21Mar 2012
Sales process stages.

How are you strategically improving your sales process stages?

As you previously discovered in part one of this series on how to dramatically improve your sales process stages. As you recall, in our fictitious case study, country music Superstars, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw hired yours truly on a performance based commission only basis.

In other words, they readily agreed to positively spread the word around (both) on & offline, if yours truly could increase their long term passive back end income.They readily agreed to you yours truly on a sliding scale of 25-50% of the increase in profits.

They’ll pay 50% if they don’t proactively spread the word about their increase in profits. Or they’ll gladly share 25% of the performance based profits (provided) they create a powerful via a video testimonial (that) yours truly gets to post on my blog and blast all over good old youtube!

Three More Powerful Ways To Dramatically Alter Your Sales Process Stages By Strategically Monetizing Your List!

As you recall in part one, Faith  & Tim, had created an incredibly valuable opt in email list of 1,530,000 valued customers, by strategically capturing their email address, once they entered the stadium to enjoy the live concert.

Now remember, these are not  just  your (all too) typical opt in email subscribers.Eighty percent of whom, periodically read your emails, and  typically spend little or no money.

No way, these valued opt in subscribers, actually spent money (remember) to attend the live concert. Be sure you read the highly informative post series on the 80/20 Rule in marketing, to discover how to apply this incredibly powerful marketing concept to your tool box.

Anyway, now that Tim & Faith have their primary email address, they will use an incredibly proactive marketing ploy in order to really bump their long term passive back end profits.

Again, this battlefield tested marketing ploy is not currently being used by a staggering 98% of their peers!

Use Exciting Online Offers To Increase Your  Offline Profits As Well!

They will send a special broadcast email VIP alert to their massive 1,530,000 opt in subscribers. Offering them an incredibly one time only “OTO” offer on a special double CD that they’ll be releasing during the Xmas holiday season and (currently) it’s not available to the general public under any price!

And get this, this exclusive “VIP only” Xmas CD special offer will also include a bonus DVD with previously unreleased video footage of their annual affiliate dinner get together, where they foot the entire bill at the end of the year for their 50 top producing affiliates!

And while the general public can’t get their hands on this package for any price! And this special double CD package, plus additional DVD, would normally retail for $37 dollars!

The VIP’s that take advantage of this special “OTO” price of just $17.95, and that includes 1st class priority shipping! Their also going to receive a $100 dollar gift certificate to Walmart’s as well!(That ought to get them posting on Facebook and tweeting, don’t you think?)

But here’s the real point of Tim & Faith’s generosity. Let’s face it, everyday, everybody’s email inbox is getting more & more crowed with both unsolicited spam bulk email and opt in email offers, agreed?

And the constant ever increasing clutter is tough to compete with.So why  not (get creative) and find a strategic way to capture your online opt in email subscriber/customers offline mailing address.

Three Brain Dead Simple Ways They Will Monetize Their  Opt In Email List For Peanuts!

1.) First off, remember, it will be highly suggested and advocated that Tim & Faith start systematically testing various subject lines, because as you previously discovered in an earlier post,online (as it) relates to profitable email marketing.

Your all important subject line serves the exact same purpose as your main power headline. Meaning- a staggering 80% of the success or failure of your overall email campaign, will be decided by whether or not your emails get opened!

So after their marketing team strategically tested and tracks the results, they’ll have a much better idea, which main power headline works best! And that will allow them to know how to cash in with it big time!

2.) Once they know which type of benefit laden main power headline appeals to most of their customers, their savvy marketing team (and yours truly) will  have a much better idea of which offline businesses to  approach for a powerful joint venture.

Because their simply going to include some type of relevant, low cost,  introductory product and service (insert coupon) inside the VIP Xmas special CD/DVD offer, their mailing out.

Of course, they will strategically testing and tracking the following four basic elements on every sales letter (post card) insert coupon.

A.) Which main power headline receives the best response.

B.) Which main three -five bullet points in the main body copy, receives  the best response.

C.) Which “Call to action” produces the most bang for their buck.

D.) Which “P.S.” compels the most responses.

Bonus tip: Which pricing options (with) or without bonuses produces the most sales.

And of course, some of these test offers will be for free or low cost introductory trial services that Tim & Faith are affiliates for. In any event, they’ll soon discover which combination of marketing components work best.

A Simple Proven Marketing Twist Can Really Enhance Your Long Term Profits When It Comes To Strategically Renting Out Your List!

3.) And finally, they will contact the top five offline database  brokers about renting out their list on a monthly basis. Currently, an A list of  highly targeted buyers could bring  as much as $2,000 per month for access to a database of 25,000 names.

So the first question becomes,  how many times does 25K go into 1,o71,000? A.) Approximately, 42 times (give or take.) Now then, an additional $2K per month, per every 25K names rented.

This is strictly long term back end passive residual income of  forty two times $2k, which equals an additional $84,000 dollars!Be sure you refer to the previous post on theresidual income formula for three additional proven money making strategies.

But that’s not counting all the additional profit Tim & Faith will earn when they offer to JV with the companies that rent their list more than once!

Any potential JV partner should readily recognize the enormous long term profit potential of:

A.) No longer having any upfront out of pocket expense in order to access Tim & Faith (or) any other future list owners list, that they choose to employ this powerful marketing strategy with.

B.) Getting Tim  & Faith’s (or another) JV partners personal endorsement video and or sales letter testimonial, praising their particular product or service!

Your sales will increase without a doubt!No matter what your particular niche is.

As for your competitors, their totally convinced all this marketing stuff (on or offline) is simply a bunch of hype. And that can’t see how it can or will ever help improve your sales process stages!

And or improve your bottom line. Hopefully (now) you can. As always, if you got any value out of  this post, please Digg or tweet this. Thanks! 

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20Mar 2012


Sales process stages.

You really can improve your sales process stages!

Who else wants to systematically improve your sales process stages, without hiring a big time Madison Avenue ad agency or a MBA Harvard graduate? Great. Because you are in exactly the right place.

Ladies & gents, for this particular post (let’s pretend) strictly for illustration purposes. That the dynamic Superstar country music heavyweight power couple, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, hired yours truly on a performance based commission only basis, to help them increase both their on and offline profits,  and (hopefully) create some long term passive back end residual income as well.

Introducing The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Effectively Improving Your Sales Process Stages.(Without Hiring A Fancy Harvard MBA!)

Since Faith & Tim are (already) savvy entrepreneurs, the first thing that will be pointed out to them is that anytime they can dramatically lower upfront out of pocket costs and or dramatically leverage a current asset that’s not being fully optimized, for little or no increase in upfront cost.

They can effectively increase their overall gross revenues, without actually earning more money! And they (and hopefully) you as  well, should be up for that, correct?

In order to zero in on where these brain dead  simple marketing strategies will take them. Let’s first focus (from a) marketing perspective on the way they (and sadly) a staggering 98% of their peers in the music business, earn money whenever they tour.

One More Powerful Reason Why You Simply Have To Proactively List Build!(On Or Offline!)

Let’s say Tim & Faith  embark on an 18 month world tour.And strictly for the sake of example. Suppose they average 25,000 screaming fanatical fans at every stop (give or take).

Which means, after 18 months on the road. You can bet they’ll be exhausted and ready to get back home. They’ll basically be exposed to a grand total of (give or take)  fanatics! (25K  per live show x 3 shows per week x 72 months  = 1,800,000  raging maniacs!

Now then, the first long term marketing hole, they’ll plug is to start offering each paid attendee, as soon as they enter the concert.The ticket booth attendants will hand them a  special lead capture page business card that instructs the attendee to enter a free drawing! ( Oh goody.)

Because four incredibly lucky fans, one male, one female later on after the concert, and two people in attendance that night are  going to win some incredibly cool cash prizes!

The other two winners will be drawn by  Tim & Faith after the concert and from then on, each and every live show, four people as described earlier, will get the chance to win $10K each! Which means, every live, Faith & Tim are giving away at least $40k to four of the faithful!

Plus, every winner will also receive by mail a $100 dollar gas card, for the next six months! Just so, they’ll yap it up both on and offline about the free drawing!

Also,the two guaranteed winners that are chosen during each live concert . One male, one female, will win an additional $$2,000 dollars in  gift cards! To be delivered to them by mail. The winners will be announced each night during the shows intermission. On the giant screen on stage.

Just think of the youtube footage and long term social media buzz this type of  guerrilla marketing promotion will create.

And lets suppose that at least 85% of the total 1,800,000 decide to enter the free drawing. That means, when it’s all said and done, they’ll have a email list of paying customers that is a whopping 1,530,000 strong! (1,800,000 x .85% = 1,530,000 extremely valuable opt in subscribers.)

But of course the real benefit to Faith & Tim is, now they’ll be strategically capturing the email addresses of some of their most loyal customers. Power list building 101.

Turbo Boosting And Fully Monetizing Your Sales Process Stages And More!

Now then,here is Tim & Faiths chance to capture some serious passive back end residual income, that’s staring them in the face. They start periodically sending emails to their list offering an incredible seven hours of live concert footage that would normally retail for $39.95 per concert,

Now as a one time only “OTO” VIP members special offer. The fans on their VIP email list can purchase seven dynamic  hours for just a one time only cost of just $67 dollars! That’s a real savings of 77% off  the normal retail price!

Again, strictly for illustration purposes, lets say that 70% of their list of 1,530,000 take them up on this incredibly generous one time only offer.

That means that a (mere) 1,071,000 fanatics order. You can do the math yourself! ($67 each x 1,071,000 = enough!)

So Faith & Tim agree, that it’s found extra income, courtesy of yours truly! And as a result, they generously give yours truly a 25% performance based joint venture split!

(Remember, it’s the overall concept you have to grasp here,  not the specific  numbers!) Nor does it does it matter what your particular niche is.

Five Simple Ways For Tim And Faith To Explode Their Long Term Passive Income For Peanuts!

Now then, let’s get  serious! The next thing they need to do asap, is create an affiliate sales team of inner circle VIP customer affiliate evangelist!

By offering some really cool daily,weekly, monthly and yearly prizes for their top sales producers. For ex:

1.) In order to really create some serious (and powerful) long term positive word of (both) mouth & mouse buzz. Each day they will award a $100 dollar gas card to each affiliate that produces the most affiliate sales!

Everyone that registers for the free drawing will be directed to a special affiliate link, where they can register for their free affiliate site and learn all the exciting details.

2.) Each week, the top affiliate for the week, will also win a $100 dollar gas card, plus an additional $100 dollars  deposited into their free paypal account.Plus be featured as the affiliate of the day,week, month or year on Tim & Faiths facebook fan page! Cool!

And if by chance, they happen to have also been one of that weeks daily affiliate sales winners as well. They will also win the daily double! Which means their winnings automatically gets doubled!

3.) The top affiliate for the month automatically wins a $200 dollar gas card, plus $200 dollars in cash deposited into their free paypal account.

4.) To really help kick the long term positive word  of mouth buzz into  full gear, Tim & Faith are also going to annually reward their affiliates, by sending their top 50 affiliates a coupon good for a $25 dollar turkey at “Thankgiving” courtesy of  Walmart’s, plus, they’ll each get a $50 dollar gas card to boot.

5.) Here’s the real kicker! At the end of the year, say two weeks before Xmas. Tim & Faith will pay for an all expense , round trip extravaganza for their 50 top affiliates of the year!

They’ll fly you out and pick you up by limo, plus put everybody up in a four star world class hotel (somewhere) near their home town! And they’ll also pick up  the tap for barbecue and other goodies as well. (You must be over 18!)

You’ll get full access to them (both) Saturday & Sunday between the hours of 11 am  -7 pm. You can take pictures with them, shoot video! Ask them your most burning (non personal)  questions!

Plus, they’ll perform during a special mini concert on Sunday, with one or two unannounced mystery performers as  well! You can post these really cool pics on  your facebook fan pages, plus tweet about the weekend as well.

The real point is, can’t you see how this type of underground ninja affiliate marketing will cause a ton of Tim & Faith  fans to want to be part of all the fun?

Each affiliate earns 25% of their gross sales and their sales credits are earned daily! In part two of this powerful series on strategically improving your sales process stages, you’ll discover at least two more powerful money making secrets! So stay tuned!

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19Mar 2012
Marketing budget percentage.

Lower your marketing budget percentage.

   (And Add A Ton More Spendable Cash To Your Bank Account Now!)

As you previously discovered in part two of this explosive series on strategically lowering your marketing budget percentage.

You are probably sitting on a untapped goldmine of passive long term residual income.(Refer to the residual income formula post for all the exciting specifics.)

In part three of this series, you’re going to discover step by money making step, how to strategically (and inexpensively) leverage another expert’s knowledge and parlay it into some serious bankable income.

How To Dramatically Lower Your Upfront Marketing Budget Percentage! (And Still Make A Fortune In The Process!)

As you recall in part two of this series, you started looking for an extremely competent undergraduate (and or) recently graduate college student that majored in Internet marketing and or someone that has provable expertise in (both) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies as well as social media capabilities as well.

And you offered to let them become (either) your low paid apprentice (or) if they had already graduated and desperately needed a job in order to start earning some type of income.

You were prepared to offer them the following long term (potentially) profitable apprenticeship type opportunity. You would be more than willing start them off at a rather meager (low end) salary,but  for every bankable dollar their SEO rankings (and social media marketing expertise) brings in over some agreed upon starting point (baseline.)

You would JV revenue split with them 25-50% of the upfront generated gross profits, on top of their salary. However, you’d also like them (at some point) in the hopefully, not so distant future.

To begin teaching local adult education classes, (once per month) specifically aimed at other local struggling small business owners and service providers.

Now then, strictly for illustration purposes only. They could structure the classes as a three part introductory into all the basic fundamental concepts involved in proven (on & off page) SEO principles and strategies etc.

Say they charge $27 dollars per 90 minute class, plus an additional 30-45 minutes at the end of the power point presentation, for any & all additional unanswered questions etc.

Help Your Apprentice(s) Fill Their Bank Account And It’s Guaranteed They’ll Help You Fill Yours!

Here’s the real marketing twist to this powerful (proactive) education based marketing strategy. Let your apprentice keep 100% of all the upfront generated profits after  you deduct your cost to advertise the classes and rent the room etc.

Plus, they’ll be able to offer a super upfront discount to any business owner that readily appreciates the value after class one and immediately wishes to pre – register for the two remaining classes. But instead of paying the current retail price of $54 dollars for the two remaining classes. ($27 dollars per class x two remaining classes = $54 dollars. A grand total of $81 dollars.)

Instead, as long as they pay with cash or credit card that day only, (of course they’d b using your website’s shopping cart and or paypal service) to accommodate any credit card sales. Until they get their own account setup.

They’ll receive a 40% discount,( which is a one time only “OTO” offer) which means it will only cost them $32.50 (that day only) for the intermediate and advanced SEO/Social media marketing classes.($54 x .60% = $32.50)

Again, let your rookie marketing apprentice (who) hopefully is now beginning to smell the real long term profit potential here!

They’ll gross another $32.50 per attendee! On top of the initial $27 dollars each attendee (minus) the advertising  costs and room rental.

Of course,if any of the small business owners or service providers just happens to have access to a  free or low cost  room that they will provide for the classes, your apprentice will gladly reduce the price of the entire course to more than make it worth their while!

 Here Is Where Your Apprentice Starts To Really Grow Up! (And Become A Certified Marketing Genius!(With Your Help Of Course!)

If your apprentice is worth their salt! Before the entire three part introductory series is over, they should be approached by some of the attendees (small business owners)about hourly, weekly or monthly personal or group one on one power consulting opportunities.

Here’s a simple pricing structure your apprentice can begin testing. They can inform the attendees that (currently) their one on one personal consultation fees are $150 dollars per hour or X.(They’ll need to test!)

But every person that signs up for all three classes in the series, (automatically) qualifies for a special (lifetime) VIP  consulting fee discount price of just $97 dollars per hour (or X.)! With a minimum of the first three hours purchased in advanced!

So they’ll gross (either) an additional $150 per hour (or X) or they’ll gross $291 dollars per potential new consulting client upfront! ($97 dollars PH x three hours minimum purchased upfront = $291 dollars.)

(Not be for a person that was previously pounding the pavement and constantly floating their resume!)

Again, you’ll let them bank 100% of that as well! You’ll see why in just a second. But for now, let’s quickly run through the math.’

You’ve taken some totally unsophisticated (green as grass) college student and or recent grad student. Who to this point, has probably been doing all the traditional frustrating stuff to find a job, like going on countless dead end interviews.

And you finance them (hopefully temporarily) upfront to put them into a long term position to earn some serious income, in at least four additional ways, that a staggering 99% of them would never have figured out on their own!

1.) They teach low cost introductory SEO and or effective Social media marketing strategies (primarily Facebook marketing  strategies) that help local small business owners and service providers maximize profits.In a three part series. A.) Class one -Introductory B.) Class two- Intermediate C.) Class three – Advanced.

2.) You teach they how to strategically use upsells (aka) add on sales to sell the two additional remaining classes for at a 40% discount (after the first  class) and bring in even more spendable cash now!

3.) You teach them how to strategically leverage (both) the attendees of the classes contacts by getting one of them to find or donate a meeting room (or unused co-op advertising) space to advertise their classes and save money on both  on room rental fees and upfront out of pocket costs for advertising.

4.) You also teach them how to create a 300% increase in paid upfront consulting fees by (ethically) bribing every attendee that purchases all three classes upfront, they automatically get a special VIP lifetime discount hourly consulting fee price of $97 dollars per hour (or X.)

Provided the attendee buys the first three hours upfront and pays by either cash or credit card only! Then each additional hour they purchase from then on, they pay your super discounted rate of X. Or….?

Now Then Let’s Finally Talk About The Really Sophisticated Stuff! (After All This Is Where The Really Big Money Truly Is!

Of course you already realize that 98% of the people (meaning) your potential apprentices will never ever get this far! And that’s okay!This is only for the tiny two percent.

And the other thing you’d better readily accept (upfront) is this, at least 98% of the students or recent graduates that you speak with (interview), will absolutely have an employees mind set and will not be able to grasp the powerful (long term) potential money making opportunity being presented to them.

That being the case. Here’s the real kicker (and) the all important, “what’s in it for you?” factor. The real reason why you’re going to allow your apprentice to keep 100% of all the upfront profits that these local classes will generate is this.

After they get their feet wet,you’re going to slowly start letting them finance 100% of their upfront out of pocket expenses. Plus, they will offer every attendee (small business owner) that they consult with the opportunity to JV revenue split with them!

Meaning- the attendee (small business owner) will pay your apprentice on a sliding  scale of 25-50% of every dollar generated over their agreed upon starting baseline amount. As opposed to  paying them by the hour to consult.

Every time the small business owner refers at least one new customer that takes all three classes and buys at least three hours upfront and or one hour at their current hourly (non VIP) special rate.

That business owner will now JV revenue split at 25% gross profits instead of 50%. What do you think the small business owner would rather do? Give up 50% of their increased gross profits or (simply) share their good fortune with another local small business owner or two.

Plus, for originally setting this budding entrepreneur up, they will now start performing your SEO and or social media marketing strategies for free!

But here’s the real kicker. They agree that if (or when) they decide to move on (or branch out) on their on. They’ll go back  to the college and share their success story of how their currently earning a high five figure and or six figure income, without hustling a resume and or  going on countless, time consuming (dead end) interviews!

In short, they agree (in writing) that  before they move on, they will actively recruit five to six new potential apprentices to start training to eventually take their place.

Of course they’ll retain a 10% residual income fee. But hopefully, you can really appreciate how you can use the expertise of a local professional and dramatically lower your marketing budget percentage, while simultaneously increasing  your long term gross profits. No matter what your particular niche is.

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18Mar 2012
Marketing budget percentage.

Are you working smart to lower your marketing budget percentage?

As you previously discovered in part one of this series on decreasing your marketing budget percentage. There are seven key areas for you to gain (and create) some powerful long term marketing leverage and explode your long term profits in  the process.

Simply by systematically lowering your upfront out of pocket costs (your marketing budget percentage) while simultaneously increasing your overall gross profits.

But first, as you call from part one, you need to concentrate heavily on improving your persuasive copy writing skills. Because, effective copy writing is another practical area where you can dramatically increase (leverage) your bottom line for pennies on the dollar.

Concentrate On Improving These Five Basic Elements Of Any Sales Letter And On Or Offline And You’ve Probably Got A Surefire Winner!

1.) As you recall from part one, you’ve got to constantly test your main  power headlines against one another. No need to further recap here.(Please refer to part one of this series on marketing budget percentage for the specifics.)

2.) Be sure you load (literally)  your main sales (body) copy up with a lot of you’s & yours style copy. And as much as possible avoid (like the plague) the I,we, me syndrome!

Because (once again)  it’s a statistical proven fact. The I,we, me type of (surefire) failure copy writing that your all too typical clueless competitor does.

It repels your prospects in droves, while the you & your problem solving “what’s in it for me” style of copy writing, you had better learn to master,attracts them in droves! Which result do you prefer?

3.) Use your best market tested, most concise client centered bullet points (3-5) to convey specifically (or as close as possible) depending on the amount of space that you have, how your product or service (or) affiliate product or service benefits your prospects, customers and clients.

4.)  Make sure you end your sales letter with your all important P.S. This is (for all practical purposes) your very last chance to convey how & why your prospect needs to act on your offer now! Today!

5.) As a piggyback off # four. It’s okay to test using more than one P.S. However, Please do not lose sight of your main goal. Which to compel them to take  some specific action now!

Just before your prospects eyes leaves your (on or offline) sales letter.

Your powerful best market tested P.S. can and must convince them to take the intended action you need (now) in order to stay in business.

Which means you might reiterate the extremely valuable free bonuses and or special limited time price reduction they will receive (provided) they order by some specific date or they are one of the first X number of people to order etc.

Remember, typically at least 80% of your ideal prospects are five times more likely to read your body copy, if your main power headline offers a solution their really interested in.

And next, they’ll quickly skim your body copies bullets points. Which is why you wanna stay away from the three deadly profit killing words, I,we, me!

And finally they’ll quickly scan your P.S. Again, looking for the “what’s in it for me” factor.

Always keep those five main basic points in mine as you create your all important sales copy. And don’t forget to visit copyblogger for more proven copy writing,sales and marketing tips in general.(No that’s not an affiliate link.)

 Introducing Four More Proven Areas To Lower Your Marketing Budget Percentage…

6.) This first proven marketing concept has to do with the way you subtly position your business and or your offers. Because, lots of times the ultimate overall success of your offer has more to do with  how you position it as opposed strictly how you present it.

For ex; did you happen to notice that in part one of this series. You were informed about seven separate areas that you could incrementally improve your business, by leveraging certain under performing segments.  And you discovered the first five areas in part one,correct?

However, your were told here in part two, that you’d discover four more little known secrets! Translated: your going to get two special bonus tips!

Q.) Do you have a problem with two free additional helpful bonus tips? On the other hand, see how it affects your overall sales percentages whenever you promise five free bonus this or that, but only deliver three! All _ _ _ _ something has  been known to break loose!

7.) Leverage, leverage, always leverage your repeat sales potential to your existing customers.And your top JV partners existing and ex- customers!

Why? Because as you’ve already previously discovered (throughout ) this blog. It’s 500% more expensive to create a new first time  customers as opposed to selling to any existing one.

Because your existing customers (or even) your ex -customers are cheaper to market to than a complete stranger, who has no clue about you or your business.

And since 90% or more of your major competitors are completely unaware of these type of vital statistics, they ultimately wind up going broke, within their first five years or less.Or at best, are nowhere near as profitable as they could or should be.

Bonus tip # one: Whenever possible (be sure) you leverage your profits by strategically using add on sales (aka) upsells in order to increase the average dollar amount that your best customers spend with you (on) or offline.

Bonus tip # two: Because you are a savvy marketer,you already know that whenever you mail out a fulfillment order to one  of your existing customers, that you need to always include some type of proven sales generating ‘bounce back’ sales letter (and or coupon) discounted offer!

And as long  as the product or service is a quality product or service that’s relevant to whatever they ordered. Statistically  speaking. You’ll average anywhere from 10-40% response rates!

But here’s how you take this (already) battlefield proven marketing strategy to the next money making level! Anytime you mail out physical information products to your customers.

Meaning- whenever your fulfilling one of their orders. Include a powerful free sample of (yours) or one of your top joint  venture partners special free reports. And watch your sales response rates really jump. Because, if your sample chapter is at least 85% problem solving, cutting edge information and only 15% or less sales hype!

Your customers will want to know more. And will be compelled to take advantage of your VIP special limited time only offer, along with powerful free bonuses that are included with their order. And finally!

Introducing An Extremely Powerful Way The Ultimate Insiders Lower Their Marketing Budget Percentage! (And Buy A Whole Lot More Proven Expertise For A Whole Lot Less!

Warning! This next mega proven low cost, high powered marketing strategy. Is only designed for serious cash flow seekers only!

And as (it is) with most things, it’s extremely brain dead simple. Yet oh so powerful, when properly executed.Take your average (but extremely) well educated college student junior or senior that’s majoring in Internet marketing.

But specializes in proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concepts. Why not contact (either) one of the Professors at the local tech college or major Universities (and or) one of the heads of student affairs at one of these institutions.

Or run a paid ad (if that’s allowed) in one of the on campus student newspapers. Looking for any student(s) that wants to train (in the real world) as your SEO/Social media apprentice!

They get to add their real world experience (they gained from the experience) to their resume and you (just might) get  your site and your blog posts permanently ranked really high in the major search engines like Google!

But (as always) here is the real world marketing twist, that you  can hold out as the elusive potential marketing bait. Offer to create a beginning baseline at the start of their commission only (pay for results) only apprenticeship.

And for every bankable dollar their proven expertise creates for you over the starting baseline. You’ll personally guarantee them a 25-50%  JV revenue split!

Plus, you’ll be their first real world testimonial that they can & will  happily wave around to any future customers and clients.And you can also (personally) introduce them to the VIP’s in your JV inner circle.

Who knows, they may just decide they can make a lot more money working on a performance based commission only bases.

But here’s the other thing,, once you  get this type of apprentice arrangement solidly worked out. Couldn’t you do the exact thing (with) another student apprentice that specializes in social media in general and Facebook in particular.

Can everybody smell the long term profits here? Great. Well there you have it. Five more solid ways to effectively lower your marketing budget percentage. No matter what your particular niche is.

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17Mar 2012

Marketing budget percentage.

Now you can dramatically decrease your marketing budget percentage!

     (While Simultaneously Lowering Your Upfront Out Of Pocket Costs!)

If you can strategically lower  your overall marketing budget percentage, while simultaneously lowering your upfront out of pocket costs by as much 30% or more. Would you really have a problem with that? If not, this particular low cost, high powered, battlefield tested marketing strategy was made just for you.

It’s Sad And Sobering Fact That Five Short Years From Today….. A Staggering 88% Of You Will No Longer Be In Business!

It’s hard to believe isn’t it? But on average, for all the different types of businesses and services that will be started,  both on & offline, within a five year period, only 12% will still be profitable.

Ladies & Gentlemen, as most of your are probably already aware. A staggering 88% of you, will not make the all important first five year (60 month cut.)

That is to say, in just five short years  from now (12 months x 5  years in business = 60 total months.) For any number of reasons, the  current business you started with such high hopes, (88%) of you will have failed and moved on.

And underfunded start ups (sadly) have a notorious reputation (and poor) track record of not surviving that all important, first five year cut.Couple those sobering statistics with online start ups and the business terrain is littered with tons of unfulfilled business potential.

How The Ultimate Insiders Strategically Use Low Cost High Powered Marketing  Leverage To Systematically Lower Their Marketing Budget Percentage! (And How You Can Too!)

Let’s face it (already) in business, (on or offline) you’ve got to learn how to strategically use (almighty) marketing leverage, in order to multiply your gross earnings, while simultaneously lowering your upfront out of pocket costs as well.

Case in point: anytime you can lower your up front out of pocket costs by say 30% or more. You can literally gross the same amount of money as you  did last year, but still net a higher gross profit!

This one simple strategy alone can account for an overall increase in your gross profits.

For ex; take the following seven areas of your business. And no it doesn’t matter what your particular business, product, service or niche is. These powerful battlefield tested strategies will work for you.

(Provided you take the time to learn how to properly use them!)

But first, let’s take a closer look at seven different segments of your business that your your probably currently overlooking.

That you could easily improve( with a little) testing and tracking (of course) anywhere from a low of 3%- 15% each, separately.

Think about that last  statement for a moment. If you were to start routinely testing and tracking your results, and you improved just 5% in each area, that equals an overall return of 35%!

And that my friend, really starts to add up rather quickly. Especially when you consider, that’s only accounting  for the front end profits only!

Your Overall Marketing Budget Percentage Will Dramatically Improve Once You Totally Understand How To Apply The Rule Of 72 To Your Business.

Now if you’re already familiar with the financial concept (The Rule of 72), it says, if you take your rate of return (on any) given investment and divide it by the 72. The figure you get, tells you how many years it will take for your money to double. Provided of course that you get the exact same return for the entire length of the investment.

(And no this calculation doesn’t consider your individual tax rates and or any annual inflation considerations.)

So go ahead (if you dare) and divide 72 by 35%. And you’ll discover that your business has doubled in just 2.05 years! Give or take.

That’s what discovering and applying these proven marketing concepts may be worth to you. And to your top joint venture partners. Here are the seven major areas that you could easily learn to leverage in order to increase your overall long term profits for peanuts.

1.) Leverage your money back guarantee (by inexpensively) testing and start using the turbo boosting ‘Risk Reversal” marketing concept. Meaning- you offer your customers X number of low cost high perceived valuable free bonuses (that either you) or your top joint  venture partners supply.

(Remember, your free (and highly) encouraged to use the explosive free nine page special report offered to you on the home page of this blog,  to help you strategically grow your profits! Watch the video on the home page for all the exciting details.)

And you allow your customers to keep them even if they decide to return and or ask for a complete refund! Let them know, that no mater what, they’ll still be X number of dollars ahead (in value!)

And these valuable free bonuses are just your way of saying “thanks” for giving your business, product or service a try!

2.) This next one can’t be stressed enough, but you gotta start systematically testing your main power headlines against one another.

Because (cadets) it’s a statistical proven fact, one main power headline can  (and will) out perform another by as much as 21 times! In other words, your  overall response rates could be 2,100% better!

With just a little tweaking.More highly targeted prospects,customers, clients and referrals for less money! Who else is up for that?

3.) Leverage your offers, by inexpensively testing, if increasing your warranty period for any order amounts over X amount of dollars increases sales.Or if adding free 2-3 day rush delivery shipping with any order over X amount of dollars increases sales etc.

There are simply way too many potential money making variables( in this one concept alone) to get into in this basic overview type of post.

But hopefully you get the general idea here, correct?

4.) This next concept is really a close cousin to number three, but it’s incredibly powerful in it’s on right as well. Leverage (test) how offering different pricing  options, especially on your more expensive products and services.

For ex; can you offer terms of 3 easy payments of X as opposed to one large payment by check or credit card? Or, extend your unconditional money back guarantee period by 3-12 months!

If you’re a consultant (or any) type of specialist that offers private one on one (hourly, weekly, monthly contract and or) group rate consulting fees.

You might test raising your rates (25-40%) in order to weed out your marginal customers and clients and zeroing in on your all important, twenty percent that account for 80% of your long term gross profit.See the post on the 80/20 rule in marketing.

5.) Although effective copy writing in and of itself is a very broad topic. Writing persuasive copy can basically be boiled down to this five main key areas, in order for you to start systematically testing and tracking your results.

1.) Your pre -headlines (optional) your main power headline and also optional is your main sub headlines.Always be sure your main power headlines answers your ideal prospects # one burning question. Which is, “What’s in it  for me?”

In the interest of space, in part two of this series on, effectively lowering your marketing budget percentage.

You’ll also discover the four remaining persuasive copy writing secrets for this particular  category, as well as the  remaining two areas to get major marketing leverage in your business. Until then.

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16Mar 2012


Examples target marketing.

Examples of target marketing that actually work!

As you discovered in part two of this series on proven examples of target marketing, the powerful three step target marketing identification concept that you were exposed to can and will help you grow your profits by a bare bones minimum of 25% or more in the next twelve months or less.

And those powerful three steps were:

1.) Always identify your specific target audience first.

2.) Then determine the most cost effective medium(s) to reach your target audience.

3.) Whenever possible, always try to get a personal endorsement from the small business owner (vendor) that you’re piggybacking in their outgoing mail.(Provided that the outgoing mail is going to a paying customers as part of the order fulfillment process.)

As You Study These Proven Examples Of Target Marketing Try Not to Get Caught Up In Doing Everything Verbatim! Instead Concentrate On The Overall Marketing Concept (s) and How You Can Adapt Them To Your Specific Business, Product Or Service!

Ladies & gentlemen of course as you read this or any other (so called) marketing strategies, please keep in mine that you (and your company) are  unique (dynamic) individual(s). Therefore, as you personally progress, it may or may not take you as long to actually execute any particular strategy that you read about, as someone else.

So don’t  get caught up in trying to emulate (to the letter) any particular marketing strategy. Instead concentrate on the strategies overall theme and look for how you (or your) business, product or service can personally adapt that particular strategy to your particular niche.

Just to continue the thoughts about how the upscale local jeweler could:

A.) Dramatically lower their lead generating costs by as much as 80% or more!

B.) Start building a tremendous (and incredibly) valuable long term follow up email and or offline snail mail list.

Think about this powerful concept for a moment. (Please refer to) part two of this series, and read the segment on the local jeweler for further clarification.

If the jeweler typically spends between $400-$650 per lead, using the various outrageously expensive traditional advertising mediums such as local radio, TV and newspaper display ads etc.

Don’t you think they would love to invest a fraction of this ongoing and ever increasing costs, on inexpensively creating a new first time potential customer?

Since their already used to routinely spending  anywhere from$400-$650  dollars or more per lead. Now by joint venturing with (for illustration) purposes only, a local small business owner that rents parking space to local employees.

They could now pay for a luxury car owners weekly or monthly car garage parking fee and also invest an additional $25 dollars (or less) and purchase them a gift card coupon that  buys them lunch at a nice upscale restaurant (like) the Olive Garden.

The parking car attendant hands them both the coupon along with the jewelers best market tested lead capturing business card and or index card.

Just imagine how they’ll react? Now it’s up to the jeweler to be savvy enough to ethically bribe the new potential customer into joining (either) their monthly guaranteed winner birthday club or their guaranteed winner monthly anniversary club!

Because each month, you’ll select at least two guaranteed winners for your monthly birthday club. One male, one female guaranteed winner per month. Absolutely no purchase is necessary to be eligible  to win!

(However, it doesn’t hurt to inform them on your website/blog how, any customer that spends over X amount dollars per month, automatically gets entered into the specific drawing twice! Just inexpensively test the various amounts in order to discover which price point produces the most bang for your buck.)

Don’t Forget To Strategically Implement The Free Drawing Concept To Lead Generate Like Crazy In Order To Build A Valuable Long Term Business Asset!

Plus, each month,  at least one couple is guaranteed to win the free monthly anniversary club drawing. Which is a total $175 dollar value (or X.) And it also consists of a special VIP dinner for two at any restaurant the grand prize winners choose.

Plus, the couple will also receive a special valentines gift of a dozen roses and a box of gourmet chocolates delivered by special courier to their home. Plus, the wife (only because) she’s so special will also receive free of charge of course, matching earrings and bracelets that the local jeweler will provide.

That’s another X dollar value. Imagine how many times over the next few years, the wife will be glad to share where and how she got that extremely lovely designer jewelry! Is this simple marketing strategy starting to sound cost effective or what?

And altogether this simple (yet) oh so powerful marketing strategy will cost the jeweler (or company X) $200 dollars or less, as opposed to a expensive radio ad that by the time you’ve read this entire post, will have come and gone on your local radio station.

And guess what,because your being educated here, you (and countless others) didn’t even hear it. But the companies that paid for those spots, still got charged for them! Hello!

Personalization Is An Extremely Powerful Mega Proven Long Term Marketing Strategy!

Hold it before you  rush off, let’s make sure you didn’t totally miss this incredibly subtle money making marketing strategy. Did you notice how it was suggested that you let the women choose the actual earrings and bracelets that they’re gonna wear? Any idea why?

Because without a doubt, if they choose the jewelry they will wear, you can best believe they’ll choose exactly what they want (of course) the jeweler will control their choices! But still in all, how often do you think they’ll wear the jewelry they chose? Bingo!

And how much will they enjoy sharing the story of how and where they got it? The real moral of the story is, while the jewelers major competitors are throwing tons of dollars annually at outrageously expensive traditional advertising mediums like, local TV and  radio ads etc.

And getting virtually no long term positive residual word of mouth buzz from it. For a fraction of that cost, the jeweler is constantly getting positive word of mouth buzz from their ever growing list of  local customer evangelists!

Plus, don’t forget that the jewelry still has the parking garage attendant constantly delivering potential long term customers and it only costs the jeweler 10% per month of the gross sales that are generated, because the parking attendant puts their first & last initials on every business (and or) ) index card that they hand out.

Or the jeweler might just agree to pay the parking attendant 50% in credits and 50% in cash.  Meaning- they might give the attendant a $100 dollar gas card, plus a $250 gift card at one of the top local Super markets. And any remaining credits in cash.

And that cadets,( is just a small sample) of the totally awesome (long term) power of these proven examples of target marketing!

How about one simple expansion of this powerful marketing concept.Couldn’t a florist adopt the same marketing concept and implement it with a local  small business car wash owner?

Meaning- put together a joint venture where the top two attendants pay the car wash bill for the customer (and send the florist) the bill at the end of the month, provided they only pay for men that drive newer luxury cars and that are wearing wedding rings!

The florist could probably never be able to target market so effectively on local TV or radio for a lousy $10 dollars or less. Don’t you agree?

Hopefully, these proven examples of target marketing, are starting to stimulate a few new ideas.That you can start inexpensively testing. As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Digg or tweet this. Thanks!

Q.) What type of local joint venture can you put together in the next 60 days or less, that will dramatically lower your lead generating costs by at least 30% or more?

For even more stimulating ideas about proven low cost lead generating ideas, please see the three part series on buying referrals.

And be sure you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series. It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

15Mar 2012


Examples of target marketing.

More proven examples of target marketing.

As you previously discovered in part one of this about proven examples of target marketing. You will be light years ahead of your major competitors simply by taking the time to first define who your target audience is and then determining what’s the best medium to use in order to efectively reach them.

Combine that pertinent information with powerful (cost effective) direct response type marketing, and your on your way. The other thing is, typically, you’ll want to first inexpensively test your display ads in the less expensive throwaway guides that specifically target your particular niche.

Typically You Don’t Want To Spend More On Larger More Expensive Display Ads Until You’ve Inexpensively Tested Your Power Headline Approach In The Small Less Expensive Local Publications First….

Before you invest a nickel in the larger more expensive display ads offline or larger expensive solo ads online. With the following  exception;as you recall in part one of this series, you started test advertising in the more expensive local “For Sale By Owner” publication right the bat.

And your rational was, since you’ve already selected your specific target market, now by using the most popular local publication to reach them,you’d naturally expect to pay a little more upfront in order to reach them.

Otherwise you are literally throwing your hard earned dollars away and your advertising with a shotgun as opposed to marketing with a scope.

 More Proven Examples Of Target Marketing Lowering Your Cost While Simultaneously Increasing Your Profits.

Another incredibly powerful little known are rarely revealed marketing ploy that you should be (first) inexpensively testing and slowly adding to your marketing arsenal.

Here’s a hint; if you authored a book and you appeared on the Oprah network and she mentioned that your book made her prestigious top recommended bokks list.

Meaning- do you think her personal endorsement of your book will help  boost it’s sales or not? You got that right. And of course right about now you have to be wondering, what the heck does that have to do with these powerful examples of target marketing?

Simply this; the next level for you to get to after you have properly identified who your specific target audience is and you’ve decided on which medium is the most cost effective to reach them with your best market tested message.

What if you strategically converted your best market tested display ad (with some powerful) client centered -meaning- it offers some major problem solving main power headline and 3-5 client  centered benefits as bullet points.

And you converted it (both) your business card client magnet as well as an index size post card and when negotiated some type of joint venture piggyback arrangement to be included in another struggling small business owners outgoing mail.

And the two of you negotiated some type of mutually beneficial revenue split. But here’s the knockout punch that will truly take this (already) powerful low cost, high powered marketing strategy to the next level!

Anytime you can get vendor (small business owner) whose list that your piggybacking in, to personally endorse your product(s) and or service(s.)

You have just hit the mother lode, provided (of course) that just like Oprah, their customers, clients and subscribers trust and respect their judgement. Kaboom! Your sales from this type of low cost (mega proven) marketing strategy will soar.

Provided that your only using your best market tested index card and it’s only being included inside the vendors orders to actual paying customers, in other words, as their fulfilling a customers order, their customer also receives your best market tested index card insert along with a personal endorsement letter (testimonial) type letter from the vendor.

This powerful technique will easily boost your sales!

Two More Powerful Examples Of Target Marketing At Work! (And Why You Should Be Using It To Make A Killing Now!)

Is another really powerful underground low cost, high powered marketing strategy (meaning) marketing concept you simply can’t ignore. As it relates to target marketing and making a whole lot for money, for a whole lot less.

Let’s suppose after you’ve tested a few display  ads offline as well as tested a few solo or display ads online. And you’ve discovered from the only real voice that counts. That being your valued customers and target audience.

Suppose you sell upscale jewelry. And your typical long term customers have a lifetime customer value of $15,000 dollars over a seven year period.

The actual numbers here are irrelevant, it’s the overall concept you need to focus on here, so pay close attention. Go find yourself a local business owner that runs a parking garage, where local workers pay  weekly and monthly rent in order to park their cars.

And if at all possible, negotiate a powerful joint venture and do two things.

1.) Offer both the owner(s) and his two and most loyal employees their pick of either an extremely nice watch of their choice at your actual cost, or some type of really nice chain or bracelet at your actual cost, may just want to return the owners money once you know for sure that  your marketing strategy is really paying off!

2.) The other thing you want to do is this. You will pay either the weekly or monthly rental fee (one time) for any of their customers that drive any type of  luxury car, provided his it’s within three years of the current year or less.

Your rational being, if they drive a nearer luxury car, they probably like (and currently) own upscale jewelry as well.

Imagine their delight and surprise when they attempt to pay (either) their weekly or monthly bill and the attendant informs them (with a smile) that their bill has already been paid for the week or the year by such and such jeweler!

And then they proceed to hand your best market tested index size or special lead generating business card.

And of course (hopefully by now) you can kinda sorta guess what this low cost high powered lead magnet business card says.

It directs them to your special lead capture page silly, in order for you to capture their contact information in order for you to strategically (and) inexpensively follow up with them.

But the real kicker is, your card invites to enter your free monthly drawing where two people are guaranteed to win! One male and one female. No purchase necessary.

And they’ll both win, top of the line men  & women’s watches respectively. Image (both) the positive and  powerful local word of mouse and mouth this will create among their peers!

And for a fraction of their traditional advertising costs. In the interest of time and in order to share yet another extremely powerful bank account filling marketing concept with you.

(FYI: By the way, if you need even more proven ideas on effective low cost lead generation. Please refer to the powerful three part series on buying referrals.

The second technique will be shared in part three of more proven examples of target marketing. As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Digg or tweet this. Thanks!

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14Mar 2012
Target marketing.

Target marketing really works!

   (And Increase Your Long Term Profits By 25% Or More!)

Is  it really possible that two really brain dead simple examples of target marketing could actually make that big a difference to your long term profits? For sure.

Have you ever been totally  frustrated in with the overall lack of results from any type of advertising and or (so called) marketing plan that you’ve attempted in the past?

If so, this particular post was created and designed specifically for  you. In fact, after you study and hopefully begin  to implement the simple directions contained in this post (and this) blog in  general, you can and will begin to see and experience dramatic increases in both your response rates and sales.

For a whole lot less money, effort and time.

Take A Closer Look At Two Proven Examples Of Profitable Target Marketing And Discover Why It Works So Well!

When  it comes to effectively advertising your message, you first need to decide, who (or what) specific industry your trying to reach (target).

And then use the specific (inexpensive) tools at your disposal (like  A/B split testing)  in order to discover which specific benefit(s) (if any) that your particular product or service offers, that appeals to them the most.

And then use your best market tested main power headline in order to laser focus on them (and no) one else.

Often times two of the biggest reasons why so much traditional expensive glitzy (image) advertising falls flat and simply fails to deliver is because the overly aggressive marketer:

A.) Fails to sufficiently establish who or what the specific target audience is.And then fails to convey the specifically how your business, product or service benefits them.

B.) And then they compound their problem by attempting to use highly (un targeted) mass  mediums like  your  major local newspapers or popular local radio stations to reach a highly select and narrow niche market.

Needless to say, these two (all too) common marketing mistakes are huge and very costly. Not too mention time consuming and frustrating as well.

When  Properly Executed Target Marketing Equals Big Bucks!

On the other hand, when you strategically target your market and couple your message with the right medium and use proven ‘direct response’ marketing type of ads along with other (little known) proven marketing strategies.  It’s not un common to experience dramatically improved  results of 250-750% or more!

For ex; suppose your target market is the (ever growing) multi billion dollar recently rejected ‘first time home buyer’  loan applicant  market.

And your specifically targeting that 40% of new first time home buyers that routinely gets rejected for conventional bank financing.May be because of past credit problems or they simply haven’t had time to properly establish sufficient   credit on their own yet etc.

So whatever reasons, when they take the time and money to attempt to borrow money from a bank in order to buy their very first home, 40% of them gets rejected.

These people (potential prospects) desperately need your help! These rejected and totally frustrated first  time home seekers have no where else to turn to. And your marketing  expertise (combined) with your knowledge of viable financing alternatives, potentially equals  big  bucks.

You might begin inexpensively testing various display ads (and more) importantly test them in the most popular (which) probably means more expensive ads in the local “For Sale By Owner” (and or) “Sell On Your Own” guides.

Here’s a sample direct response type ad you might test. And remember, a staggering 80% (or more) of your long term failure or success, will ultimately be determined by the pulling power of your main power headline. And why is that  cadets?

Because (at least) 80%  or more of your target audience are 500% more likely to read your powerful client centered main power headline then the rest of your body copy.Which is why you can’t bother writing low result producing, self  centered ads.

Sample direct response type of ad: “No Bank Qualifying  Necessary!”

If you were recently rejected for a mortgage loan, this brand new proven “owner financing” program can get you into the house of your dreams in the next 60 days or less! After you have a signed contract!

Save a whopping 20% in traditional closing costs! For the complete details! You must call 1-800-xxx-xxxx Ext.X to receive your free 11 page special report (and or) free 38:23 DVD! It’s a $17 dollar value, but for an extremely limited time it’s yours free!

“How to Buy The House Of Your Dreams In the Next  60 Days Or Less!( Even If The Bank Says No!”) Call the Owner Financing specialist today at Right  Way Funding!

Or if you were targeting property owners that were struggling in a down economy to sell their home. Your first test ‘direct response’ marketing type of ad might say.

“Need Help Selling Your Home?” (or) “Still Haven’t Sold Your Home Yet?”

Sell your home in the next 90 days or less! Save a whopping 20% in closing costs!  No points! No 90 day approval period! No kidding!

For all the exciting details. Call The Owner Financing Specialist at Right Way Funding today!

1-800-xxx-xxxx to receive your explosive free 13 page special report entitled: “How To Sell Your Home Really  Fast! (For Full Price And Without Paying Outrageous Realtor Fess!”)

It’s a $17 dollar value! But for an extremely limited time, it’s yours free!

A/B Split Testing Is One Of  The Most Powerful Cost Effective Marketing Tools You Have!

If the publication runs split runs, you could do a simple A/B split run. Meaning- half of the publication runs ad A and the other runs ad B.Ask them (or suggest it) just to be sure.

And typically within two split tests, your target market place should reveal which specific market (if any) you  should be targeting (both) your advertising and marketing dollars on.

The  real point is this, hopefully you can see and appreciate how, strategic target marketing (combined) with carefully selecting the right medium to reach your target market, is key to maximizing your long term profits.

Couple that with at least one other extremely powerful (mega) proven marketing strategy that you’ll discover in part two of this series, and you’ll quickly discover why these two proven examples of target marketing are so effective!

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13Mar 2012
Double sales.

You can effectively double sales!

Do you know (how to) use the negative data within your industry to help double sales? Did you know or currently realize how the ultimate inside sales professionals like world renowned Superstar business building expert Chet Holmes expertly uses accessible negative data (found) within your industry to dramatically boost sales?

For ex; do you realize that currently (on average) no matter what your particular niche is. Only  about 3% of your target market is actually looking to buy your particular product or service right now.  It’s true.

And another 6-7% is actually truly open to buying it right now. And sadly, on average the other remaining 90% are basically (equally) divided into the following three categories.

A.) Pretty sure their not currently interested in your product or service,but could be persuaded now or in the not so distant  future.  B.) Haven’t really given your particular product or service any thought! C.) Definitely know their not currently interested at this time!

So just depending on what type of battlefield tested marketing approach you take, at least 90% of your potential market, poses a potential up hill climb in order to finally get a sale of some kind.

With that as a starting point. Let’s turn your attention to how you can skillfully combine these next eleven surefire money making marketing strategies and within the next twelve months or less (just depending) on how aggressive and honest you are, safely and effectively double your sales.

These Eleven Powerful Market Tested Strategies Used On An Individual Basis Alone Cannot And Will Not Help You Double Sales!

While these eleven proven strategies are certainly not of the get rich quick variety, they can and will put tons of fast cash in your pocket  by helping you avoid certain failure or gain superior marketing leverage (and) thereby increase your overall sales productivity by 250-500% or more!

Because these market tested strategies might increase your current rate of returns by ten or twenty  to one or more. Because they are just that powerful, when systematically used in a synergistic method. Bare in mine,  individually none of these strategies (half way) implemented can carry the day!

And they are not meant to used that way, however, you can and should slowly (via testing) and tracking, begin to implement each of them, until you have them all constantly contributing to your overall sales proces. And that includes (both) the front & back ends of your business, product or service.

And your top joint venture partners  front and back ends of their businesses as well.

Introducing Eleven Little Known Marketing Secrets To Help You Safely Double Sales!

1.) Sounds simple enough, but when it comes t effectively marketing to your target market, choose your target market first, then decide(through) testing of course, which mediums (on  or offline) provide the most cost effective vehicle  to reach them.

In other words if your particular service  is accounting, don’t decide to spend (more like) throw your precious ad dollars at local radio spots, unless you  can pre confirm that local radio  stations are one of the most frequent hangouts of your particular niche audience.

2.) Anytime you successfully use (offline) direct mail and you get at least a ten percent response rate (or more) to your sales letter/postcard etc. Immediately turn around and send a follow up letter to the remaining 90% that for whatever reasons, didn’t but that first time.

(May be they didn’t have the money available on their credit card at that particular time to take advantage of your offer!)

Of course, if you included any  type of  free bonuses in  order to induce sales (and if you didn’t) you should be! Of course, adjust your second offer accordingly, but immediately mail out  your follow up order asap!

3.) Along those same lines,  and just to piggyback off strategy # two. The next thing the (ultimate insiders) do is immediately send a third sequential mailing, but add these two powerful little known (market tested) words to either the outside of your envelope and or postcard. “Final notice!”

You Are About To Discover The Subtle Power Of Two Simple Words!

Don’t ask, but over the years (both) savvy marketers and big time collection agencies have discovered the undeniable money making power of adding those two mega proven words in quotation marks to their third and final sequential mailing series.

And typically, you can expect an additional 8-10% more sales conversions! Imagine that, two simple words boosted your sales by an additional 8-10%! You gotta be joking!

4.) If you use any type of photography in your copy,be sure the picture(s) are totally relevant to your overall copies theme! No meaningless corporate logo stuff here!

And if your targeting women, use a photo that proactively highlights that in the photo (or vise versa.) Don’t ever use a picture of either sex in a potentially subservient way, if your targeting a particular sex!

5.) A quick (proven) marketing tid bit about successfully answering incoming calls. Of course your staff is courteous, but have an unknown associates call your business (throughout) your business day and see how your staff (effectively) or ineffectively deals with incoming calls.

Because an additional 25% more long term potential new business and referrals may be being left on  the table, because your staff isn’t properly trained in how to effectively interact with those first time callers. Which means they may be inadvertently driving them to your competitors!

7.) Online, whenever your targeting specific keywords that your trying to rank for. Test by using the words “review, coupon or or discount somewhere in the title tag of your article, Because tests having proven, when buyers go looking to buy online, they often type those terms into the search box.

Again, your major competitors are completely unaware of these little known proven marketing tid bits! And offline, you should test using in the opening sentence or paragraph, the following four proven power words. 1.) Free 2.) Discount 3.) Profit 4.)

8.) Any (and ever) time you get the chance, ethically bribe your best customers and clients (meaning) the twenty percent of your valued customer base that actually produces 80% of your total revenue!

It Never Hurts To Ethically Bribe Your Best  Customers And Clients!

Surprise them by giving them unexpected bonuses, that you didn’t originally advertise. They’ll absolutely love it and become your biggest most passionate customer evangelist!

For ex: suppose you attended an offline seminar/workshop, and the savvy promoters ran the following unannounced free drawings.

They get a free Physical (or preferably) digital bonus to the person or couple that drove or flew the furthest! They held another free drawing  for the first ten people that purchased whatever was being sold. One man or one woman (and or couple) won three free additional recorded hours of free one on one power consultations valued at X!

Here’s another really type of free drawing. Let everybody that spend X amount of dollars, put their name of a  piece of paper and list any other product or service (that) if they had the money, they would purchase for 90% off the current retail price!

And if their named is pulled, auction the product or service off right there live! And let them kepp% 100% of the proceeds, plus give them the product or service! Think about how much buzz these type of marketing ploys will create on social media for your next on or offline webinar and or seminar!

9.) Another little known way to literally double and triple your existing sales without spending more money! Is by strategically taking a proven ad  or sales process and successfully going from one print medium to another.

Meaning- perhaps you started out with a successful proven direct response type of display ad, now  you systematically roll it out to maximize (both) your marketing dollars and your marketing leverage.

You can create a successful classified ad, your business card can now become a scaled down version with the main benefits and call to action stressed on it as well.

Create a post card to be used as a free lead generating insert that you can insert into another local businesses outgoing mall and share any and all generated profits!

Start Taking Advantage Of The Power Of Free Drawings!

10.) Without a  doubt, you are not currently using free drawings enough, (especially offline) in order to both lead generate and create a highly targeted follow up list of potential prospects.

Case in point; suppose you run a successful offline local appliance store, you could allow another non competing store to set up a display inside your store on a quarterly rotating basis and you do the same in their store(s) and you offer their customers a chance to win a free X.

You both keep 100% of the names and or upfront profits that you create.The main point is, for a  fraction of the traditional cost, you can lead generate for peanuts!

11.) Your also not taking advantage of (both) social media and your JV partners to help you strategically double sales!

Case in point: at the point of purchase, what if you started systematically offering your best customers that spend X amount of dollars. Test the amount,  a chance to reach into your grab bag (and) win free prizes that your top offline local JV partners supply to you.

In exchange for your customers going to their facebook page (if their active) and posting something positive about your business!

May be they win a new customer only discount coupon to one of your top JV partners local stores or maybe they win one of four daily or weekly $50-$100 dollar gas coupons that (collectively) all of JV partners pay for in order to participate in your lead generating grab bag program!

(Please refer to the previous post on marketing budget examples for the particulars.)

Think about the positive long term word of mouth it will generate on local basis! You could also have all your JV partners collectively finance once a week, a coupon that whoever grabs it,gets two free large pizzas and twenty wings and two large sodas delivered to either their home or place of business!

Think about the positive word of mouth buzz that will generating  during Super bowl week, with this one relatively inexpensive marketing strategy alone!

Well, there you have it. That’s how  you effectively double sales in the next twelve months or less! As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Digg or tweet this. Thanks!

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