15Feb 2012
How to find a niche for a blog.

Don't ask how to find a niche for a blog? That's the wrong question!

     (Especially If You Have Limited Capital And Your Just Starting Out!)

Who else is struggling to figure out; how to find a niche for a blog marketing strategy, that’s truly effective? Actually it was a trick question (gotcha) didn’t it?

Because the savvy marketers among you already realize that long before you register a (hopefully) well thought out keyword researched optimized Word Press blog and or website of some kind.

You already know specifically,who your target  market is and your blog is merely an effective (ongoing) extension of that well thought out research.If not (before) you waste your valuable time going any further, stop and figure out who your target market is first!

In other words, you don’t start building your blog, until you know who you are targeting. That way, the overall theme of your blog stays consistent with (not only) your core values and beliefs, but 90% of your content is consistent with your beliefs and overall mission.

Everything else is so much easier and effective, once you decide and focus on the right target (niche) market that plays to your overall strengths. On that note, here are:

Five Simple Things You Can Do Now In Order To Make Your Blog More Effective!

Ignore this five incredibly simple and inexpensive (market tested) suggestion and you’re making your online success, harder than  it needs to be!

Proven Suggestion # one: Be sure that at a bare bones minimum (both) your main/homepage and ‘about page’ has some type of market tested (proven) effective “call to action” instructions.

Meaning- make it crystal clear (especially) to your all important first time visitor, what specific action(s) you want them to take now!

Ultimately for long term list building purposes, you want a certain percentage of them to join your opt in email list.That way, you can start effectively following  up with them over time.

You can systematically build trust and start establishing a long term relationship with them  over time.

(Note: Here are five extremely persuasive (proven) action inducing words (and or) phrases you can and should test in order to create that all important sense of (do it now) action mindset!

1.) Subscribe now!

2.) Buy now!

3.) Call now!

4.) Donate today!

5.) Register here!

Proven suggestion # two: Constantly work on proven (meaning) researched ways to keep your ‘bounce rates‘ down. Basically, without getting into it here, the lower your overall bounce rate, the better! Refer to the high lighted link for a greater explanation.

Increasing The Time Your Average Visitor Stays On Your Site Ultimately Increases The Amount Of People That Join Your Email List.

Proven strategy # three: Working on effectively increasing the time your average visitor stays on  your site. Because, the longer they stick around, the better your chances are of earning some money. Or  building  your opt in email contact list.

Proven strategy # four: make sure your site/blog is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate (from) your visitors point of view, not yours!

Don’t make it too over techie or you’ll scare your potential prospect off and the vast majority of them (99%) won’t be coming back!

Proven strategy # five: Use a network of some kind (like) possibly a group of like minded blog active individuals, possibly some other potential (on and offline) joint venture partners to syndicate and cross promote each others blog content to your respective audiences.

You’ll create some valuable (and  hopefully relevant) back links that will become more influential over time (plus) a simple way to quickly grow your  list, because you’re being exposed to your ideal target audience.

Plus, unlike expensive paid advertising, these links are free! And they work overtime for you 24/7!

Case in point; If you cruise over to this particular site (which) just happens to be one of my online marketing mentors.

You’ll discover my personal testimonial! My instructor gets further validation and yours truly (along) with the other thirteen success testimonials!

Free (unpaid) traffic as long as his site is up!

Bonus strategy: Head over to www.alexa.com, type any site into the text box. Just be sure yo type in www dot first,  and you’ll quickly discover what (according to alexa.com) their current  worldwide ranking is and what their current, rank is within their particular country of origin is.

Plus, you’ll discover how many  back links they currently have (as well  as) who they are. You start actively applying these six  proven suggestions and you’ll no longer wonder, how to find a niche for a blog!

Because your Word Press blog will be well on it’s way to niche domination!

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13Feb 2012


Closeout sales on furniture and other dead inventory equals long term profits!

Turn your closeout sales on furniture and other dead inventory into major profits!

As you previously discovered in part one of this series; about how to successfully turn your closeout sales on furniture and other dead inventory into major profits. There are tons of currently untapped profit centers buried inside every small business, including yours.

As you recall from part one in this hypothetical situation, that was being used strictly for illustration purposes only.

Donald Trump & Robert Allen had successfully combined forces in order to reap the undeniable bank account filling benefits of joint ventures.

And together they were selling a rather expensive week long advanced Real Estate investment education boot camp that was valued at $10K per person.

 Three More Powerful Reasons Why You Should Be Actively Marketing Your Dead Inventory And Closeout Sales On Furniture To Make A Lot Of Money!

As you recall from part one of this series, major book publishers often end up shredding tons and tons of unsold books! Now maybe they want have to suffer such a large expense, because some of the national traveling seminar/workshop businesses, that target the ‘start and run  your own business from home’ crowd.

They could agree to purchase thousands (or if) need be hundreds of thousands of units of unsold books by popular authors like Donald Trump,Robert Kiyosaki & Robert Allen etc.

And merely pay the  publishers actual out of pocket cost (that) way the publishers at least recover their initial investment.

And the ‘home expo’ industry promoters could now create grab bags, where they simply fill the boxes up with special super discounted coupons and any attendee that spends at least X amount of dollars (say) $30 dollars or more.

Automatically get a chance to reach in the grab bag and win a special seven set DVD program by popular mega best selling author Robert Kiyosaki. Let’s say this seven set DVD program would normally retail for $117 dollars.

But because it  was in the grab bag, they can get for just $27 dollars! Or get one of Donald Trump or Robert Allens best selling books, that normally retails for $24.95, but because you qualified for a grab, you get it for just $4.95! Any two for just $7.95!

Remember, these are remaining inventory best selling unsold books, that they got from the publisher at cost.So they probably paid about $2.95 each for them!

Three Simple Ways To Profit From Dead Inventory!

Strategy # one: The savvy home expo industry could also put together incredibly lucrative nation wide joint ventures with local investment clubs and allow the clubs to buy as many of these books as they want at cost!

In exchange for the investment club, sending a special email (and or) mailing a few postcards to their entire list, inviting their members to the expo in their particular town. That way, the expo doesn’t have to spend quite as much money on traditional advertising, like expense local TV, radio and newspaper ads etc.

Strategy # two: Another way that Trump & Robert Allen could strategically use dead inventory (unsold) hard cover books to create a ton more up front profit, is by offering them to popular magazine’s like Entrepreneur or Inc Magazine.

Let Inc Magazine offer two of (either) Donald’s or Roberts best selling books to every subscriber that pre pays up front for a discount on a two year subscription! They’ll receive a free digital version of any two books they choose!

Or if they prefer, they only pay the actual hard cost and shipping to receive the actual hard cover versions.

Strategy # three: The  other thing Donald & Robert can do in order to really boost the back room  sales of their previously unsold national best sellers.

Every person that buys at least two of their books (meaning) one from each author. They automatically get a chance to reach into the grab  bag and at least two people (one male, one female) are guaranteed, a  free six month trial membership into Donald & Roberts advanced Real Estate Investment membership site.

Every body else simply wins a super discounted 30 day trial membership that cost just $14.95 instead of the normal $77 dollar a month rate!

And as you recall from part one,that site currently retails for $77 dollars per month. So that in and of itself is a $462 dollar value! ($77 dollars per month x 6 months = $462 dollars!)

Plus, they’ll also get free copies of the six hours worth of one on one power consultation recordings that both Donald  & Robert (and their) team of experts did with certain past attendees!

This in itself is a $12,000 dollar value! Plus, (there’s more!) oh yes, you’ll also get a chance to win a free 18 set DVD boot camp series, that you also get master resell rights to!

Which means, that not only can you sell these tapes from now on, and  keep 100% of the up front profits!

But you’ll also be able to sell (or lease) the master resell rights to other industrious entrepreneurs that may also wish to market them! And keep 100% of those profits as well!

But the only way, that you can qualify for any of these incredible goodies, is by first attending day two of the free introductory workshop and by purchasing at least two of their best selling books at the back of the room!

Hopefully now you can see that (no matter) what your particular niche is, the tremendous untapped potential available to your small business, when you start systematically taking advantage of the closeout sales  on furniture and other previously dead inventory!

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12Feb 2012


Closeout sales on furniture and other dead inventory equals big bucks!

Closeout sales on furniture and dead inventory can be converted into big profits!

Have you ever gone to a (private) VIP members only closeout sales on furniture extravaganza! The prices and deals in general are truly insane. Especially when the companies that are sponsoring them are truly marketing savvy.

For ex; practically everybody knows the type of marks ups that furniture retailers charge on beds, sofas, couches  and lamps etc; just to name a few,correct?

Exactly how hard can it be to purchase something (say) a lamp for $38 dollars and (mark) it up and sell it for $87-$117 dollars.

Or to pay $177 dollars for  a couch and sell it for $498 dollars! That’s some serious profit ( spread) don’t you agree?

How The Top On And Offline Information Sellers Routinely Gross A Whopping 500% Or More On Their Closeout Sale Dead Inventory! (And So Can You!)

Most of you are probably already familiar with mega best selling author Robert Allen of “Nothing Down” fame correct?

Although you may not necessarily be familiar with one of his books entitled “The Challenge.” Does that one ring a bell? Whether it does or doesn’t, is not really the point.

Donald Trump is another Real Estate mogul that (from time to time) also publishes books that become instant best sellers.

Well (believe it) or not, every so often even mega best selling authors (just like) super successful furniture stores have and need to get rid of excess (dead) non moving (and or) closeout inventory.

When this happens with former best selling books, the publishers often end up shredding tons and tons of unsold books.

And often times furniture companies drastically mark down dead (and or) closeout sale dead inventory in order to move it.

Neither alternative is necessarily attractive, but they gotta do, what they gotta do! Or do they?

Introducing Five Incredibly Simple Ways To Cash In Big Time On Your Closeout Sales On Furniture And Or Dead Inventory!(Without Taking A Beating On The Price!)

This first strategy involves Super stars like Donald Trump & Robert Allen. Suppose those two mega best selling personalities (hook up) aka via some type of joint venture and begin a national speaking tour that showcases a grand total of 15 guest expert speakers that specialize in fifteen separate niche areas of Real Estate investment.

And all 15 of them plus Donald & Robert will be conducting a five day hyper intense Real Estate investment boot camp that goes for $10K each or $14,500 per any two people that would like to pick all these experts  brains, for 40 hours.

Meaning- for eight hours per day and that includes both Donald & Robert at no additional cost! Plus they get an an exclusive one on one hour long session with both Donald and Robert to ask any questions about they wish and get a free CD recording of it, to do whatever they wish with it!

Strategy # one: Even as great as Donald & Robert are; they still need some type of powerful inducement to get a large percentage of their attendees of the free lecture to come back for day two of their free lecture series.

Because it’s a well known documented fact, that over 50% of the people that attend day one of your free lecture, won’t be coming back for days two or three!

So why not ‘bribe’ them silly to get them to do so. What Donald & Robert offer any attendee (at the back) of the room, super discounts on $797 dollars worth of their best selling books & CD’s for an incredible 75% off their normal retail rate!

So instead of paying the  normal retail price of $797, they can pay by cash or credit card only, just $199.25! Or, if they prefer, they can get the exact same digital version for free!Huh?

Strategy # two: They offer every attendee that comes back for day two. A free digital version of the $797 dollar package! In other words, as Donald & Robert tour the country from end to end, their building a massive email list of  highly targeted future potential customers and clients that they can endlessly market (and) affiliate market tons of Real Estate related Investment products and services to!

Isn’t It Funny How One Really Effective Lead Generation Strategy Can Be Worth A Ton Of Money On Both The Front And Back End Of Your Long Term Sales Funnel!

Strategy # three: In order to create instant cash flow, they advice every person that takes advantage of the special 75% offer of $199.25. Their names automatically go into a free drawing and two Grand prize winners, one male & one female, will get a free six month exclusive membership into Donald & Roberts Future millionaire makers advanced Real Estate investment membership site.

Plus, receive $2k in cash apiece, plus get three free exclusive no holds barred one on one recorded power interviews with Donald & Robert, and they are free to do whatever they want with them!

Meaning- if they wish to,they can market them on ebay or use them as powerful free bonus gifts, to give to their best customers or clients, for joining their lists or giving them bank account filling testimonials etc!

Strategy # four: Another way Donald & Robert can use their dead unsold book inventory is by telling every attendee that comes back for day two, who ever brings back the most new guests (over 18), three grand prize winners will get $3K in cash,$1,500 and $500 in cash respectively!

Strategy # five: Donald & Robert are also going to allow anybody that brings at least three new guests (over 18) back with them for day two, the chance to earn a 25% residual commission, by marketing/promoting their $77 dollar a month platinum advanced Real Estate Investment membership package.

So for every month the person pays $77 dollars per month (your) 25% ongoing monthly commission is $19.25. However, once you join the site as a paying member, your ongoing monthly residual commission percentage jumps to 80%!

Which means you now now bank 80% of $77 dollars per month (or) you earn $61.60 every month the both of you remain a paying member! ($77 x.80% =$61.60 per month,per paying member!)

As yes, these strategies and concepts work no matter what your particular niche is.

In part two, you’ll discover three more incredibly profitable ways to leverage your closeout sales on furniture and other dead inventory!

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12Feb 2012


The lifetime value of a customer is really important to  your term success!

Know the lifetime value of a customer and you are ready to dominate your niche!

As you previously discovered in part one of this series on accurately calculating the total lifetime value of a customer to your business, product and or service.

Once you tabulate this number, you are now in a much better position to determine how and what type of marketing strategies you can safely afford to use in order to create a ton more business, for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Once You Know And Understand The Total Lifetime Value Of A Customer, N You Now Know Exactly How Much Money Your Business Can Safely Afford To Spend In Order To Attract Or Create A Brand New Customer!

For ex; as you recall from the previous illustration in part one. The hair salon actually had a total lifetime customer value of $10,800 dollars!

And each individual customer was worth $45 dollars per visit or $540 dollars per year.($45 per visit x 12 visits  per year = $540 dollars total.)

And would (on average) spend that $540 for at least five years, for a grand total of $2,700 dollars. ($540 dollars gross per year x 5 years = $2,700 gross profits.)

And since they would refer (on average) at least ten more people to your shop and 40% of them (or) four people would actually remain long term  customers (and) strictly for the sake of example, suppose those four new long term customers  are worth $2,700 each over the next five years as well.

Twenty seven hundred times four is where the grand total of  $10,800 dollars comes from. ($2,700 x 4 =$10,800)

Let’s now focus on that annual amount of $540 dollars gross profit for a second. Since you’ve run your numbers and you realize that your typical customer will spend a total of $540 dollars per year. Or  since you know that you’ll gross $45 dollars per visit or X.

The question really becomes, how much can your business or service really afford to spend in order to get that new first customer into your shop for the very first time? Or how much can you safely afford to invest in order entice an old or currently inactive customer back?

Obviously you now realize right off the bat, that under no circumstances would it make financial sense for you to be investing more than $45 dollars,correct?

Hopefully you now see  and realize how dangerous (wreck less) and misguided it is to simply allocate X amount of dollars for advertising /marketing your business,product or service without first taking into consideration how much each new or returning customer is to your business!

That’s why it’s vitally important to know and understand the benefits of the lifetime value of a customer to your business.

You Can Start To Strategically Out Promote Your Major Competitors For Pennies On The Dollar By Knowing The True Lifetime Value Of A Customer To Your Business!

For ex; suppose your offline business (still) for whatever reasons, doesn’t have any of your customers and clients (all important) email addresses. So currently you don’t have the luxury of contacting them via email.

And just  for the sake of example, let’s say your hair salon has a total of 1,200 customers physical mailing addresses.

And as your preparing for tax season, you discover that an incredible 27% of your customer base is (for whatever) reasons, currently inactive! Meaning- that haven’t been to see you in over six months!

That equals 324 people! (1,200 x .27% = 324 no shows!) Now it definitely makes economic sense for you to send them a postcard (or two) or three and invite them back!Don’t you agree?

And bribe them for doing so! You realize that their gross yearly value  for the remainder of this year is now only half of what it would normally be. Meaning, your only going to gross (at best) $270 dollars instead of the typical $540. ($540 x .50 =$270 dollars gross profit.)

So under no circumstances can you afford to spend more than $270 dollars on each of these inactive customers.

Well, actually you could, because you know what their truly worth to your business over time! But in order to keep everything simple and in the right perspective, you shouldn’t think beyond the next six months, for this particular example.

So what if you invite them back, by ethically bribing them with two big bonuses.

A.) As long as they come back by whatever date that you mention on the card, you’ll give them a coupon that entitles them to a nice juicy 20lb turkey (or) the meat of their choice in order to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday season!

You’ll simply purchase a gift certificate at one the local super markets and give it to them.

B.) And you’ll also allow them to get their next three washes and rinses for just five dollars apiece, instead of the normal cost of X!(And specify how much they’ll be saving off the normal retail price!)

But only if they call and set an appointment by a certain date! And as long as your customer (for this) particular example only, is not in their fifth year of patronage with your business or service.

This type of promotion  really makes economic sense, don’t you agree? Hopefully, you can now  see, how truly simple it would be to start systematically out promoting your big buck major competitors for a fraction of the traditional cost!

Simply by knowing and understanding the true lifetime value of a customer to your business,product and or service. You are  free to really get creative in your marketing and think way outside the box, don’t you agree?

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And  really start to dominate your niche.


11Feb 2012


Know the lifetime value of a customer.

you can really increase your profits by knowing the lifetime value of a customer!

Do you have a favorite offline local (family) restaurant and or ice cream parlor that you like to frequent? Tons of local small businesses inadvertently benefit from the total lifetime value of a customer concept, without necessarily really understanding it.

Meaning- because their particular small business (and or) service has been in the family for several generations and over that time they’ve really gotten to know several of their patrons and their immediate family members (meaning) kids and grandkids etc.

They’ve been able to bond and continue to pay the bills and (hopefully) grow their enterprise as a result of the steady cash flow generated by all those additional generations of family patrons that continue to shop where (both) Mom & Dad and their grandparents before them did as well.

Sears is a great example of this concept in action.

This post is going to offer five incredibly simple ways to extend,stimulate and capture up to 25% more of your ideal customers/clients disposable income by giving them more (and ) better incentives to spend more money!

How To Understand And Really Take Advantage Of The Lifetime Value Of A Customer Concept!

Basically, in a nutshell, your customer (and or) clients lifetime value. Is is sort of (short hand) math that lets you quickly calculate how much gross profit they spend with you and or bring via their referrals (and) repeat business over their entire history with your business,product or service.

Whether you primarily market  on or offline. And ‘no’ it doesn’t matter what your particular niche is, this basic concept will still apply.

For ex; let’s suppose that you run a successful (local) offline hair salon. And your typical customer comes in once per month (or) twelve times per year.

And they usually  get a  wash, rinse and trim. And they’ll typically spend $60 dollars (or more) and you net 75% of that amount  or $45 dollars. ($60 x.75%=$45 dollars gross profit per visit.)

And let’s say your typical customer stays with you for about five years (or) 60 months. (12 months per year x 5 years =60 months.)

And during  that time, they recommend at least ten people to your shop, and 40% of them (or) four people actually stick.

Your ideal customers (quick math) total lifetime value is; the gross total of what they spend over the years (on average) plus, the total number of referrals that actually became steady customers. Which in this example was four out of every ten referred. (10 referrals x a .40% retention rate = four new long term  customers/clients.)

Of course there is simply no real way to know (precisely) upfront how much money each new long term customer will spend, but merely for the sake of example, let’s pretend they all spend the exact same amount, in order to really zero in on the math!

Knowing The Lifetime Value Of A Customer Allows You To Systematically Out Promote Your Competition!

Take a look at these eye opening numbers. Your ideal long term customer/client, will come to your shop twelve times per year. And you’ll gross (meaning before paying any taxes) $45 dollars per visit and (on average) they’ll remain an active customer for at least five years.

Plus, they’ll recommend or refer at least four other people that will do exactly the same! Here’s your math.

A.) Twelve visits per  year at $45 dollars each, times 60 months or five years, times four! ($45 x 12 = $540 gross per year.

B.) Five hundred forty dollars gross per year ($540) times five years (60 months) = $2,700 dollars gross profit per customer.($540 x 5 =$2,700)

C.) ($2,700 gross x four new long term customers/clients equals a grand total ‘lifetime value’ of $10,800 dollars per customer! ($2,700 x 4 referral customers  = $10,800 gross profits!)

That my friend is the real fast and dirty way of looking at and loosely calculating (in this) particular example, the total and real ‘lifetime value of a customer’ to your small business and or service!

As was previously mentioned, more than likely, not all your new referral based customers will happen to spend the exact same amount or stay as many years as the person that originally referred them!

Nor will they all spend the exact same amounts when it comes to upsell/add on sales! This at least gives you a much better idea of what you and or your valued associates are really sacrificing, anytime you grossly mishandle and or blow off a paying customer  and or client! Any questions!

In part two of this series; you’ll discover the five little known and rarely revealed secrets to successfully maximizing  profits using  this mega proven marketing  concept!

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10Feb 2012


Make your email contact list a major priority!

Build your email contact list or starve!

As you previously discovered in part one of this series about your email contact list, strategically growing and nurturing your email list is simply one of the fastest surefire ways to increase your online profits bar none.

In part two of this  powerful series, you’re going to discover how the ultimate insiders (so that) means you, actually go about strategically building their list, even if they don’t currently have their own product or service to market and promote yet!

Why You Should Strategically Build Your List Even If You Don’t Have A Product Or Service Of Your Own To Promote!

If you’re a small to mid size retailer and or service provider, this next strategy works extremely well. For ex; (let’s say) that your a small (but) growing offline local retailer of some kind.

First off, obviously if you’re a retailer you have your products to sell,however, what if you don’t currently have any particular reason(s) to capture your daily paying customers (and visitors) all important (physical) and or email address.

You should seriously consider doing two things to change that situation immediately.

1.) The next time you have a product  that is about to go out of season like one of your best selling barbecue pits. Create a giant sign in that section that offers a free drawing!

And throw in free charcoal, plus, a grocery store coupon where the Grand prize winner also gets $25 dollars worth of meat to boot! That should cause an avalanche of entrants into your free drawing!

And of course, only one person (and or) couple can win your Grand prize. Everybody else that enters get your valuable second prize. Which of course will be your postcard telling them how although they didn’t win the first prize,that went whomever, they still won a valuable second prize.

Invite them to come back to your store by a certain date in order to receive X% off their total purchase. For ex; 30% the total of their next purchase (n0 minimum) purchase required. However, if they bring at least one new quest with them whose over 18 and not already an existing customer. Two things happen automatically.

A.)  They automatically get up to 50% (or X% off) the total of their entire next purchase! Again (no minimum) purchase required.

B.) They’ll also get a special discount coupon that entitles them and their guest to receive 50% off the cost of lunch or dinner at a popular local hot spot that serves both of those meals. This other local restaurant/diner (cash starved) small business owner will gladly cross promote your product or service as well. Proving once again, the powers and benefits of joint ventures!

Because that other local offline business should be more than willing to gain potential new long term customers, plus their referrals and positive testimonials over the years, for pennies on the dollar!

Of course before you can successfully implement a proven strategy like this, it’s crucial that (both) you and your cross promotion/joint venture partners totally understand your customers and clients ‘lifetime customer value‘ calculations, otherwise you risk losing a lot of money and becoming  totally frustrated in the process as well.

2.) The other thing  you do is, any time you are about to (either) discontinue an item or do a closeout sale. Allow one (or) if you afford to,let several of your top JV partners to offer it to their customers via a free drawing and or a raffle.

You get the benefit of list building, plus you’ll offer all the runner ups (which) means everybody else, will get your best market tested follow up postcard offering them the same benefits or some variation of the concept previously discussed.

The  point is, by cross promoting/joint venturing with other local offline small business owners and or service providers, you can strategically build your list much faster. And turn your periodic close out  sales into big money makers over time.

Three More Simple Ways To Build Your All Important Email Contact List.

The other reasons  to build your email contact list even though you may be a brand new service provider of some kind, that doesn’t currently have your own product or service to promote yet is this.

Even though you don’t currently have your own product yet, you can and should contact another up and coming expert that is non competitive, but who needs your exact same customer and arrange to interview them (or they interview you) and record it.

1.) And offer this series of one -five of these one on one power interviews in a free educational audio and or video series boot camp training series of some kind. Educational boot camps are extremely profitable and popular.

Your target audience loves to be informed about little known insider secrets! But they must opt in (join) your list in order to get it.

2.)  Of course you already know how popular and profitable video educational boot camp series are. So why not capitalize of it, by offering up a free one -seven part video boot camp series where you and if need be, six other up and coming respected experts each discuss your specialties in a three -seven minute segment and every other day, deliver them via your opt in boot camp series.

In your very first email you’ll simply introduce yourself to your subscribers and briefly explain to them what to expect or the next several days.

Briefly explain the topics you’ll be covering in depth, thank them and invite them to please leave their questions and comments on your (hopefully) WordPress blog. And sign of and tell them to enjoy the series and prosper!

Of course if your camera shy, simply create an audio series.

3.) You can always make one of your multiple streams of income (lucrative) one on one power consulting. You simply offer your consulting services on the back end of your free report and or audio or video boot camp series.

With a nice marketing twist of course! Here’s the twist.

Let’s suppose, your current (one time only) one on one consulting rates are $250 per hour or X. Remember,, it’s the concept that important here,  not the specific numbers!

However, suppose you’re also marketing some type of membership site that your an affiliate for. You inform your subscribers that once they join the membership site and as long as their a paying member, they get 50% (or X%) your consulting fees!

Because you basically want that continual residual income more than a hit & miss hourly consulting fee! Or if they sign up and pay for (either) six or twelve months in advance, for your ongoing consulting maintenance plan, they’ll get a discount of either 25% or 45% off respectively.

Hopefully, this has given you enough food for thought as to how and why building your very own email contact list is vitally important.

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09Feb 2012
Your online email contact list holds the the key!

Your online email contact list helps you out promote your online competitors!

    (And Make Your Online Business So Much Easier To Be Profitable!)

Have you ever met someone really nice at the mall (especially) during the hectic Xmas holiday season rush hour? And after a really nice 15-20 minute conversation, thought to yourself,”Gee this would be a great time to propose marriage?” Yea right!

Proposing marriage to a complete stranger that you met 15 minutes ago in a mall (makes) about much as sense as you trying to sell something (especially) online to a complete stranger! Translated-  a first time visitor!

You don’t each other from Adam Apple and yet there you are asking your first time visitor to trust you and buy something (anything), good luck. This is where your email  contact list comes in real handy.

Because the net result is a staggering 99% of your first time visitors briefly skim your site and (without) hitting your sales button, they bolt from your site and sadly, a staggering 99% of them aren’t coming back! The net result is your online sales are few and far between if at all! Sound familiar?

Discover The Proven Way To Take Advantage Of The Psychology Of The Web!

Remember the main two actions that your typical web surfer (translated) a non buyer takes initially.

A.) They type some non specific generic (term) or terms into one of the major search engines (statistically) speaking, more than likely, it’s probably Google. Seventy percent of the time.

B.) Next they quickly scan a few of the web pages that they visited, and in 99% of the cases (your) first time visitor leaves you (or) your competitors site after their first visit without buying anything.Yep!

And if your’e not strategically doing anything to build your  (all important) email list, in order to start strategically following up with. You’ll probably continue to starve online.

Remember, 99% of your first time visitors that find your site, that found you via the search engines,will not buy from you (or your) competitors on their very first visit. Mainly because they don’t quite know or trust you well enough yet.

List Building 101 Is The Corner Stone Of Your Online Success!

Basically, your online visitors need a very good reason  to give their online contact information. Meaning- (their email address.) And one of the best ways for a savvy (cash starved) small business owner and or service provider like you to accomplish that is by one of two proven ways.

A.) You offer them by way of your WordPress blog and or regular website, some type of high powered free, quality problem solving ‘how to’ information product. Like a free special report ) like) the one you downloaded from this website.

Or Maybe you recorded some type of one to seven part free how to problem solving video boot camp series,or maybe you recorded a free 30-90 minute (no holds) barred power interview and you offer it free to your first time online visitors.

In exchange for their all important email address.(List building 101.)

B.) Or if your really an offline local small business owner and or service provider. You can offer your online visitors (who) probably found you at result of doing a local search of some kind, you can always offer them some type of greatly discounted new customer only VIP discount coupon (and or) short term discount card that’s good for X% off for the next 30-60 days!

In exchange for their all important email address.This one strategy alone works extremely well for small local to mid size retailers of all kinds.And it’s certainly worth inexpensively testing on a small scale and tracking the results.

(By the way, regarding your all important keyword research, you really have to know what specifically your online market wants and needs!) In order to better serve them.

And on that note, Let’s now focus on:

 The Five Top Reasons Why A Percentage Of Your First Time Online Visitors Will Join Your List!

1.) To get your free (lead generating) problem solving how to special report and or video or audio educational (and) or boot camp series.

2.) To get your free 15-30 minute one on one power consultation(s) valued at X. Meaning- you always have to give your free lead generation products and services some type of perceived value. Because if you don’t value it, neither will they!

3.) To get your free (and) highly informative newsletter and or free special insiders edition of your specialty!

4.) To get your special “one time only’ new customers VIP discount coupon, that entitles the holder of it 40% off their next purchase! But up to a maximum of up to a whopping 70% off their next purchase,provided they bring a new person with them (that’s over 18) that’s not currently an existing customer!

5.) To get a free and or introductory sample of your affiliate product or service that your promoting for one of your top joint venture partners.

Basically by strategically marketing your products and services online, your email contact list, can and will lead you to long term online success.

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08Feb 2012
Apply these five proven tips and watch your business email format produce results!

Your business email format can and will produce results fast! When you apply these five secrets!

    (Or Your Leaving A Ton Of Money On The Table!)

Have you ever heard the saying, “Any fool can make  soap,it takes a clever man to sell it.” That simply statement really  applies your business email format as well.

Meaning, “Any fool  can  write and send an email, it takes real copy writing skills to make it work.” So that’s why this post is dedicated to imparting five basic (must have) elements, all of your on & offline sales copy should have.

The more often you apply these five proven elements, the more often you’ll have a winner.

80% Of  Your Success Or Failure Of Your Marketing Piece Will Ultimately Be Determined By How Well Your Main Power Headline(s) Convey The Benefits Of Your Products Or Services!

The late great legendary football coach of Greenbay Packers fame, Vince Lombardi, was fond of starting  each training camp, even after the Packers started routinely winning Super Bowls!

Old Vince would start each training camp by holding up a football and saying “Gentlemen, this is a football!”

Meaning- let’s get back to basics, and so it  goes with your copy writing (on or) offline. It starts with the basics, and as you’ve previously discovered.

Your main power headline (provided) your smart enough test one against the other, will account for (at least) 80% of the ultimate success or failure of the entire marketing piece. So let]’s focus on five must have basic elements, whenever you create any type marketing piece.

Five Must Have Basic Elements Every Written Marketing You Create Should Have..

Alright, after your main power headline(s) grabs their attention, now it’s crucial that your opening sentence and or opening  paragraph (practically) compels them to read on to discover the main benefits of your product or service.

So the question begs asking, how do you (best) which means, how do the super successful (annual) 6-8 figure earners consistently get the rest of us to read their material.

If you consistently read the posts on copyblogger.com (and) if you’re not reading it, you should be! They highly recommend at least three proven  ways to do so.

1.) Have your opening sentence and or the opening paragraph, ask a powerfully probing and or a provocative question. Something that has your ideal prospect scratching their head and wanting to know more.

A.) Anytime you can (site) a shocking stat that directly (or at) least, indirectly affects your target audience. Face it, everybody (including) your target audience loves to be informed! And sharing powerful little known insider stats, is a great way for you to do it.

B.) Another proven way to open your marketing pieces (including) your WordPress blog posts, is by painting a picture in prospect/reader/subscribers mind.

c.) Using graphic metaphors that help them feel theirs or your pain or disgust. This goes a long way towards gluing their eyeballs and their focus on your marketing piece.

Moving on from their… Your second must have element is.

2.) Your  body copy needs to be heavily loaded up with benefits,benefits,benefits. And this is where using short concise bullets to convey the specific ways (benefits) that your products or services provide these to your prospects. Three to five of your best market tested bullet (benefit) points.

3.) Whenever you can, offer your prospects some type of social proof (aka) power testimonials from your best customers and clients. In short, get your best customers to give you permission to use their written, and or video or audio testimonials on (either) your offline sales letters and  or you’re online websites and or blogs etc.

(FYI: If you need to get more bank account filling testimonials, you can offer your customers and clients the free nine page special report that you downloaded free this website!)

4.) Sooner or later (preferably) sooner, your on or offline marketing piece, needs to have some type of clear cut “Call to action!”

In other words, what action(s) do you want your readers to take after reading your marketing material. Then make sure you tell them specifically what you want them to do! And don’t get weak kneed here!

For ex; do you want them to; “Pick up the phone now! And call your toll free number to receive your free 27:31 second DVD on subject x!

Or, do you want them to grab  your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series! It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

5.) Do you know after your ideal prospect skims your main power headline(s) and glance at your bullet points, they head directly to your P.S!

And this is basically your last chance before they move on, to convey your product or services main benefits to them!

So make sure all of your (on or) offline marketing pieces has a powerful benefit laden P.S. And be sure that it’s focused on conveying your product or services main power benefits to your target audience.

Follow these five basic proven copy writing strategies and your online business email format (as well) as offline sales letters results will drastically improve!

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07Feb 2012
Two more powerful strategies to  help you enjoy the benefits of joint ventures.

The potential benefits of joint ventures equals big bucks!

As you previously discovered in part one of this series on the low cost, high powered benefits of joint ventures, often times, the other cash starved struggling small business owners and or service providers (and) their many assets can be an enormous amount of new business, and usually for a fraction of the traditional cost.

The Outside Sales Reps Of Every Kind And Or Persuasion Have Tons Of Untapped Sales/Joint Venture Opportunities Everyday!

For ex: take the following daily occurrence (all) over the country. Everyday millions of people (either) get their cable TV systems repaired and  or installed in an additional room(s) or the get it installed for the first time, correct.

And typically the sales rep/installer(s) come and take care of the business at hand and leave, correct? Wrong! Huh?

Instead, what the savvy cable company should be doing is a couple of things. And by  the way, it’s the overall concept to pay attention to,  not the specific examples.

Strategy # one: The installer/sales rep should be offering each paying customer (especially) a new customer the chance to take advantage of special (over) the top Pay Per View (PPV) movie discount package that’s only available that day!

If they buy or better yet, when they buy (upsell) to this special VIP (New customer) and or current customers special of buy three movies at retail and get five (or X) more  for free! They save a whopping 53% off the normal retail rate!

Again, think about your law of averages here, just as is the case with your local neighborhood Mickey D’s. Each day millions of McDonald’s customers (walk or) drive in, and order a big Mac and large or small soda, and almost without hesitation.

Their top cashiers are trained (and) highly encouraged to ask, the six magic words,”Would you like fries with that?” And bingo! Without increasing their overhead by one nickel,  they just got (on average) an additional 10-40% of their daily foot traffic to spend a little more money!

And so could the cable company (and or) your outside sales reps/installers. Because  it’s a proven statistical fact, that just by strategically testing various customer centered VIP discount offers.

They would quickly discover (which) offer(s) produced the most response and then they could have all their outside sales reps/installers offering it each day to their new and  current paying customers.

And train the reps in order to maximize this untapped (or at) best under tapped potential goldmine. There is probably 10-40% of those new and current customers, who will be glad to take advantage of this “today only”  VIP special price!

They just need you to ask them!

Strategy # two: The other thing your installer/outside sales rep could do is this. Offer every customer that them come in contact with, while their out servicing them.

A chance to be entered into your “free drawing” where every person (make) that VIP that takes advantage of today’s special, they get a chance to be entered into a free monthly drawing and possibly win some fabulous prizes.

And this (my friend) is where you and they really get a chance to reap and enjoy the potentially profitable benefits of joint ventures. 

But guess who’s going to be supplying (in this ) case the the cable company with all these wonderful free goodies? That’s correct, you and the other cash starved struggling local small business owners and or service providers.

Especially if you have additional products and services to sell your new customers. Then it only makes sense to joint venture with other local small businesses and cross promote each other for pennies on the dollar.

Because remember, you can also go in reverse to. Meaning- the other small businesses could be giving a  free or greatly reduced discount to get cable installed for new customers only!

(Or they could have a special VIP discount coupon, that’s good  for seven on demand Pay Per View (PPV)  events for an incredibly 60% off the normal retail rate. For all existing cable customers that upsell to the vendors offer.)

The cable company guarantees at least five people (and) that includes couples, meaning married couples count as as one unit. So each month, everyone that enters the drawing (as a result) of purchasing the upsell , can go to the cable companies (and or) your (hopefully) Word Press blog to discover who that month’s guaranteed five winners are.

(And who knows, while their visiting your blog to discover who that month’s winners are, they mail just decide to join  your email list.)

Of course before you can successfully participate in this type of proven strategic alliance, you’d better know & understand your “customers lifetime value” or you may wind up going broke!

And for the record, it  doesn’t matter what your particular niche is, this powerful concept will work for your particular,  business, product or service.

Hopefully, you can see the enormous untapped potential goldmine that’s staring you and other cash starved struggling small business owners in the face!

And how by strategically tapping into them, by proactively using your outside sales reps/installers,you and other savvy local small business owners and service providers can and will enjoy (both) the short and long term benefits of joint ventures!

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