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Marketing Tips: How And Why You Have To Make Content Marketing A Priority!

So whenever your semi cash strapped small business and or service, needs a shot of fresh hot leads, especially online, what type of proven marketing tips, do you consistently employ, in order to consistently make it happen?

Let’s face it already, when you and I are attempting to market our products and or services online, you need a proven, market tested process and or system, do you not?

And hopefully, either on the front or back end, it’s ultimately, profitable, right?

Otherwise, who or how, can you and I, possibly afford, to continuously invest money on the front of your sales funnel, and not at least break even?

It’s a proven recipe for failure, don’t you agree? So let’s quickly examine, how your current or future content marketing strategy, can dramatically improve, your long term results, for literally pennies on the dollar.

So Who Else Wants To Discover Some Proven Marketing Tips Which Definitely Help Dramatically Improve Your Long Term Content Marketing Strategy?

Do you currently have any type of pro-active content marketing strategy? If not, why not? Does the name Max Greene of fame, happen to ring a bell?

If not, click either link above, and you can and definitely should, checkout a few of his recent blog posts.

Because Max is a content marketing expert, whose small business blog, helps aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and or service providers, dramatically and systematically improve their online results, through strategic content marketing.

He recently reached out to me, in order to see about obtaining some guest blogging opportunities.

Seeing how both of our target audiences, are small business owners, service providers and or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Your Content Marketing Strategies Don’t Have To Be 100% Passive!

Case in point, take a look at the intro email message he recently sent to me. (Clearly via some type of automated software. 😀 )And in it, he included links to some of his recent blog posts.

(See the screenshot image below.) I immediately replied to his initial email message, to discover if he’s primarily interested in a one time guest blogging post.

Or if  he’s more interested in (my personal) preference being, an ongoing one.

marketing tips

Marketing Tips: How And Why You Have To Make Content Marketing A Priority!

Your Pro-active Content Marketing Strategies Aren’t Just Limited To What You Post On Your Blog!

Here’s what I mean, (entrepreneur), are you aware, there is some type of paid software, some content marketing strategist and expert bloggers use, to discover if your WordPress blog, has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.

And if so, how many rss subscribers you currently have.(Important note :) Always try and reach (contact) webmasters and or entrepreneurs, who are at least in the same ball park as you.

Case in point, (as you can) clearly see from the screenshot image below, my current rss subscriber base is 1,971.(And constantly growing! 😀 )

marketing tips

Marketing Tips: How And Why You Have To Make Content Marketing A Priority!

This being the case, it makes no sense, for me ( or you!) to be consistently reaching out, to other webmasters, (no matter what particular niche they’re currently in),who currently have rss subscribers bases, of 30,000 or more.We’re not congruent, are we? Not yet anyway! 😀

On the other hand, let’s say another webmaster has 3,500 rss or less, this makes more sense, does it not?

An Effective Content Marketing Strategy And Your Well Polished Entrepreneurial Skills Go Hand In Hand!(Do They Not?)

Here’s the rub for me. Because I have a fairly active blog, where I regularly publish, fresh, how to, problem solving content, for a specific target audience.

My current content marketing strategies, constantly brings and creates potential, JV (joint venture and or cross promotional opportunities.

I constantly get more than my fair share of online vendors,reaching out, asking to either interview me, and or ask about potential guest blogging and JV and or cross promotional opportunities.

And it’s primarily because of my rather pro-active content marketing activities.Which primarily includes frequently publishing problem solving blog posts.

And to date, 477 youtube videos. One of which, has directly led to forming an ongoing JV relationship with another non directly competing webmaster.

Hopefully, your biggest and or primary take away is, these proven marketing tips, will definitely help improve your current or future content marketing results.Don’t you agree?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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2 Responses to Marketing Tips: How And Why You Have To Make Content Marketing A Priority!
  1. Informative as always Mark. I recently chatted with a fellow author/blogger who publishes frequently on Medium. He told me how he challenged himself to post a new article on Medium every day for a month and how it resulted in a small tidal wave of new subscribers for his blog as well as invitations for guest posts. I was fascinated by this because I was under the impression most people who use Medium to read the articles tend to stay there but he had a very different experience. I love experimenting so I’ve decided to do this in January and post content focusing on the theme of a course that also launches in January. A lot of advance preparation required, but I like trying new things so it will be fun to see how it goes. Thanks for your valuable insights and tips!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..The Gift of a Grateful HeartMy Profile

    • That’s awesome M!

      I’l definitely look into Medium, because I recently starting
      posting content to

      And from what I hear told from the social media marketing experts
      I follow, doing so, definitely helps my SEO rankings.

      Plus, some visitors will not only share your content, but they’ll
      use it on their specialty blog as well.

      Who knows, hopefully, we’re both on to something big or at
      least, more beneficial!LOL!

      Always great to see and hear from you M!Enjoy your upcoming
      holiday weekend and beyond!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Marketing Tips: How And Why You Have To Make Content Marketing A Priority!My Profile


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