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So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This?

Be honest, you’re definitely, a rather savvy, small business owner, service provider, and or startup entrepreneur, correct?

Which means, you’re definitely open to maximizing, (both) your short and long term, profit making possibilities, are you not? That’s really good to hear.

Because (sadly), even though 1,000 out of 1,000 surveyed small business owners and or service providers, will definitely answer that same series of questions, with a resounding yes.

The dreadful truth of the matter is,not one in every 250 or so, are actively implementing, testing and or readily tweaking, the mega proven marketing strategy, you’re about to be exposed to! Yet again!

Only this time, instead of the normal 30,000 foot view, you’ll get invited under the hood, so you can really explore, the endless marketing possibilities and or untapped marketing opportunities.

Wonder Why So Many Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Simply Ignore This Critically Important Component Of Their Business?

So in the event, your small business and or service, needs a state of the art, WordPress website and or blog or both.

You know, (or you definitely should!),that my coach and mentor, Jupiter Jim Landers, creates state of the art WordPress websites and or blogs, for startup entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers, charities, and practically everything else in between.(You go cat!)

And he does so, at very affordable rates. But what you may not already know, is Jupiter Jim, is also,an extremely polished, savvy and adroit marketer as well.

Case in point: He recently did a series of recorded webinars, teaching you step by step, ‘how to’ strategically and profitably use, my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s, state of the art autoreponder follow up service.

The four part webinar series, also included, ‘how to’ use Aweber-s  newsletter template platform, plus, ‘how to’ send unscheduled, ‘broadcast emails to your entire list, and ‘how to’ use Aweber-s  newest, far more sophisticated platform, called “Campaigns.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, his excellent four part webinar, tutorial series, also included, ‘how to’ create your very own opt in -thank you- page, success confirmation-download page, and your very own ‘confirmation page.’Using your WordPress blog and or website.

And ‘how to’ create your very own opt in (sign up form) lead capture form.Using Awebers, rather basic, lead capture page editing software.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Definitely See And Know The Overall Long Term Value Of Consistently Implementing This Battlefield Tested Marketing Strategy!

We’re talking about consistently implementing, some form of proven, back end marketing strategies. Because long term, the (so called) back end of your business/service, is where the serious, long term gross profits truly are.

Rarely, does your business and or service, make the lion’s share of it’s profits, strictly off the front end (initial) sales.Because by and large, the vast majority of the gross front end sales profits, goes to covering the cost to generate the sale.

Case in point, in order to expertly demonstrate to his subscribers, students -like myself- and paying customers and long term repeat clients, these various concepts, up close and personal. “Jupiter Jim” reached out to me, and made the following irresistible offer! (See the screenshot image just below.)

small business

So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This?

In exchange for allowing him to use my Aweber account, in order to demonstrate these proven strategies to his -ever growing- audience, he would gladly, prominently feature my blog address, throughout the series! Pretty cool right?

And here’s where the really fun stuff actually begins!

Your Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Be The Springboard To Some Serious Marketing Opportunities And Or Possibilities!

Just in case, you’re still not truly connecting the marketing dots.Since “Jupiter Jim” also plans (very shortly) on releasing this multi part ‘how to’ webinar series, as a stand alone info product, and marketing it via, and or other-digital- info product selling platforms, like perhaps

Plus, he will also call upon some extremely heavy hitter, big name online marketers, (one of which), has at least one opt in email list, of over 80,000 subscribers. (And constantly growing! )

The two of them will become joint venture (JV) partners, in promoting this particular course, which will probably retail, somewhere between $27-$47 dollars.(Just depending on the type of bonuses, he may or may not decide to include with your purchase.)

Here’s where the mega proven marketing concept, of back ending, totally resonates with me, and hopefully you too!Because Jupiter Jim will probably get major free exposure, from his heavy hitter, big name online, JV marketing partner, as well as when his product is released on

Strategic Lead Generation Is A Potential Game Changer Is It Not?

All those eyeballs, will also be exposed to my blog! Which means, my long term, back end marketing possibilities and or opportunities, also include.

The ongoing opportunity for a percentage of them to become opt in subscribers, first time consulting customers and or long term repeat consulting clients etc.

Which is where the really big money is!Right? Plus, they can purchase some of my affiliate products and or services. And I didn’t invest a nickel of my own money, in any of this traffic!

(Important note: If you’d like to get a sneak peek of what’s to come, plus get your very own copy of Jupiter Jim-s free special report, on ‘how to’ inexpensively and consistently, generate targeted traffic, to your website and or blog, just click the above link and sign up asap!)

My friend, hopefully, this real world example, has successfully demonstrated to you, why you cannot afford, to continuously ignore, the long term money making potential, of your small business and or services back end! Don’t you agree?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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4 Responses to So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This?
  1. What a great message and opportunity Mark! I have to admit I’ve done very little cross promoting or for that matter any type of collaborative projects. The reason for that stems from a few bad experiences early on, but I can certainly appreciate the benefits you’ve shared so I think it’s time to revisit this important strategy. Thank you!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Understanding Our Need For ControlMy Profile

    • Thanks a bunch M!
      And hey, just for the record, we’ve all been there a few times!LOL!

      Some of us more than others! But hey, it’s like a young Donnie Osmond once
      said, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch!”LOL!

      But I definitely hear and totally appreciate where you’re coming from.

      Besides, I see one of your latest project is sort of collaboration of sorts.

      Just try an not allow what others may or may not do, cause a project
      to come to a complete stand still and or hinge on whether the perform!

      Thanks for your honest and insightful feedback M! It’s always anticipated
      and greatly appreciated!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Why More Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer Marketing Strategies Over Advertising!My Profile

  2. Hello Mark,

    All the above strategies are cool. Mainly how to make use of email service provider like Aweber to generate the best possible ROI.

    Another great idea is to integrate an instant response call back technology on the website. Most startup businesses are losing the opportunity of converting their online leads into customers. The website may be getting good traffic, but if the traffic is not getting converted into sales then the business is not growing. Sales bring revenue which keeps a business to excel forward.

    Click to call/ interactive chat boxes help businesses to reach the prospects within a short time limit and will be able to address the prospects pinpoints. This conversational interface helps to build a relationship with prospects leading to sales.


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