeted new potential long term customers and clients ( and) of course their referrals that you can inexpensively market to via both inexpensive postcards and or email for peanuts.

Let’s be clear here. The vast majority of these new leads (probably) 75% or more,will merely come to your store (and or) visit your website and or blog (for the) time, strictly to take advantage of some specific sales offer.

And the vast majority of them are not coming back. So be it. However, it’s the remaining 25% that will not only become repeat customers and clients, but (depending) on how many actual months or years that they remain a steady customer and or client, they’ll refer new first time customers and clients to you as wll.

So when you actually put a pencil to how much money that this one incredibly (brain dead) simple marketing strategy can potentially be worth to you over the long haul.

You’ll quickly discover why it may be more that worth it to let your JV partner(s) simply have the discontinued item(s) and you’ll both share the leads. You’ll build your long term follow up list and they’ll build long term customer goodwill by offering their customers something nice via a free drawing.

2.) Here’s another big advantage to strategically using this type of marketing ploy. You could also use it (in house) in your offline bricks and mortar business, by sending everyone that enters your free drawing a follow up postcard that offers them a valuable second prize (just for) entering your free drawing.

Offer them a special VIP discount of 10% off any purchase (no mimimum) purchase requirements, provided they do so by a certain date.

However, you’ll automatically increase to 25% off provided they go to your special lead capture page and opt in (subscribe) to your list. Now you’ll have both their on & offline contact info and rather than spending tons of money on postage and typesetting etc.

You can just send them inexpensive periodic follow up emails, now rather than lose money on your typical postcard mailings, that same dismal 1-2% response to your email marketing will be profitable.

3.) An finally. Here’s another really big advantage that you can gain from closeout merchandise marketing. Once you have your new leads contact info. Especially their email address.

Both you and your top JV partners can now inexpensively strategically cross promote each others grand openings of your second stores and or special VIP menbers only (closed) to the general public sales!

Or whatever you wish o call these type of events!  the point is this; if 5-10 of you each promote vi email the other ones special  sales events, and collectively you have 14,354 opt in subscribers on an email list and just six percent of those subscriers respond to any particular offer.

That means that means an additional (860) physica lbodies (credit card) nd or cash in hand are at your store front! Can you say kaching! (14,354 opt in subscribers x .06% response rate = 860 buying cusomers.)

Q.) Which one of these three advantages will benefit you the most in the next 60 days or less?

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