how to increase retail sales

How To Increase Retail Sales For Pennies On The Dollar!

  (And Use Your Savings To Fast Track Your Businesses Growth!)

Are you a big pizza eater? Do you have a favorite type of pizza you simply can’t get enough of?

Now then, do you love your favorite type of pizza enough, to wanna to eat it, hot or cold? 😀

Now right about now, you’re probably wondering, what (if anything!) any of this, has to do with, you learning how to increase retail sales, right? Great question.

Here’s the really (short) answer.Do you love your business and or service? And would you rather,attempt to market, promote, advertise and or sell, to a completely cold prospect?

As in meeting a complete stranger for the very first time.Or would you much prefer your ideal prospects, to at least be semi warm?

No brainer, correct? Stick around, if you’re serious about discovering,how to increase your retail sales, for literally pennies on the dollar..

So Who Else Wants To Know How To Increase Retail Sales For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!

So let’s suppose you currently run, a fairly successful, local bakery. And you specialize in some really exotic, (albeit) great tasting, non traditional, pastries, muffins and bagels etc.

And once a week, typically on Monday’s, you run a quarter page coupon,(in some popular), local throwaway guides, for first time customers only, to bring the coupon in, before the end of the week and typically save X% off their very first offer.

This sounds about right does it not? And usually, on average, about thirty (supposedly) first time customers, bring in your coupon, in order to save X% off.

And they since they always receive first rate customer service, from your professionally trained staff, things are just peachy, correct?

Well, not exactly.Huh? Here’s why, even though you don’t mean to, you’re probably leaving, a staggering 30-65% of your long term, back end profits on the table, for another extremely marketing savvy entrepreneur, to come along and gobble up.Say what? Nod your head cadets, because it’s true.

The All Too Typical Small Business Owner And Or Service Provider Is Inadvertently Leaving A Ton Of Money On The Table!

Here’s how, simply because, you’re not consistently implementing, a market tested A/B split test, ‘bounce back’ offer of some kind.

You’re waiting for your first time customer, to decide on their own when to come back. This is reactionary marketing, not pro-active. Case in point, as soon as your first time customer, redeems your extremely time sensitive discount coupon.

Your professionally trained staff automatically does one of two things.

1.) First: If your first time customer spends under X, (say under) $10 dollars.(You gotta inexpensively price test entrepreneur!)

Anyway, let’s say they spend under ten dollars, on their very first purchase.You or your professionally trained staff, automatically provide them with market tested, extremely time sensitive ‘bounce back’ offer A. (What ever it ultimately turns out to be! 😀 )

It Never Ever Hurts Your Cause To Add Some Market Tested Email Marketing Strategies To The Mix!

2.) Second: Every first time customer, who spends over ten dollars or X, on their very first purchase. You or your staff, automatically provide them, with a very different, market tested, extremely time sensitive ‘bounce back’ offer discount coupon.

First of all, ‘bounce back’ offer, discount coupon (B.), is a laminated, two sided, index style card.And side (A.) of the card, invites them to join your opt in email /mobile marketing list, in order to enter your monthly free drawing.

Where once a month, one extremely lucky winner, gets to buy four baker dozen donuts and or pastries, for a grand total of just $8 dollars! Or X. Or each dozen cost them just $2 dollars each! (Or X.)Say what?

Who Says Your Small Business Retail Sales Tips Can’t Go Viral For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!

Can you say, positive word of mouth and or mouse explosion!

And side (B.) allows them, to come in, (either) one day before, on or one day after their birthday and or wedding anniversary.

Just in case they happen to be out of town and or traveling on vacation etc. On either their birthday and or wedding anniversary, (or both!) They can come in, and save 50% -75% off everything they order,(and or sell it to them for your actual cost), plus get one free large beverage of their choice, on the house! 😀

This one proven marketing gesture alone, (consistently implemented),should help the social media aspect of your business improve. Don’t you agree?

Simple Lead Generations Strategies Can And Do Lead To Some Positive Word Of Mouth Or Mouse Buzz!

You or your staff, simply hole punch their laminated card, either once or twice a year, whenever they bring in, to receive their discount, on the aforementioned days.

Next, you ask where they work, or if they own their own business and or service etc.And depending on their answers.

If they work for someone else, and it’s not a major corporation.Hand them your card, and ask them to tell the owner(s), to contact you immediately!

Basically, you want to start to arrange, having the owner(s) to come in, (either)once a week, every other week and or once a month.

And you’ll gladly discount their purchases by X%! Provided, they do at least two things for you!

Small Business Owners Definitely Need To Get A Handle On The Lead Magnet Marketing Strategy!

1.) First: Provided they’re active on some on the social media platforms. Preferably twitter, Facebook and or Instagram.

And when they get their weekly on monthly gourmet goodies at a size able, ultimate insiders discount price. 😀

They post images of some of your mouth watering goodies, on their social sites etc.Or if they’re into video marketing, they can post short videos,showcasing some of your mouth watering treats as well!

2.) Second: They agree, to periodically, have you serve some of your goodies, to both their customers and vendors.

It’s relatively inexpensive exposure, to both, (potential) individual and, potential, long term repeat, corporate clients as well. Right? 😀

Are you starting to finally appreciate,how to increase retail sales, for literally pennies on the dollar? Say yes! Great! See you in just a little bit in part two!Okay?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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