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So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This? Part Two

So after reading (and hopefully) digesting part one, of this ongoing series, has or is, it starting to become crystal clear.

Why semi to severely cash strapped and or resource challenged, small business owners, service providers, and or startup entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes.

Definitely need to develop, (asap), some sort of reliable, back end sales funnel component to their businesses.

Are the potentially profitable reasons starting to make even more economic sense to you?

Especially, once you know or ‘discover’ your potential customer, client and or patients, true, total lifetime customer value metrics.

That’s when, the doors of previously untapped marketing opportunities, and or possibilities, really begin to swing wide open for you, and or your major competitors.

So Why Do So Many Extremely Hard Working Small Business Owners And Or Startup Entrepreneurs Totally Ignore This Critically Important Component Of Their Business And Or Service?

As you previously discovered in part one, my coach and mentor, “Jupiter Jim” Landers, has recently created, an outstanding, four part, ‘how to’ webinar series, which he is currently in the process, of converting, into a stand alone course, which he will be strategically promoting, via popular platforms like

And, he will also be doing his share of power networking, by strategically joint venturing, with some extremely popular, big name online marketers, one of which, has a relevant opt in email list of 80,000 subscribers, and constantly growing.

And you also discovered in part one, “Jupiter Jim-s” how to webinar series, on ‘how to’  use, paid email service provider, Aweber-s, latest email marketing platform, called “Campaigns.”

He really goes into overdrive, carefully demonstrating, how to not only create your very own, opt in ‘thank you’ page and ‘confirmation page’, but your very own, customized ‘success/download’ page as well.And he does so using a self hosted version of, which of course is the platform my particular blog uses as well.

More And More Doors Of Marketing Opportunities And Or Possibilities Will Open To You As Your Entrepreneurial Skills Continually Improve!

And (as if) this wasn’t enough, he also shows some mega insider moves, in order to make your WordPress web page, look more like a conventional opt in page.

Meaning, (if your particular) paid theme allows it, “Jupiter Jim”, shows you ‘how’ and where to check, to discover if your paid theme, allows you to eliminate any and all side widgets, so the only thing on the page, is your opt in offer. Just like a conventional lead capture page does.Pretty cool, right?

Here’s the major point of all this. Please see the sample screen shot image below.

It’s a screenshot, from one of “Jupiter Jim-s recent ‘how to’strategically use Aweber webinars. As you can see, (my blog’s) index/home page, is prominently displayed, and “Jupiter Jim” continuously plugs into, throughout the entire series! (Thanks Coach!)

Which means, as all the future eyeballs from,plus all the eyeballs from all of his eventual affiliates, and all the free traffic, his major JV and cross promotional partners continuously send to his sales page.Plus, he’s already added the entire four part series ti his paid membership site as well. series

So when a certain percentage of all these eyeballs purchase his course, (guess what?) All those various types of eyeballs, will also be exposed to who?  You so got that right.

small business

So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This?Part Two

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can And Often Will Lead To A Potentially Profitable Back End Marketing Opportunity Or Two!

So again, what’s the potential long term benefits to me, you so skeptically ask?

Actually, there are four major, potentially money making benefits, from this type of back end marketing based offer!

1.) Potential profit making possibility # one:First and foremost, this massive free, potential viral exposure, gives me tons of chances, to build my (all important) opt in email list, does it not?

2.) Potential profit making possibility # two: Next, after becoming a VIP subscriber, there’s always the opportunity, for them to become, an initial, one on one consulting customer, and possibly, a repeat, long term consulting client.And that’s always a welcomed opportunity, right?

 3.) Potential profit making possibility # three: And of course, over time, as I continually build the know, like & trust factor with them, over the course of my ongoing, email follow up drip campaigns.

They’ll probably decide to invest in some of my affiliate products and or services.(And some of those affiliate products and or services will be high ticket!)

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Will Evolve Building A Back End Sales Funnel Component To Your Business And Or Service!

 4.) Potential profit making possibility # four: There’s always the possibility, some of them, may develop into some reliable, long term cross promotional and or joint venture (JV) partners of some kind.

And these four, long term potential back end income streams, originally came about, because my willingness, to be featured in my coach and mentor, “Jupiter Jim” Landers, excellent, four part, ‘how to” profitably use Aweber series.

In part three, you’ll discover how you can, (and definitely) should use a hybrid version of this exact same, battlefield tested marketing strategy/template.

Plus, you’ll also discover, an additional, potential back end income stream possibility,I can and definitely should explore!

But for now, are you (finally!) starting to appreciate, ‘why’ your resourced challenged small business, and or service, definitely needs to develop, some form of reliable, back end sales funnel component. Great! See in just a little bit, in part three. Until then…

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below)
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  1. Well said, Hard work, Dedication, Honesty to provide best and real information to readers, Interest in work are the keys of success. Great read. keep sharing.
    Thanks Mark.


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