27Jan 2012
Avoid letting your Word Press self hosted blogs become a ghost town!

Your Word Press self hosted blogs don't have to become ghost towns!

    (Because Your Consistent Lack Of Activity Is An Activity!)

Have you ever noticed  how the very same people (who) far too often claim they like  to earn $10K per month and more online, never (somehow) seem to be able to consistently contribute to the success of their self hosted Word Press blogs!

For sure they’ve got big dreams, just not nearly enough skill, dedication and or real world know how to pull it off.

And as a result, their Internet dream of earning some serious money, has to be put on hold. Too bad, because with just a few minor adjustments and a little consistency, they just might be able to make their dreams a (at least) a partial reality.

By earning some type of income and (steadily over time learning how to increase their online profits.

The following Five Vital Warning Signs Will Help Prevent Your Self Hosted Word Press Blogs From Turning Into A Cyberghost Town!

You’ll know you’re in trouble if your guilty of (at least) these five blogging indiscretions.

1.) Vital warning sign # one: By far the one vital warning sign that towers above all others, is none other than “blog abandonment!”

You know, this is where basically your blog has tumble weeds blowing all over it (metaphorically) speaking of course. Meaning- you post fresh valuable content to it, about once every six weeks or so!

Because (for whatever) reasons, you simply don’t have time! But oddly enough, you some how (miraculously) expect to earn a six  figure income! Go figure?

Let’s be extremely clear here; no consistent fresh content from you,  but you (in turn) expect money (six figures) worth, from your visitors! Yea right!

(The search engines in general (and) Google in particular don’t rank (very well) blogs that suffer from ‘blog abandonment.’)

2.) Vital warning sign # two: This second warning sign is a distant relative to # one. Failure to consistently (or even) at all, blog comment on other respected bloggers (blogs) within your particular niche, in order to drive highly targeted traffic back to your site.

This proactive practice is often referred to as blog commenting. And it is extremely low up front cost, although it does take a steady investment of your valuable time. But the overall rewards justify your time investment.

Because it basically accomplishes two very important things for you:

A.) To make a powerful connection with your specific target audience, by (blog commenting) on other respected bloggers within your particular niches, blogs. You drive highly targeted eyeballs to your site.

B.) And you create all important back links to your blog(s.)  And of course the higher their site (currently) ranks in the search engines, the better the quality back link you have!

(FYI: the term back link just refers to the process of you adding your web address (URL) to another site and it points( back links) back to your particular site.

3.) Vital warning sign # three: And because you’re not actively doing the first two, this makes number three a lot less likely as well. You fail to take the time to (answer) or respond (in a ) timely manner to the comments and or questions that your visitors post in the  comments section of your blog.

And just to give you a quick heads up here; there’s an old adage that says; “If you’re business is slow to respond to questions and or comments, they’ll be worse when it comes to providing good old customer service!

4.) Vital warning sign # four: When you do finally take the time to post fresh content to your blog. Often times it truly lacks real meaty value for your visitors!

Instead, you thinly hide the fact that your strictly trying to sell them instead of trying to better educate them and or service in order to ultimately get the sale.

And of course the net result is, you get nothing and your visitors are reluctant to return!

5.) Vital warning sign # five: Your Word Press self hosted blog is probably in trouble if all you do is plaster adsense ads all over it trying in vain to earn a quick buck instead of realizing that (long term) the absolute best way to monetize your blog is shift your approach.

Meaning – stop thinking of online sales as a one time event (like) a hunter does and instead think of your blogging activities as a farming process, the way a farmer does.

Meaning- just like the farmer does (so will) you earn money (and lots) of it over time!

Hopefully, your not guilty of these five vital warning signs! Because if you are, your Word Press self hosted blogs activities are leading  you to the poor house!

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26Jan 2012
These five proven email marketing templates will increase your open rates!

Now you can dramatically improve your email marketing templates open rates by 25%!


Have you ever noticed how certain words (within) your email marketing templates, always seem to trigger a red flag in your mind’s eye? And (more) times than not, they have the exact same negative effect on most of the sophisticated spam filters as  well?

Before warned, this  is not an accident. And you should know that certain spam filters are actually programmed to filter certain words and phrases and as a  result, your emails may never even reach your intended prospects. Ouch!

Five Simple Ways To Increase Your Email open Rates By At Least 25% Or More!

Your first major consideration is, your emails (all important) subject line. Because it’s main purpose is to serve as your sales letters main power  headline.

Meaning- it has to quickly pique your prospects attention enough to convince them to click on your link and (hopefully) read your email, because of the big promise ‘client centered’ “what’s in it for me?” subject line.

And  it better happen within five short seconds or less, otherwise more than likely your email will be deleted.

So take heed and and  apply these five incredibly simple suggestions and your email open rates improve, by at least 25% or more. (No matter what your particular niche is.)

1.) Proven email marketing strategy # one:  The very first thing you have to do in order to avoid triggering the latest (state of the art)spam filters is avoid using the following four negative ‘trigger words’ in your emails subject lines.

Otherwise you risk having them consistently blocked by the spam filters. And this even includes some highly reputable email service providers such as aweber.

So try (at all) cost to avoid using the following four negative trigger words/phrases in your emails subject lines.

A.) Earn $.

B.) Earn extra cash.

C.) Financial freedom.

D.) Save big money.

2.) Proven email marketing strategy # two: Whenever possible (before) you actually write one word of copy for (either) your online emails and or offline sales letters, postcards etc.

Try to answer the following three simple questions in as much ‘client centered’ detail as possible, and you’ll usually have a winner, more times than not.

Question # one: What’s in it for me? Meaning- how does your email message benefit and or concern me?

Question # two: So what? Why should I bother reading your email and or sales letter etc?

Successful Long Term Email Marketing Involves More Than Simply Pushing A Button And Asking For Money!

Question # three: Who cares? So your marketing some product and or service, big deal! Your just trying to get me to buy something, so you’ll make money!

Try to anticipate and answer one (if not) all three of these basic themes (or) come as close as possible, and you’ll usually have a winner.

3.) Proven email marketing strategy # three: It really helps (any time) you can pique your readers curiosity. For ex; your subject line could ask a (simple) but relevant question, such as: Linda, Does your credit card company guarantee this?

(You have to admit, that simple question really gets to the heart of it, doesn’t it?)

4.) Proven email marketing strategy # four: Another mega proven and extremely effective email marketing strategy is to use (or create) urgency in your subject line. For ex; your subject line could say, Jim, Hurry, there are only three days left to take advantage of this exclusive extremely limited time offer!

On or offline, it;s a proven fact, that creating a sense of urgency definitely tips the marketing scales in your favor. And goes an extremely long way towards increasing your online profits.

5.) Proven  email marketing  strategy # five: As often as you can (on or) offline, personalize your emails subject lines and your offline sales letters and or postcards as well.

Case in point; how many times have you got (offline) junk mail that was addressed to Mr. or Mrs current ‘resident!’ And it ends  up in the round file 99% of the time,correct? Where as,when you receive mail that’s personally addressed to you, you tend to pay closer attention, correct?

It’s simply an undeniable fact,whenever you use your prospects first name on your postcards, sales letters and or telephone scripts etc.

You dramatically increase your chances for long term success.

Start strategically implementing these five proven email marketing strategies and watch your open rates increase by at least 25% or more!

Of  course, don’t forget that you constantly need to test and track your responses in order to maximize your long term results.

And this is where a reputable state of the art email service provider can and will help!

Q.) Which one of these five incredibly simple email marketing strategies will you implement in the next 30 days or less, and why?

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25Jan 2012
Your small business marketing ideas tool kit should inclde article marketing!

Your small business marketing ideas tool kit is a must!

As you previously discovered in part one of this explosive two part series about how your small business marketing ideas should definitely include low cost mega proven article marketing.

Here in part two you’ll discover three more powerful advantages to using this highly effective strategy, to systematically help your grow your business for peanuts.

Introducing Three More Powerful (Bank Account) Filling Reasons To Use Article Marketing…

Reason # one: Have you ever priced the cost of ‘solo ads’ in any of the top online ezine publishers newsletters (and or) the price of expensive display ads in the top offline newsletter publications within your particular niche.

You really should, because those prices are sure to be an eye opener. And hopefully will allow you to much better appreciate this highly effective alternative approach.

Here’sthe real point; would you rather invest your (extremely) limited hard earned dollars in expensive (on or) offline ads, and  hope that you do enough business to either break even and or earn some type of profit.

Or would you (instead) prefer to; inexpensively (expertly) position yourself as the ‘go to’ industry expert, by sharing (little known)  powerful insider secrets by way of inexpensive ‘how to’ articles, special reports and or a multi part  boot camp video series etc.

(Note: Just as a quick aside, being a part of the multi billion dollar ‘cash flow’ industry. The promoters of one of the industries largest (annual) events, invited yours truly to be one of 80 guest speakers, at one of their annual conventions.

And to top it off, they featured one of my two part’direct response’ articles in a huge one and three quarter page spread! Which (needless) to say, resulted in helping yours truly earn in excess of $1,500.00 dollars for just two hours work!(Not too shabby,indeed!)

That being two 60 minute workshops! And it also resulted in excess of over $14,000 dollars in total gross income, over the next 90 days!

The main point being this. If that same one and three quarter page spread was purchased in advertising space, it would have easily cost over $60,000 dollars back then!

Q.) So which approach do you prefer?

A.) Constantly paying for cash draining ads, be they small classified types, more expensive display ads, banner ads and or paying for expensive hit & miss (PPC)Pay Per Click ads, etc.

B.) Paying  zero up front and creating a marketing buzz (plus) strategically out promoting your major competitors for pennies on the dollar, by using highly cost effective (lead generating) article marketing!

Reason # two: Here’s another extremely powerful advantage to inexpensively expertly positioning yourself via powerful article marketing.

Whenever you publish one of your lead generating articles in one of the major article marketing directories such as ezinearticles and or ideamarketers etc.

The ezine publishers that  constantly frequent those sites, are looking  for quality fresh (problem solving) content to share with their valued audiences.

Meaning- when they decide to syndicate  (re-publish) your article(s) in either their ezine and or in their blog. You get their powerful (implied endorsement) of providing high quality content.

But their also implying, your someone that their audience should definitely be paying attention to! In other words (you) get to leverage their carefully crafted relationship, they’ve established with their audience over time!

And (money alone) my friend, can’t buy that type of instant credibility for you! Meaning- paying for ads in their publications can not and will not  have that same effect!

Plus, let’s face it, every time you run (pay for) an ad, it screams at your potential prospect that all your ultimately trying to do is sell them something!

Every Time Another Publisher Syndicates Your Articles You Just Got Some More Powerful Free Bank Account Filling Viral Marketing Leverage!

Reason # three: Let’s explore a little of the dark side of the marketing game. The bottom line is this; you spend tons of money on PPC (Pay Per Click) ads or some other form of paid advertising.

You drive tons of paid traffic to your site (and) if for whatever reasons, they leave your site (be it) your blog and or lead capture and they either; don’t buy anything and they don’t join your list.

Unless you’ve got extremely deep pockets like some major corporations, you’re gonna go broke!

On the other hand; check out the screen shot below (pay) close attention to the red highlighted area.  Those are the current syndication numbers from three articles published in the totally excellent idemarkets.com article submission directory.

One has 454, the other 453 and the final one has 42 unique syndications.

Hopefully you can see the incredible free viral marketing leverage that takes place, every time another new ezine and or blogger syndicates the material.

Plus, the tremendous (long term) joint venture possibilities with these ezine publishers and or bloggers!

Your small business marketing ideas tool kit should include  article marketing!

Article marketing should be a part of your small business marketing ideas tool kit!


Be sure that you take the time to research your main targeted keywords in order to maximize your search engine rankings. This is how you ultimately maximize your online profits.

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24Jan 2012

Article marketing should definitely be a part of your small business marketing ideas roster.

Your small business marketing ideas, have to include article marketing.

         (And Out Promote Your Major Competitors For Peanuts!)

How many times have you read an article or saw someone on TV and thought to yourself that you definitely like to know more about this person? Is it safe to say that initially your interest in them was sparked because of the  strategic way they used some proven small business marketing ideas, one of them being, good old mega proven article marketing.

It’s extremely low cost and boy is it powerful. For several reasons, but the main thing is (no matter) what specialty your particular niche happens to target.

You can and should be proactively marketing your business product and  or  service (via) lw cost, high powered article marketing. Because the many proven (long term) benefits far exceed both the cost and or time resources dedicated to do so!

Here Are Five Incredibly Powerful Reasons Why You Should Be Strategically Using Article Marketing to Grow Your Business….

And one of the best advantages you have when it comes to strategically marketing your business, products and or services via article marketing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and you have no list, no customers and nobodies ever even heard of you yet!

Strategic article marketing lets you inexpensively position yourself within your particular industry as of one the go to experts for pennies on the dollar!

Reason # one: low cost high powered article marketing (when done) correctly, lets you instantly build and establish credibility in the eyes of your target market. Primarily because of your ability to pull back the proverbial curtain if you will.

And share powerful (little known) and rarely revealed ‘problem solving’ insider secrets that plaque your particular niche!

Your target  audience absolutely loves to discover little known relatively (easy to do) insider secrets to what troubles them. You be the one to consistently share  these proven little known secrets with them (via) your powerful ‘prolem solving ‘how to’ articles and or expert interviews etc.

And watch your long term profits soar!

Reason # two: Be sure that you publish some of your articles in some of the many established (online) article marketing directories such as ezinearticles.com, ideamarketers.com and howto.com etc.

Because these sites have already established (over time) of course (tremendous) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) juice with all the major search engines, including Google.

So that when one of your published articles, points back to your sites web address (URL), they create powerful backlinks and over time, this helps raise your free (organic) search engine rankings.

Because Google and the other major search engines already respect and recognize these sources, for providing quality content.

Reason # three: Any time you  publish your articles in one of the many high profile article directories such as ezinearticles or ideamarketers etc. There is always the possibility that your material may be syndicated by several of the ezine newsletter publishers.

And of course (whenever) this happens, you just got major free viral marketing leverage and high powered exposure! Tons of new potential leads can and will be introduced to you for free. Article syndication is just one of the many benefits that sharing valuable free ‘how to’ problem solving information (via) articles, can provide to your cash strapped small business.

And you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised to discover which (big time) ezine publishers frequently visit those high profile directories, constantly looking for quality fresh content to share with their valued subscriber/customers.

Reason # four: Strategic article marketing allows you easily and systematically build your very own opt in email list for peanuts. The reason being, after someone reads one of your highly informative ‘lead  generating’ how to problem solving articles.

The next logical move is to instinctively read your resource box (aka) bio box, which is typically located at the end of yor article and click your link in order to discover more.

And if your article is  compelling enough (meaning) you strategically shared enough introductory information within your article, a certain percentage of them will want to enter their contact information on what is (hopefully) your best market tested lead capture page and or your bog.

And they’ll become a follow up lead by joining (opting into) your list. Easy as 1,2,3!

Your small business marketing ideas should include article marketing.

Article markting should be part of your small business marketing ideas roster.


Reason # five: And last (but) certainly not least. As was previously mentioned, your expert status and your long term credibility take a giant step in the eyes of your prospects.

Especially if your articles (and or) series of articles really go in depth and offer tons of valuable problem solving content.

Your potential prospects see you and your products and services as the via solution and answer to their problems!

For these five reasons and (many) others, you definitely want to make powerful article marketing a part of your small business marketing ideas game plan.

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23Jan 2012


Lower your refund rates with these three proven strategies!

You can dramatically lower your refund rates now!

Have you noticed how little time and little effort the average (cash strapped) small business owner devotes to figuring out, how to lower your refund rates ?

This is  really odd (especially) when you consider how vitally important the refund process is to (both) your long term cash flow and equally important, the long term relationship with customer/client(s.)

Of course it’s always nice to implement tactics and utilize strategies that will increase your online profits.However, it’s also equally important that you devote a portion of your energy to (both) reducing your refund (charge back) rates and retaining your customers over the long haul.

All businesses (no matter) what your particular niche is, at some point experience refund requests. It’s simply a part of doing business.

The Following Three Powerful Strategies Have Proven Over Time To Be Extremely Effective In Reducing Your Credit Card Charge Back Refund  Requests.

Strategy # one:  Any time you can (it always) makes sense to mail  your customers/clients a snail mail “thank you” postcard or two. Think about for a second.

You spend and or invest tons of money (and devote) other resources in order to create that first time customer.

Which (on average) by the way,typically costs your business an additional 500% in up front expenses in order to create them.

And if (for whatever) reasons, they decide to ‘demand’ their money be returned.

You not only lose all those potential future sales. But typically, your business will suffer in at least three other ways as well.

1.) You’ll lose all of your satisfied customers potential future referrals. And if the ‘lifetime value’ of your customers is measured in years, that could easily (potentially) cost you thousands of dollars in future sales.

2.) You won’t be able to cash in on your satisfied customers ‘bank acount’ filling power testimonials!

3.) And lastly, you’ll also miss out on all their powerful ‘money making’ feedback! Who else knows better than them, what they like and dislike (specifically) about your products or services!

Strategy # two: You can take a giant step towards dramatically decreasing your refund rates when you start systematically offfering your customers unexpected (and) unadvertised powerful free (digital) bonuses!

You can also snail mail them unexpected free bonus gifts that you get from your top joint venture partners and this  type of unexpected surprise goes along way towards reducing refund   rates and retaining a healthy and prosperous long term relationship with your customers and or clients.

Strategy # three: Whenever possible create an ongoing ‘customer loyalty program’ of some kind. This type of incentive helps build long term customer loyalty and the (long term) net result is, less customer refund requests.

Bonus strategy: Another really powerful way to decrease your refund rates (right up) front is to prevent as much as possible, the ‘refund mentality’ to affect your customers from the outset.

And one of the simplest ways possible is by strategically utilizing a very powerful marketing strategy often referred to as “Risk reversal.”

Here’s (basically) the way it works. Suppose you sell high end workshops/seminars and or tele-seminars. And it also works equally well if your market paid membership sites that are priced anywhere from $37 dollars per month & up.

Offer your paying  customers (the moment) they sign up (meaning) for instant download. A of your best market tested digital products (namely) powerful free special reports and or DVD/audio programs that normally retail for $1,397.00 dollars or X!

But here’s the kicker! They get to keep these seven powerful free bonus gifts, even if they decide to:

A.)  Ask for a refund.

B.) Cancel their paid membership.

The rational is simple. Because the bonuses are  so incredibly powerful and useful to them. Very few  will want to request a refund, because (both) your products and service over delivers!

But if they do decide to request a refund they still feel like they’ve gotten the better part of the deal! That’s how you make your online profits grow!

And  of course if your wondering (where the heck) your suppose to get all of these powerful free bonuses from, especially if you’re just starting out?

Why from your top joint venture partners, where else? And of course, if still hasn’t dawned on you yet, you are (both) free and encouraged to use the free nine page special report that you downloaded from this blog, as part of your own free bonus gifts to your customer/clients.

It’s (highly) advised that you not offer to your subscribers (initially) as their free gift for joining your particular list!

Because you want to avoid being a copy cat me too marketer. You’ve got  to offer your target audience something original (in order)  to position yourself within your particular niche  as a respected expert.

Well, there you have it, three incredibly simple (low cost) ways to effectively lower your refund rates, without spending a fortune to do so.

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22Jan 2012


Increase web sales without going broke!

Increase web sales without increasing your costs!

Have you noticed just how much stuff (okay junk) floods into your inbox on a daily basis? And that’s the just opt in stuff (by the way), the fact there is so much email being delivered is one of the main reasons your struggling to increase web sales.

Because let’s face it, your potential online customer is more skeptical than ever. And for good reason. You have to stop and take into consideration this (important) undeniable fact.

Nobody actually lives in cyberspace. Meaning- all your potential online customers and clients (actually) make most of their purchasers offline. And they experience more than their fair share of disappointments (as it relates) to dealing with businesses, there as well.

Three Powerful Ways To Increase Web Sales Now!(And The Best Part Is,Your Major Competitors Won’t Even Know!)

Proven strategy # one: Do you know the # one major similarity between the  successful offline fast food business and successful  online E-commerce? That would the speed of delivery. Correct.

Meaning- your online customer (just like) the offline person that pulls into your local Burger King, they want whatever their purchasing now!

Which means o(online) focus on reemphasizing the benefits of instant gratification! They hit the buy button and’ boom’ instant download. And they can start addressing their main problem(s) and or issues today!

Proven strategy # two: This next one is huge! So pay close attention, if your serious about increasing your online profits. What happens when your (already) skeptical customer wants (more) like demands a rapid refund!

In other words, how well (are you) clearly detailing ‘how’ your refund process really works. And don’t forget this important detail (that) escapes the vast majority of your online (and offline) competitors.

You’ll sell a lot more based on ‘what’ you deliver to your customers and clients now!

And you’ll retain a lot more ‘sales’ based on well you emphasize your guarantee/refund policy! Because when things don’t work out to your customers expectations, they need to know that your company will be there to make things right! And really mean it!

This is one of the really simple ways that your business, product or service can start to stand out, no matter what your particular niche is.

Proven strategy # three: Remember,your first time online customer, is extremely skeptical. Which means that you can (and should) test at least two potential payment strategies to help boost your sales.

A.) It always helps to lower (or create) a relatively low front end product and or service to (in order) to jump start that initial sales process.

For ex: You can test (offering) your first time customer your best market tested $27-47 dollar ebook and or audio product for the extremely low (introductory) price of just $7 dollars!

Of course your long term rational for this proven marketing ploy is, you expect to sell them additional (more expensive) products and services down the line.

What this concept is really leading into is, before you can even attempt to implement this long term strategy, (you’d) better know and understand your customers ‘total lifetime value.’

So you know exactly how much you can really afford to spend in order to get (and or) create your first time customer.And (equally)  important, how much you afford in order to retain (and or) reactivate old inactive ex -customers!

Creating Flexible Payment Plans Helps Lower Your Customers Costs And Increases Your sales Too!

B.) Another really powerful pricing strategy, (you can use) whenever you sell membership sites,  is to structure it so that the first monthly payment is the typically the most expensive and then each subsequent month is much less.

For ex: You could chareg $97 dollars and  each month thereafter is just $47 dollars per month. This exact same concept works if you offer ongoing monthly consulting.

For ex: suppose you currently charge $150 dollars per hour, then you could offer a package deal (where) if they buy the first three hours at full retail, you’ll give them adiscount of 30%  off and you’ll sell them every  hour thereafter for just 60% of the normalretail rate.

($150 PH x 3 hours =$450 x .70% =$315 dollars upfront.) And every hour they buy from now on is just $90 dollars per hour. ($150 PH x .60% =$90 dollars PH.)

You start stategically applying these three incredibly simple proven marketing strategies and watch your long term online profits soar!

Q.How soon will you be able to apply these three proven strategies to your business within the next 60 days or less?

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21Jan 2012

Your online marketing web age copy writing game plan is a must!

Online marketing web page copy writing secretsd that really work!

    (Without Being Too Pushy And Or Obnoxious!)

Have you ever wondered why some sales letters (on and offline) seem to work like gangbusters and others (for whatever) reasons, simply do not? These five mega proven online marketing web page copy writing secrets should finally answer those (and other) nagging questions for you, once and for all.

It’s really no secret that the most successful on and offline marketers (consistently) know ‘how to’ get to the yes!

And for the most part, they always seem to follow an incredibly simple (yet) mega proven copy writing proven formula. actually it’s more like copy writing pillars if you will.

Meaning- they seem to base all their proven copy off these five rock solid foundational pillars. And even though the wording varies (depending) on whatever the specific niche is, these five proven copy writing principles (always) stand the test of time.

And more times than not, consistently help you build your case and ultimately close your sale!

 Introducing The Five Rock Solid Mega Proven Copy Writing Principles That Should Be An Integral Part Of  All Your Sales Materials!(Because They Work Like Crazy!)

Practically every top copy writer and or (on or) offline successful marketer has at some point or another (used) every one of these five mega proven copy writing principles (either) individually and or collectively to help complete the (on or) offline sales process.

Principle # one: Before you can “sell” your prospects anything, you’ve to get and hold their attention. Which means all your marketing materials have to answer their # one burning question.

Which is the “What’s in it for me?” factor.

Meaning- you  must paint the final destination for them (in their minds eye) by using metaphors. Graphically describe ‘what’ their definition of success will feel,taste and look like after they take advantage of your product or service, and start using it.

(Or likewise, graphially paint the picture of the unrelenting pain they will continue suffer if they don’t take advantage of your productor service!)

Principle # two: “The convenience factor”: Explain by using proven emotional triggers ‘how’ your product or service will fulfill your prospects life by the convenience they’ll receive courtesy of your product or service.

For ex: explain ‘how’ they could spend hour after countless hour endlessly researching the web, and wading through tons of tedous information!

Or they could save up to 85% of their valuable time simply by purchasing your product or service and dramatically:

1.) Lower your upfront  cost by a bare bones minimum of 27%.

2.) Build your list up to 25% faster.

3.) Increase your saes letter conversion ratios. All while simultaeously lowering your up front cost by at least 27%! Who wouldn’t want  to do that?

Principle # three: The comparison factor. This particular concept is so powerful because you skillfully compare (more like) contrast the price of your product or service against something else that seems relatively r.

For ex: for the price of a big Mac (with cheese) you can enjoy the exact same benefits of a full fledged member for the next 14 days! Hurry! This is an exclusive extremely limited time offer!

Principle # four: Every business (and or) successful business needs the pivotal ‘thud’ facrtor. Simply  put, where all those all imporant bonuses! powerful high pereived low cost free bonuses, often are all that is  needed to gently push your prospect over the!

But before warned! Don’t ever attempt to use worthless bonuses that you couldn’t prevviously sell on their own merit! And don’t offer totally outrageous over the top bonuses that clearly exceed 500-700% more than the retail value of the man digital product (unless) that digital prouct is a service.

Like a monthly digital membership site. Meaning- if the membership site you’re promoting costs $47 dollars per month. It’s okay if the free digital bonuses that you receive for enrolling, total$1,57 dollars!

Just don’t offer a $27 dollar ebook with $997 dollars! That’s too over the top!

Principle # five: This is basically the cost factor. Tell your prospects ‘how’ your offer  differs (or exceeds) from your competitors. If it’s strictly priced based, so be it.

Otherwise, build the ‘value’ of your product or service and describe ‘how’ your price makes your particular price makes your offer totally irresistible!

Follow thes five mega proven online marketing web page copy writing secrets and (with) just a little testing and  tracking, your online profits will soar!

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20Jan 2012
Your profits will literally explode with the right email direct marketing  strategies!

Properly develop your email direct marketing campaigns and watch your profits soar!

       (And So Can You!)

Have you noticed how even some of the biggest most successful retailers (in business) don’t properly execute a proven email direct marketing plan? So what do you think that says about the rest of (us) cash strapped small business owners?

A staggering number of (otherwise) savvy small business owners totally drop the ball when it comes to effectively marketing their products or services via low cost, high powered email marketing.

Introducing Three Incredibly Powerful Ways To Benefit From Inexpensive Email Marketing.

Example # one: Most of you probably read and were stunned to discover the nations second  largest retail bookseller “Borders” is officially going out of  business.

Their decline had been steady for years (and) the powers that be finally decided that the most cost effective thing they could do was pull  the plug.

Obviously, there are tons of reasons and plenty of blame to go around,however, just for the purposes of this particular post.

Let’s focus in on some very intriguing numbers. first off, they had 399 stores still operating and nearly 10,700 employees still on the payroll.

Now, strictly for illustration purposes. Suppose they had been actively capturing their best (meaning) their repeat customers primary email address by ‘bribing’ them with a coupon that they made available to them at the point of purchase and promised a whopping 70% off the retail price of their next purchase! No minimum purchase required!

The rational being two things.

A.) Once they capture a paying customers email address, they  can systematically start sending  them coupons and links to purchase both on & offline from now on!

B.) They could also save on expensive traditional offline advertising expenses by offering their subscribers powerful ‘ethical bribe’ coupons to bring a new first time customer with them on a specific date and automatically be eligible to receive some really cool prizes that day such as:

A.) A twenty five dollar gas  card.(Plus, give away at least one $100 dollar gas card coupon via a free in store drawing!)

B.) A whopping 50% off your next five purchases time sensitive discount coupon card, that hs to be used within 60 days of the date issued.

C.) A ‘lifetme’ 40%  off any purchase over $30 dollars discount card.(Plus, two to give away to friends, family and or associates!)

D.) A coupon for three free large pizza delivers to either your job or home etc. ( A 60 dollar value!)

E.) Five free large beverages of your choice insider their store, and this coupon would be ate stamped and good for at least the next 60 days.

Hopefully, you can see how inexpensive this type of non traditional ‘think outside the box’ marketing strategy would be compared to spending tons (millions) every year on expensive (not to) mention wasteful mass marketing efforts.

To reach a tiny fraction of the (exact) same book buyers!

But here’s the real insider nitty gritty to this all out proactive approach to capturing a certain percentage of their daily buyers primary email addresses.

As things started to go south for Borders. They could now strategically reach out to online retail giant (good old) Amazon.cot.

Ad arrange to become one of Amazon (potentially) mightiest affiliates. Because (for illustration purposes) only.

Suppose they had captured over the years (in excess) of 1 million paying customers email addresses. And Amazon agrees to give them affiliate commissions of a whopping 50% (or more) of all the initial (front end purchases) and Amazon nets 100% of all future purchases!

The main point being, even though Borders faced the eventually closing of their offline retail stores. They could still leverage and profit (big time) for years to come, by strategically marketing their email buyers list!

Whic is probably worth millions of dollars in future purchases of a kinds! That’s why you need to be actively capturing  online visitors email address. Any questions?

 Savvy Small Business Owners (Just Like You) Can Cash In Big Time With Inexpensive Power Email Marketing Too!

Example # two: Just because you happen to be a savvy offline small business owner, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your fair share off the online profits too!

For ex: (again) this is strictly for illustration purposes only. Suppose that you offer a low relatively inexpensive priced front end product. Because your main income comes from ongoing (long term) hourly one on one or group consulting.

And suppose you currently charge anywhere from $100-$500 dollars per hour. You could ‘ethically bribe’ your best subscribers wine of two offers. (Of course you’ll need to rest and track in order to discover high powered approach yields the best results!

Offer A: Simply by joining your opt in email list, they automatically qualify for 4)5 off (or X%) off their next three hourly paid consultations!

Offer B: As soon they join your paid affiliate membership site program, and as long as they remain a paying member, they get 50% off your retail one on one power consultation rates! The net result is, you create some nice passive continuity income.

Example # three: Basically concept # three involves two possibilities.

A.) A joint venture with another business owner that you know and trust.

B.) Or you can use good old mega profit generating triangulation, which involves at least three different companies. You and two others that you know and trust.

This particular concept will demonstrate, low cost high powered ‘triangulation’ for this particular eye opening example.

Suppose your company sells furniture and you joint venture/triangulate with two other businesses. One is a local car dealership and the other is an upscale jewelry store.

Each of you has opt in email list of three thousand. Which totals six thousand altogether. The other two stores (actually) you each take turns mailing each others email offers to your list.

Now suppose the following are your typical email response numbers.

A.) Your typically email ‘open rate’ is 27%.

B.) And your average ‘sales conversion rate’ is 34%. Which means (on average), if 6,000 emails go out, 27% of them will get opened. (6,000 x.27%  open rate = 1,620 subscribers open and click on your sales link.)

And of the 1,620 subscribers that do (typically) 34% of them  actually spend money! (1,620 x .34% = 550 paying customers) jam your store (and or) buy your digital product or service!

That my friend is the ‘how & why’ you need to be strategically using (good old) inexpensive power email marketing!

Of course that also means, you’ll need a state of the art email  service provider! This  is just a small sample of how to consistently grow your online profits. Irregardless of what your particular business, product, service or niche is.

Any questions?

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19Jan 2012


You can inexpensively leverage your email marketing lists.

Start strategically leveraging your email marketing lists!

As you previously discovered in part one of this series on strategically turning your email marketing lists into a low cost high powered mega cash flow generating machine.

Systematic email marketing allows savvy small business owners and or service providers (like you) to inexpensively (and) strategically out promote your big buck major competitors.

And routinely do it for pennies on the dollar!Below are three more powerful uses to grow your business, by strategically utilizing good old inexpensive email marketing  strategies.

A Proactive Follow Up Email Marketing Campaign Should Be A Strategic Part Of Every Serious Small owners Overall Marketing Game Plan!

Here are three more incredibly simple (non techie) inexpensive benefits and advantages to systematically communicating with your subscribers/customers via inexpensive email marketing.

1.) Advantage # one: Instead of just trying to convince your prospect through the use of cramped  expensive display or tiny classified ad space etc.

You could thoroughly educate your potential prospect over time a powerful (yet) concise multi part e-course and or multi part video -boot camp- training series.

The overwhelming statistics prove that a well written (valued packed) multi part educational (boot camp) training series converts extremely well!

2.) Advantage # two: You can also regularly email your subscribers in order to develop and establish an ongoing consultant/advisor relationship.

This type of approach works extremely well for service professionals, such as Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Lawyers and Doctors etc.

3.) Advantage # three: Although you may not realize it (yet) but you can also use carefully written (periodic) emails to (both) help prevent and drastically reduce your refund requests!

Often times, a simple written explanation (sometimes) followed up with a short phone call (from) either you personally and or from one of your ‘customer service care specialists’, is often all it takes to prevent a sale (especially) on a high ticket item, from coming apart!

Bonus tip: You can also (strategically) use to cross promote your products and services with other (offline local) savvy  small owners that are having special ‘one day’ or ‘this weekend only’ sale announcements.

And earn some serious passive affiliate /joint venture partners income, by sharing the announcement(s) with your list!

 Introducing The Five Basic Components Of A Successful Email Marketing Campaign.

Violate any of these proven components, and your money could be at risk!

1.) Basic component # one: Every successful email (and or) offline sales letter, postcard etc. Must have a powerful ‘benefit laden attention grabbing “What’s in it for me?” type of headline!

Online this will be your emails subject line. And it needs to scream at your prospect and tell them inside (meaning) by clicking the link and opening your email(s they’ll quickly discover the answer(s) to whatever troubles them!

2.) Basic component # two: That first (or) opening sentence/paragraph had better cut to the chase and show/demonstrate to your reader ‘how’ whatever product or service you have solves their problem(s) now!

Because if it doesn’t, they won’t leave skid marks!

3.) Basic component # three: Here’s the big secret! Write just like you talk! Meaning- be extremely conversational in your tone. Don’t be too technical (unless) your the majority of your readers/subscribers warrant it.

Don’t be boring and or too abstract or too much like a  lecture!

Avoid ‘slang’ unless you know for a fact the particular slang is totally representative of at least 95% (or more) of your target audiences normal usage.

4.) Basic component # four: Your message (on) offline, needs to be (at least) three things.

A.) It needs clarity.

B.) It should be extremely focused on a singular subject matter/goal.

C.) And it (definitely) needs to be concise. Cut to the chase! lay it out now!

5.) Basic component # five: Above all else (cadets) you must have at least two (preferably) three precise “calls to action!’

Meaning- it has to be “Mary Jane Plain” what specific action(s) you want them to take now!

If you want them to buy something now! Then be sure you tell them to do so now! Or if you’re trying to get them to join your list, then direct them to do so now!

For ex; Be sure you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series. It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

You get the point, correct? Basically, when it comes to the closing segment, don’t get weak in the knees or you’ll continue to starve!

All in all, you diligently apply these five proven email writing principles and strategies and watch your ‘conversion ratios’ soar!

And your online profits too!

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