The One Critically Important Skill Every Entrepreneur Definitely Needs To Develop!Part Two

So after reading, studying and -hopefully- implementing, at least some of what you discovered in part one, of this ongoing series.

(Because rest assured entrepreneur, the vast majority of your major competitors, for whatever reasons, are not.)

Are you now, more convinced than ever, learning at least basic copy writing skills, is definitely a must? Especially if you’re a profit seeking entrepreneur. 

And can you see and appreciate, ‘how’ becoming semi competent at various forms of bank account filling copy writing, connects to so many other parts of your business.

No matter how you primarily market, be it on or offline. Are you -finally- starting to appreciate just ‘how’ much, (or should I say), just how vital a role, learning to write persuasive copy actually plays.

I sincerely hope so. Because if or once you do, you can strategically leverage this one vitally important skill, in so many potentially profitable ways. For years and years to come…

So Why Should A Profit Seeking Entrepreneur Bother To Develop This One Critically Important Skill?

Entrepreneur, in case you haven’t noticed, developing your basic-to intermediate- copy writing skills, definitely gives you (and or) your major competitors, a decided advantage and or leg up.

The main reason being, when your ultra persuasive words, can compel cold traffic, or offline, a potential prospect, (to either), pick up the phone, and dial your local  and or toll free number, for your market tested recorded message.

And or online, compel your cold/first time visitor, to click your link, and or cause your subscriber to do the same. My friend, you’re starting to get the keys to the long term profit vault.

Seven More Potentially Profitable Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Will Definitely Benefit From Your Polished Copy Writing Skills!

1.) Potentially profitable reason # one: Have you noticed, even when a seven or eight figure a year, online marketer sends you one of their very best -online- sales videos.

Guess what? It’s primarily them just narrating the actual words you see on the screen correct? Which means, once again, their sales videos, are nothing more, than carefully crafted, (aka) market tested sales letters, in audio & video form.

Translated; it’s the written word which is persuading you and I, not the video.

2.) Potentially profitable reason # two: Next, entrepreneur, you do realize, your (and or) your major competitors slideshare presentations, no matter ‘how’ slick and or basic they are. Are little more than carefully crated sales promotions, being conveyed, via the written word and images.Right?

3.) Potentially profitable reason # three: Here’s the other thin, ladies & gentlemen, ever notice what your Power Point presentations are? Once again, it’s persuasive copy, mixed in with some nice visuals.

But once again, it relies heavily on the power of persuasive copy, to fuel the sales.

4.) Potentially profitable reason # four: What about tele-seminars?Say what? Clearly this audio is it not? Absolutely!

But guess what entrepreneur? How was it sold to you and I? Via some type of written sales copy, either on a sales page, email and or video sales letter.And or a WordPress blog post etc. But written copy was used just the same.

My friend, there is simply no practical way around it.You and I, definitely need to develop, some bankable copy writing skills, don’t you agree?

Developing Proven Copy Writing Skills Is An Evergreen Asset that Never Ever Gets Outdated!

5.) Potentially profitable reason # five: Offline, think about, (either) display and or classified ads.It’s primarily written copy is it not? Sure display ads, (especially those in these glitzy magazines), tend to have more images and or graphics, but (honestly), is it the persuasive copy, and or the glitzy images, which is actually doing the real selling? 

6.) Potentially profitable reason # six: And don’t forget snail mail post cards and or offline sales letters. From the outside of the envelopes, to the actual sales letter and or post card.

Your persuasive words, are what gets (either) your prospects, customers, clients and or patients, to ultimately take the desired action, correct? 

Your Lead Generation Efforts Will Be Greatly Improved As You Continually Develop Your Persuasive Copy Writing Skills!

7.) Potentially profitable reason # seven: And finally, online, whenever you run a solo ad, and or drive targeted traffic, to one of your market tested lead capture pages.

It’s ultimately your (and  or) your major competitors persuasive copy, which converts some of those visitors into subscribers, is it not? You’d better hurry up and know it!

That being said, entrepreneur, are you finally starting to really appreciate, ‘why’ you and I, definitely need to invest the time,money and other extremely valuable resources, learning ‘how to’ become persuasive copy writers? Say yes! Great! Glad to hear you’ve finally come around!

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  1. Great points you have here Mark. I truly understand the importance of having great copywriting skills as an entrepreneur, but there will really come a time where you can’t do all the writing yourself (even if you have the skills), so we always ask/hire the help of professional copywriters in some of our small businesses.
    Grant Merriel would love for you to read..Things You Can Do to Promote Teamwork in the Workplace – More Time More Profit: Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Scale their BusinessMy Profile


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