How To Make Simple Automation Work For Not Against You!

So how much longer is it going to be, before you start fully embracing, some form and or type of proven, money making automation?

Hopefully, whether you primarily market your business on or offline, you’ve managed, or you’re planning, to add some type of paid email service provider to the mix as well, correct?

Lots of small business owners and or extremely savvy, not to mention, resourced challenged service providers, rely on unscheduled email alert messages, to help improve and or maintain their cash flow. Why in the shouldn’t you too?

Implemented correctly, doing so, definitely helps you keep a leg up on some of your major competitors.As you’re about to discover.

So Who Else Wants To Discover How Adding Some Really Simple Automation Can Definitely Work For Not Against You!

So are curious to know, how automation can consistently work against and not for you? 😀 Fair enough.

Let’s say you decide to use some form of video marketing, in your current marketing plan. And you create a video and or series of videos.Congratulations.Because believe it or not, at least 90% of your peers, are literally scared to death to create any type of videos.

Even if they don’t appear in front of the camera and or on screen.Nod your head cadets, because it’s true.

Now in my particular case, you see the video embedded in this particular post? To date, it is -by far- my most viewed video.It’s received over 42,000 views and counting. 😀

Effective Automation Opens The Door To Multiple Streams Of Income Producing Opportunities!

Case in point, even though you or i, may have taken the time and dedicated the resources to create a video and or series of videos, and uploaded them to the various video sharing platforms, such as youtube and vimeo etc.

Without adding, one of your most effective, “Call To Action” (CTA) instructions in or throughout the video or series of videos.

My friend, (unfortunately!), this is an all too common example, of modern technology and or simple automation, working against not for you.Especially, if your videos and or your WordPress blog post, are currently ranking on Google-s, youtube-s (or the other) major search engines,and or video sharing platforms 1st or 2nd pages.

You Have To Decide If You Want Automation To Work For Or Against You!

You’re not directing your extremely targeted traffic, to either one of your market tested lead capture/sign up form pages. And or directly to a specific page on your blog and e-commerce site etc.

Here’s one of the proven ways, to systematically get automation to work for you 24/7. Case in point, since one of my long tail keyword phrase videos, currently ranks on youtube-s 1st page.

Remember, youtube, just like Google, is a major search engine, as well as the premiere video sharing platform in the world. 😀

So they too sell tons of advertising, in order to generate revenue and monetize all their eyeballs.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Really Simple Automation Go Hand In Hand!

For ex; take a look at the screenshot image just below. This should and hopefully be, an incredibly eye opening exercise for you.

I decided to go over to Google, and type in the long tail keyword phrase, “how to get a bank loan approved.” Them I clicked on the videos tab.

And low and behold, there’s my most viewed video, currently ranking in the # one position on youtube.

But here’s what I want you to take careful notice of. The # two video, is also one of my 477 videos.(Aka 24 hour sales reps! 😀 )


How To Make Simple Automation Work For Not Against You!

Automation Can Either Be A Stepping Stone And Or An Albatross!

And it too, relates to getting (securing) a bank loan. However, to date, my second listed video, has currently received, less than 60 total views. 😀  Say what?

And the third ranked video, by another entrepreneur, curently has 27,000 views! Yet, my video currently in the second position, only has 50 plus views and currently ranks higher!So what gives?

While I’m certainly no video marketing expert by any stretch of the imagination.Here’s what I suspect, is at least part of the method, behind youtube-s madness.

Youtubes wants and needs eyeballs, in order to sell advertising, do they not? And since one my videos with the long tail keyword phrase, “bank approved” in it.

Youtube is attempting to leverage my eyeballs, by including another semi related video, in the hopes, the visitors will also click to watch it, and therefore remain on youtube-s site. 🙂

And this gives them an additional chance to sell a click.And I (or you!) get additional free exposure.Are you starting to appreciate how things work in the real world?  😀

Great.Because this is how you get certain forms of automation to work for and not against you.Any questions?

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