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How Your Offline Bakery Business Works Just Like Your Online Venture!

It probably sounds a bit far fetched, (doesn’t it?) To think, your offline bakery business, might actually work, just like an online venture would, correct?

Nod your heads cadets, because it’s true. Only, more than likely, not in the ways, you may be currently thinking.

Stick around though, because as things start to unfold, the overall similarities may just surprise and inspire you.

But once all the initial smoke clears, there’s a whole lot more in common, than may be readily obvious.

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Know How Your offline Bakery Business Works Just Like Your Online Venture Does!

As you have or may not have noticed, if you’ve been following, the last few weeks of the postings on the blog.

There has kinda been an ongoing marketing theme, based around, your offline bakery business. And some of the potentially most profitable, market tested strategies, for you (and or) your major competitors, to implement right now, to help get your venture off the ground, in a major way.

For literally pennies on the dollar.And keep the forward marketing momentum, (again) without having to constantly invest a fortune, in order to do.

And obviously, part of the way, this is going to happen, is by constantly generating, some positive word of mouth and mouse buzz,via social media.

You Definitely Don’t Need Fancy Corporate Lead Generation Strategies!

Case in point; suppose, your Mom & pop bakery business, were to allow, some local, non directly competing vendors, to share some of your best, mouth watering, gourmet pastries with their clientele, and you only charge them, your actual hard cost, (plus any and all applicable taxes & fees), in order to do so.

Say for ex; where you currently get your clothes cleaned and press. And since you and or your staff, has been doing so for years.

And you’ve been on a first name basis, with owner(s) for years. You aaproach them, with the following proposal.

You will gladly supply them with at least, $30 dollars worth (free) and or at your actual cost, batches of your great tasting, chocolate chip cookies. To pass out to their customers.

And you’ll do so, on two days a week, over the next month.And each day, you’ll bring different pastries and or cookies etc.

Who Says Your Offline Business Can’t Benefit From Some Online Digital Strategies!

Case in point; what do you think, the majority of the offline customers, of the cleaners, initial reaction will be:

 1.) When they walk into the cleaners, to either drop off their clothes, and or pick up their order. And unbeknownst to them, the enticing smell of your bakeries freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and or gourmet pastries, fill the air! 😀

 2.) And they decide to take the owner of the cleaners up on, a free whatever it is you’re offering.And the owner(s) also hands them, one of your extremely time sensitive, first time customers only, discount coupons.Where they save X% off their very first order or two.

Do you think at least some of these individuals will

A.) Definitely start becoming a regular customer of yours?

B.) And immediately start texting friends, relatives, co-workers and posting images all over their social media platforms.Bingo! 😀

You Make Lead Generation A Real Priority And Watch Your Small Business Continually Grow!

Now think about this from an online perspective. Instead of giving away free, some of your very best tasting, mouth watering gourmet pastries and or cookies etc.

Online, the way (you and I) strategically build, an army of high energy advocates, is being consistently supplying them with, how to, problem solving content of some kind, for free. 😀

Case in point; (entrepreneur), please take a look, at the two recent screen shot images below. There are recent photos, of my constantly growing, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) subscriber base.

Keep in mine, these individuals, voluntarily join my (or your) feed, in order to receive email alert messages, about the most recent content published to my blog, (no matter) what particular form it comes in.

bakery business

How Your Offline Bakery Business Works Just Like Your Online Venture!


bakery business

How Your Offline Bakery Business Works Just Like Your Online Venture!

Entrepreneur, Google is not fueling this positive word of mouth and mouse buzz. 😀 Bu just like your offline bakery business, these pro-active rss subscribers/advocates, are merely testing, emailing and telling others, they think may be interested in these blog posts/marketing concepts.

And some of them, have become rss subscribers, as a direct result. Thank you!

And notice how the numbers keep, steadily increasing. Real world, positive word of mouth and mouse marketing, in progress. 😀

The main point being, are you starting to appreciate, how your offline bakery business, (and or) any offline business and or service (for that matter),consistently generates positive word of mouth or mouse buzz, just like your online venture does?Great.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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