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How This Misinterpreted Stat In Email Marketing Is About To Cause You Some Major Frustration!Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you realize and much better appreciate, your own personal email marketing stats, (especially) in the beginning of your online entrepreneurial journey.

They aren’t supposed to come anywhere near, those of a seasoned, experienced online marketer, who currently routinely earns, six, seven or eight figures a year, correct?

After all, as you discovered in part one, not only do they generally have, a bevy of a far more response opt in email/mobile marketing lists to begin with.

But they have also carefully cultivated over the years,some invaluable joint venture and or cross promotional partners, whom (unlike you), they can call upon, practically any time they wish, and put together the type of potential long term money making arrangements, most aspiring online newbie marketers, can only dream of, and  fantasize about, correct?

So How Does This Often Misunderstood Email Marketing Stat Lead To Far More Potential Frustration Than It Really Needs Too?

For one thing, a brand new, semi green, lacking real world experience, newbie online marketer, with less than 500 opt in subscribers to their name, and barely having any pre -written, follow up email messages of any kind, ready to go, the moment a brand new subscriber joins one of their list.

You really have no business whatsoever, anticipating, your current subscriber base, who let’s be brutally honest here!

They really have no idea whatsoever, who you are yet, and or what type of entrepreneur you truly are.

Meaning, they don’t know if you really follow through on your word, just yet, do they? How in the world, could they possibly know that, when you barely send any, unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email messages, when you’re in the very beginning, of your strategically building and nurturing, your all important, know,like, trust factor process.

You Can Definitely Be Successful With Your Email Marketing Campaigns Long Term (Probably Just Not Right Out Of The Gate!)

Those emails needs to be at least, 85% or more, pure value based email messages. Meaning, it’s way too early, to be trying to monetize your subscribers in a major way, the moment they join your list.

Stop and consider this; you’ve barely got 158 opt in/mobile subscribers, on your (for now) single opt in list.

And currently, about 18% of them routinely open your ‘broadcast’ email messages. (158 x .18% open rate = 12.64, or twelve subscribers as a practical matter, open your ‘broadcast email messages.(And sadly, probably, maybe as many, actually see your social media content too! )

Your Ability To Consistently Monetize Your Email Marketing Efforts Is Definitely An Ongoing Work In Progress!

So even though twelve of your opt in subscribers, routinely open your unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email messages, realistically, how many of them do you expect to invest their hard money in your extremely valuable products, and or services etc?

You must know and realize,in your specific case, all twelve, or 100% of your, and or the gurus, and or guruettes subscribers, who bother to open their email messages, do not buy anything either, right?

That being the case, if only twelve of you current 158 total subscribers, even bother to open your first few email messages, how can you possibly, realistically expect each of your subscribers, who just joined your list, to be worth anywhere near $1 dollar or more per month?

Is the much needed reality check, finally starting to sink in? I sincerely hope so.

Strategic Email Marketing Is Definitely A Must!

On the other hand, let’s quickly contrast your, and far too many aspiring online newbie marketers situation, to that of an experienced, seasoned professional, who currently grosses, six, seven or eight figures a year.

Right off the bat, they typically have several, opt in email/mobile marketing lists, as opposed, to the all too typical, aspiring newbie marketer, who usually only has one, to begin with right?

The other thing is,typically, when they send their unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email message,and or one of their pre -written follow up email messages, to one of their main niche-subscribers list, made up of 50, 000 strong.

And their current ‘open rate’, is about 28%, or higher. (50,000 x .28% = 14,000.) And of the 14,000 who initially open their message, about 32% end up clicking through to their main sales offer, and investing x amount of dollars.(14,000 x .32% = 4,480 buyers.)

(Important note: The aforementioned numbers are strictly hypothetical, in order to convey key marketing concepts.)

Savvy Entrepreneurs Build Their Extremely Profitable Networks Over Time!

Entrepreneur, even if they’re marketing a front end digital info product which only cost, a measly $47 dollars or less. How in the world,can you possibly think your list, can be anywhere near on par with an experienced online marketer, whose been at this Internet marketing process far longer than you, and has already firmly established their trust factor, with their valued subscribers.

And you still have yet to do so?

And the other thing, there is a 110% chance, if they’re aggressively marketing, a digital info product, on the front end, which cost $47 dollars or less, you best believe, their back end products, and services, will definitely be far more expensive.

In fact, let’s suppose, (strictly) to illustrate the proven marketing strategies. This seasoned marketer, has a back end, digital info product, which currently sells for $497 dollars.

But as soon as you or I purchase, their $47 dollar info product, we’re immediately offered an “OTO” (One Time Only) offer, for a $197 dollar upsell, digital info product, which the guru/guruette marketer, will gladly sell for just $97 dollars.Or less!

If Your Small Business Goals Are Not Realistic! (You Probably Won’t Succeed!)

But here’s the real kicker, their top JV partners and most productive registered affiliates, automatically earn 80% commissions, on both of those front end digital products.

And the guru gladly settles for the remaining 20%.And the primary reason being, the extremely marketing savvy guru/guruette, is more than content to also earn 100% of the eventual back end sale(s), on the $497 dollar digital product.

And 100% of every higher priced product and or service they offer to these subscriber/customers, going forward.

Is it finally starting to become crystal clear, why their various opt in email/mobile subscribers, and their subsequent follow up process, makes their multiple lists, worth a bare bones minimum -to them- of $1 -$5 dollars per subscriber or more! And yours currently isn’t?

If so, you should now, definitely be able to further appreciate, why certain misunderstood email marketing stats, can and definitely will lead to, some unrealistic expectations, and major frustrations and eventual burnout, if left unchecked!Don’t you agree?

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