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How Too Many Small Business Owners Leave A Fortune On The Table!

ย (When They Definitely Don’t Have Too!)

I’d be willing to bet, most of the aspiring small business owners and or service providers you, know, like and trust, are extremely hard working, are they not?

But sadly, even though they continuously rise extremely early and they need to go to sleep late at night.

They spend at least 80% of their time and resources, or more, working in their business, not on their business and or service.

This is one of the primary reasons, they constantly struggle to grow their business, at an alarming slow, snails pace. And it’s not like they don’t have full access, to all the right tools, strategies and or tactics.

It’s more a matter of, having the proper desire to utilize them.

Wanna Discover How Far Too Many Small Business Owners Consistently Leave A Proverbial Fortune On The Table!

Here’s one of the primary ways,(unfortunately), far too many aspiring small business business owners and or service providers, leave a proverbial fortune on the table, for the life of their entire entrepreneurial venture.

In a nutshell, they refuse and or -simply- fail, to use any type of A/B split testing strategies and or tactics etc.

Hold on entrepreneur, before you get on your high horse, about already knowing about, and or consistently implementing, any type of proven A/B split testing strategies.

Strategically A/B Split Testing Is Definitely One Of The Proven Ways To Promote Your Business And Or Service More Effectively!

Case in point, online, your reputable, paid email service provider of choice, offers you and I the ability, to A/B split test your ‘light box’ sign up forms. And as soon as your opt in subscriber base reaches 100, you can start systematically A/B split testing, your all important subject lines in your email messages as well.

But chances are extremely good, if you’ve been reading this particular blog for a while, and or any other reputable on or offline marketing sources.You probably, already knew this, correct?

However, what you may not -fully- know and or totally appreciate just yet. Your offline venture(s), are literally loaded with potential marketing situations, to handsomely profit, from some type of bank account filling A/B split testing. Say what? ๐Ÿ˜€

no kidding! And if, for whatever reasons, you’re not currently profiting from them. Shame on you.

Your Small Business And Or Service Can Definitely Create Multiple Profit Centers On The Front Or Back End Of Your Sales Funnel Simply Strategically Utilizing A/B Split Testing!

Right out of the gate, here’s an incredibly simple, and far too often, either overlooked and or totally neglected opportunity, offline retailers and or service providers have, (practically) every day they’re open, to benefit long term from some type of strategic A/B split testing.ย And so can you!

1.) Potential A/B split testing opportunity # one:ย In walks, a potential first time customer and or client, into your place of business and or showroom etc.

Instead only initially greeting them with, the stale and totally non effective opening of, “May I help you and or, may I help you find something in particular” approach.

And get stale, all too typical response of, “No I’m just looking!” Sound all too dreadfully familiar? ๐Ÿ˜€

You Are Constantly Adjusting And Tweaking Your Small Business Marketing Strategies And Or Tactics To Cater To The Needs Of Your Target Audience, Right?

Instead, you have one associate keep using that loser, but strategically contrast it, by having your other associate(s), use or offer,some far more customer/client engaging initial approaches, such as, asking, “Excuse, did you get your extremely time sensitive, X% discount coupon yet, simply by enter the weekly/monthly free drawing!”

And you give each approach, 50-100 attempts, you then carefully track, and discover, based on both the feedback of your potential first time customers, and or how natural and genuine each approach feels to your associates.

And you’ll quickly discover which market tested approachย  going forward, should be universally used, by your entire staff. ๐Ÿ˜€

Or if you currently only have one main associate, interacting with your customers. You simply have them rotate the various approaches, on every other potential first time customer/patient and or client etc.

And don’t forget to carefully track any slight changes you make,as you go along, over the next 50- 100 prospects and or existing customers.

Because (entrepreneur), you have to start strategically A/B split testing various offers and or approaches, with your existing customers and or clients as well.

Strategic A/B Split Testing Can Definitely Help Your Lead Generation Efforts In A Major Way!

2.)ย  Potential A/B split testing opportunity # two: Let’s say you’re a high end service provider, like a local dentist, with a steadily growing practice.

Wanna really help, inexpensively grow your practice even faster, without necessarily having to spend more money, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising methods. Great. Good answer.

Going forward, whenever brand new, potential first time customers call your office, and (for whatever reasons), they don’t currently have, any of your standard and or traditional Insurance carriers.

Rather than simply continuously blow them off! ๐Ÿ˜€ย  Like your receptionist has been instructed to do. Instead, offer them an extremely time sensitive cash only discount of X, on their first visit.

Just as a way of introducing your services to them. Clearly, even by doing so, maybe only 10-40% of those initial phone calls, will result in them becoming long term, repeat customers, right? So why even bother you ask?

Strategic A/B Split Testing Helps Turn Money And Other Resource Draining Situations Into Long Term Lead Generation Strategies And Or Opportunities!

Here’s how. As a highly valued service provider within your local community.Your practice, literally lives or dies, based on how many of your first time customers, eventually become long term repeat customers right?

And also, what type of positive word of mouth and mouse buzz, your overall service provides, correct?

Long term repeat customers, means, you definitely have to think long term, regarding, the total lifetime customer value metrics, correct?

So by you strategically discounting your cash prices,in order to systematically capture, more of your non insured, first time callers.

Some of them are most definitely personally related to, close family members with growing kids, are they not? And a certain percentage of those kids, will definitely need braces and or other potentially expensive dental procedures, correct? ๐Ÿ˜€

(Not to mention the parent and or guardians themselves!)

Are You Finally Starting To Fully Appreciate How To Systematically Put Some Of Your Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics On Steroids!

By strategically extending your discount cash price, (and other creative cash buying terms), to some of these first time callers, who don’t currently have, any type of traditional, dental Insurance.

You can rest assured, they’ll continuously spread the word, high and low! Both on and off their job, and all over social media,about the local dentist,(and or savvy service provider), who definitely hooked them up,right? ๐Ÿ˜€

Which means, you’ll get inexpensively exposed, to both their professional and personal inner circle, of future potential customers, for literally pennies on the dollar.

Are you finally starting to appreciate, how your semi cash starved small business, and or service.

Is potentially leaving a fortune on the table? Simply because, you’re not currently implementing, some proven form of A/B split testing?Say yes! ๐Ÿ˜€

(Extremely important note: Just in case it’s not painfully obvious, there is most definitely a marketing twist you routinely employ with this particular strategy. Where your semi qualified first time callers, only get this particular cash discount benefit, when they do X,Y or Z!)

You’ll discover what those are in part two and beyond! Okay? See you in just a little bit.

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